Nerd Talk - November 27, 2017

Monday, November 27th

Amazon is going green(er)


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Amazon may be revenue take you over downtown Seattle like a slime molded the Petri dish. Police and angry about it they're installing a radiator system that will take the heat from there and things servers. And we used to heat water then pipe so water to other buildings to control the temperature there doubled that everyone has to be the same heat from Rogers from accounting. To insist on taking off his pants. So dad odd though they're under. NASA's goto witnessed a giant asteroid the first interstellar. Asteroid reboots your. Believed to have been ejected from another star system it's going so fast that the sun's gravity couldn't even hold their. 2000 miles per hour. Tennis sort of shaped like a star destroyer is the entire checking in on us with a type photos Lily is there's good. Well that then finally. Scientists that enable your vanity has developed only is there that blasts eyeball iris is from brown to blue. Oh you're gonna need to tone it down. Author of. The work you blasting the Millen and out of the iris leaving it blatant so look you don't road to a woman's eyes that shoot lasers back if we got that's sort of not science. Oh.