Nerd Talk - May 9, 2017

Tuesday, May 9th

Grab your shuriken, Japan has a ninja shortage!


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Japan is facing a ninja crisis and they need your help. Thanks to stupid westerners being obsessed with a black clad mummy is sneaking around the poison darts insurer can. They need more Ninja's than ever but you excellent round house kicks sneaking around a disappearing under the cover of smoke bombs if you said yes to any of those. And sharpen your guitar doesn't throwing stars it's ninja time. Now wait nevermind it's non lethal new engine performance squads. It's isn't boring thing to watch and to the ninja is good you never see them. To gradually up to the robot's not they can now add shooting laser. Our eyes to their list of jobs they've taken from the humans. This first ever robotic in her eyes surgery was a huge success no broke them off the cute good ocular operations is having no inner eye believing what did you think. Well the robots at 60% less occurrences in their human counterparts greats. Had finally. We researchers arguing that GHZ the act. Active drug and marijuana. Could be the key to keeping the memory and sharpest of all people brains. In top shape I'm not sure who's more pumped by this news zombies or the people that makes onions. As we get supported by our friends and Vernon Wells the gaming global on the east side.