Nerd Talk - November 8, 2017

Wednesday, November 8th

Space snowboarding!


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Burton and they're making all the skis suits for the US snowboarding team to where at the Olympics and they base their design on the American spaceflight program a Brigham NASA when John White attempts to win his 11100 gold. I was flying through the air looking like a freak and astronaut whose tool. The engineers have that sort of cling to legal and look to them and exterior is have made pearly white shining all of the world's oldest -- based on the crucial driving a moon buggy with big tires cool. Until then I'm women you know meanwhile record a dude who's done Australian or New Zealand. Dish what do also a New Zealand kiwis and let some nerd spent 36 straight hours painting in the virtual reality. Breaking a pointless record. At the end he said I can't really feel anything below my neck wheel so you did this to yourself and finally. Twitter Witten did it they increased the total number of characters you can tweet from 140. To 280. Because the one thing I wanted to for people to be less complies with the terribly spelled words on the Internet those who was still missing is an added buttons for when you make a title with the humidity gets but hey at least the number one user can now yellow about Obama for a longer from a top is golden toilet. Before a snack and a map. Thanks Twitter.