Nerd Talk - October 10, 2017

Tuesday, October 10th

Hope you saved your wisdom teeth in your face.


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Researchers are on the cusp of changing your health. Thanks to to a wisdom teeth. Thank you sir great source of stem cells that can be used for the regenerative. Bridget regenerative. Capabilities yeah build it and overall leader board of the Dennis was Smart nick wise. Out. The head of the EPA will today announce fullbacks of the clean energy initiatives because the failing coal industry is more important than not. Longevity of the planet for humans to live applause look for a lot no problem continuing with or without humans. It's time to decide if you'd like us to still be here or not sure fruit and what it's like smoking still free to deny what's happening in your loans but it's destroying them. He now we know that's. Science. And finally we all know someone who snores there face off check out her. For the people stopped breathing between snort that's really scary told sleep apnea. Good thing the FDA has improved an implantable zap the nerve the fires your diaphragm causing the regulation of your breath one clear creek. Paints a zero was approved by doctor air birdie output Stephen let me just aren't made our that is correct who'll. Talk this week is brought to you like burned and wills there are gaming club on the east side.