Nerd Talk - May 22, 2018

Tuesday, May 22nd


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They're nerds thanks for checking out the nerd talk podcast starting in three to. One. And Mo have teamed together a June release Sonic the Hedgehog. And doctor egg man themed shoes that hit the shelves of the Internet at the beginning of June poll doesn't look like you run as fast as sonic or make you look like he worked on ball shaped sonic nemesis doctor and man what they will cost you over a hundred bucks also thorough look anything like this is either character wears so unlike what. There's giant asteroid flying around it's based. Orbiting the sun and the opposite direction from the rest of the planet to scrap the plans around retrograde. Like the James Blake of space junk. The part about this is well everything was formed spiraling around the gravity of the sun in one direction demeans this. This sucker is from outside our own solar system and I'm like 90% sure this is how we got until. And finally. Researchers found that humanity accounts for less than 1% of all life on earth yet since the dawn of civilization. Has been responsible for killing more than three quarters of wild animals and half of plants. Also so that we need to update the status it's not your livestock do you still do wouldn't break. I mean until we pulled genuine genuine mistake. It. Oh.