Nerd Talk - November 22, 2017

Wednesday, November 29th

Make like a cephalopod and hop into my octocopter!


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But look let's get serious for a second you're gonna hear a lot about net neutrality in the coming months the Internet is considered a utility that is open every one if the DC church kill it. Someone else will be able to control what you have access to Wal-Mart for example a site that writes bad reviews about them around competing product what does it loaded super slowly or. What are the most popular site you have to pay extra to get at. High speed. There for example it's like paying for health insurance and then when you go to get medicine received doctor that's not covered you have to pay full price and you're like why the heck do I pay half my paycheck to have insurance. I did that last night that's what's the Internet will look like in the future you'll pay for what you get all of that you'll have to pay for more. Wanted to just company is arguing that the future of transportation will be personal flying until top thirst for that though on the function that. It's eight played lovely arms coming legislative seat could be great except for all the people who aren't serious about flying people from mother in law until the blood I'm sorry dad but you know right okay this future of flight doctor Gupta is at the proposing better also feature robots that can fly them probably spread over a volcano before just dumping UN. And finally. They drug company says they successfully created the pill that'll melt away fat in arteries starting with a single most. So will extra she's on might not do they do sir. No one of the side effects yeah. Side effects may include melting arteries begins not incidental to the throat not to throw front of ability to for parts brought the films this cancer no blood contact your doctor part of its local priest who think it proves party to lungs attacked by devoted intermittent beating Muster more than once in the bulls eye contact your smoke alarm. It.