Nerd Talk - November 1, 2017

Wednesday, November 1st

The future of solar power is everywhere you look, it’s so obvious...


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The future of solar power is everywhere you look for you pure outside. The window. Solar glass that's rather coding you can apply to existing glass will in the future collect the light energy that you how few officers. Whatever that means that while people are being weird in the windows of the do that hotel across the street. Those same now growth windows could be generating the energy that powers the camera they. You want government. Moving on. Amazon is rolling out an augmented reality features to let you see some of the John Q impulse purchase as that we're looking your home before you actually quiet. Now augmented reality is like. Pokemon go where stuff on the screen looks like it's overweight in the real world it's cool for seeing just how Alexa we'll look at the kitchen counter pointed toes during world. Also conveniently it helps Amazon know exactly what's inside of your home. Pool that'll only be available today for iphones. And finally turns out are growing cultivation of legal way it is bad for the environment. Specifically at areas like wildlife were previously critter inhabited space is being taken over. By Ken Evans and agriculture in general is this building homes is that everything is bad for the planet because we've truly Ding humans. Batteries and flirts and stuff. Oh.