Nerd Talk - November 29, 2017

Wednesday, November 29th

Smart rubber means something naughty...


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Pretty much game over for humans now that robots can write music for us beyond. Your argument is usually. Well when they take our jobs creativity will be the thing that we still have the wrong gas undertook an artificial intelligence and made it analyze a bunch of our globalized and then they created what they're calling the perfect song to get you to sleep. Imagine the just and the horrific demons and screaming no. King. Smooth. All right well moving on I don't know if I believe England on this one but evidently someone has created the world's first Smart people under home. We'll supposed to detect STV's good. And judge your performance. Was good until we need to wash and for people who are already and secure and more bragging for those who arts. Let's hope this thing never short circuits sending a shock to your happy zone. And finally I can't believe it hasn't happened previously put a Super Mario cereal is in the works. To hide how Mariano suitably putting tiny Italian mementos. I'll have to double star shaped hotel and marshmallow. And for the smooth peninsula we would fire flowers there which fireball about your nevermind. Oh.