Nerd Talk - November 14, 2016

Monday, November 14th

Imagine if we could power the junk in our lives with just some sweet (or clumsy) footwork.

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Thanks to new tie. I'll technology when you walk the strip in Vegas soon you'll be able to generate energy to keep it going kinetic panels can transfer that energy in your footsteps. In to a battery for use when the sun goes down. Part of charger Fulmer of dollars and unsigned or something now honey I have to go to Vegas to save the environment. There are few sounds more annoying little weed wacker struggling to power a human uphill. I'm talking about a 49 CC scooter trend dispute 225. Pounds of human scooter gang member of Denny to Capitol Hill. Well here's soon can rest easily knowing that the next generation of our best goes scooter will be available. With an electric motor instance combustion now there already electric scooters Segway isn't even local seriously weird sole will the guy rides into the elevator your work. Let's look at what to do the cycle thing but adding up big brand name should accelerate the movement. And finally. Why not a guy all the I think of science fiction coming to reality. We'll current versions can only just read facial expressions and samples of large text the next generations. Should be advanced enough to tell the old optic nerve what to do went on to. Phil eventually even what you see at other spectrum like electromagnetic. Maybe improve. Read sweetie someday we'll be accountable for her. Terminator in the predator. This week supported by our friends at Verne and well this.