Nerd Talk - November 7, 2017

Tuesday, November 7th

Butt robots.


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This brand new iPhone is receiving high praise for having the most innovative screen technology since the original. The Bluetooth Trent do Fukuoka the same time it's button was all glass interface and back is also the most fragile I've flown. To date according to test for CNET and square trade to industry leaders. I predict we see more grown adults more upset them when Hans solo face high low rent an episode seven. Even years later I can't actually see what happens for fears forums. Rumors are swirling that Disney is kicking around the idea of buying 21 century fox afflict a movie arm for the larger fox empire probably just wanna focus on news propaganda and sports those tricky process let's all hope that happens because then all of the marvel universe would find to be under one roof and who knows. We could see an avengers vs X-Men filled or not terrible fantastic for Blu-ray. And finally showed up to the nerds at Ford who are busy testing car seats do you think there are new blood to the robots. With the that's important about. It doesn't talk but because of forcible Mosul who. They're trying to make these most durable and comfy seats I haven't about robot ruled itself all over the place protest. The protesting the course nature of the cushion and lingering seats mills could upgrade to flirt but.