Nerd Talk - November 28, 2017

Tuesday, November 28th

Laptops are bad for learning? - yeah, whateva!


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Mounting research suggests that laptops used in classrooms. Are actually holding students back into the helping them be more efficient. Hundreds of rhythm disagree that's not what I mean. This suggests that note taking with pen and paper is a slower process so one must digest what they hear and then quickly transcribe this learning new information. With computers in the typing speed we have we give forbid a notebook without actually processing anything. Yup when the laptops about the Internet and I'm constantly surfing into the failure in June. Other serious note FaceBook is stepping up its artificial intelligence and an effort to detect posts of those were potentially suicidal. People often cry for help and it goes unnoticed or possibly unheeded by those around them. But with robots detecting it Pope may be a little more obvious look at your feeling badly. Please reach out to somebody to be part bomb on the American federation for suicide prevention that eight FSP. Dot ORG. And finally. Still NASA has turned to the Middle Ages to develop new moon and Mars tires for the rover crashed the use African dream mail. Right now the Mars rovers have some seriously busted up wheels the least you won't find curiosity of what blocks the world wants those rooms. But by using a blinking metal loops of alloys that retake their shape when slightly bent. The real showed last much longer on future craft. The next move is gonna be at Justin pulls in the make them fight for our entertainment. Yeah. I.