Nerd Talk - March 9, 2018

Friday, March 9th

Friday - WHATEVA!


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But at least two spots the worst Lago Cox the head is too small. Hut there are greater. Belongs to the week. We just a couple little little little nerd talk podcast thanks for joining us. Looking at how to shoot Internet to school buses in a rule. Rural places where the Internet Sox. Give them a hard time getting homework done at home with bad connections so they wanna utilized unused TV waves to make buses connected. Or better yet we can invest and educating the kids act school I looked them via the gross real little monsters they deserve to be during their free time. Meanwhile Japan. There's farmers are installing robotic wolves alone sterile way deer and more who beat their crops wolves in Japan are considered extinct. And the state sponsored wolf murderer would end up with consequences generations later weird. It's okay though wolf enthusiast artificial intelligence is eradicating human farmers so the score will be settled soon enough for a little bit robotic wolves roaming the countryside. Totally ready delays are you. And finally when it comes to Smartphones android users are more loyal to their technological masters event apple owners. To be fair as an apple users that wanted to switch to the pixel to an android Apple's done a pretty great job of making me feel like a prisoner to their mysterious ways. Take either way both of whom are using our data to make insane robots little probably like he does some some thing.