Nerd Talk - November 20, 2017

Wednesday, November 29th

Army lasers are getting intense!


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The army is gonna start using a legit lasers to shoot snow. Plus there's they're a little stronger. They precision nature of a focus light beam should be able to better attack our enemies and offend targets from being attacked. All while inflicting less civilian casualties. As long as I oppose don't have near errors. The automation of our future is rushing at us like Michael Bennett rushing the quarterback hello robots are still pretty stupid. One Chinese bunt past the entrance exams required to get into medical school don't literally. The issue until you can tell yourself that to me I guess at least since Star Wars robots did Lucas sweet new robo and and finally every race into a future where we become side boards aluminum. Replacement parts for your broken body will be engineered and possibly machine science nerds are making replacement hard winters. They're using the same method that they use to make temple law are the stuff found a bulletproof vests Kevlar to lynch is what exciting research nerds are calling it. Before you know it you're going to be chasing down criminals like Robocop. I. This which supported by our friends at Byrne and wells gaming club on the east side.