Nerd Talk - November 6, 2017

Monday, November 6th

Welcome to the Hobbit show!


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The estate of JRR Tolkien is in talks with just raise those and Amazon. Maybe others like Netflix to bring the legendary stories about Hobbits and doubled the wizards and junk. To a small screen near you. Helps with the wounds of doing something happens because it would be so easy we get it wrong and ruin everything the state reportedly wants. A quarter billion dollars pool. Smart watches they get to prove themselves this massive new useful for the pretty cool looking and specifically this on the power watch its power to. By your body heat. Public deodorant body heat activated. The kick started turned reality this thing evidently still the time you majors are bringing tourists watched them magically convert your energy could touch screen power and let them. And meanwhile in Japan. Likely creepy reason you can buy a Japanese bath bomb that leave you smelling like KFC's chicken egg hunt a bath bomb is usually a blob of smelled good stuff and oil that you would put into hot bath. The dissolve and stinks just. Well this is like a tongue in cheek promotional item that they sell the place it's like our own Archie McPhee in Wallingford its novelty. This is for when you think to yourself you know I'd like to smell different to what can figure what can finger we can. Supported by current and wells gave Cleveland besides.