Nerd Talk - November 2, 2017

Thursday, November 2nd

Hey skarks, SCREW YOU!


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Sat out the sharks. More than 100 countries have banded together and agreed to serious sanctions protecting a bunch of shark at types. From hunting and accidental commercial fishing. Is that a hundred you'd sure those will slowly just kill their ocean home for the island of garbage that's like quarters for the seat bully with dead sharks sensitive cats. Particle physicists using insane scanning technology have discovered a big hollow void inside the great pyramid and he's they fired some atomic particles through the stones. And boundless chamber. Creating more questions than answers to what true there. And it's really into it. Okay improve flu but his grave is just trolling us with the world's oldest mummified parked in a jar so don't do it and I think you'll look. Maybe. And finally there's so many problems that come from smoking writes what one seemingly small one that's actually massive. Is the litter it's created by all the blood sort of just thrown out. Human smoke six trillion cigarettes here. What buffalo. Green minded scientists are trying to refocus the ways that filters into an energy storage medium like a battery for hydrogen. When people make extra byproduct of being water. Not cool with other found a way to store energy in your books.