Nerd Talk - October 11, 2017

Wednesday, October 11th

When 2017 sucks, just bring a part of the 90's back to life!


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Many kids are gonna for delicate chemistry class you have no clue what's happening. That's because the pocket pets. Tom I got she is making a comeback. A distinctly remember not paying attention chemistry pushing the button on the stand and blow before we were hunting Pokemon on the way to the bus stop. We had an egg shaped device to the crappy single color pixelated screen for a little critter lived and you had defeated him clean up afterwards. Really stupid now they say it but other Bakken largely unchanged and what were added to salute to grab me like a slap bracelet are trapper keeper David Jansport backpack. Into the ninety's all over. So Amazon owns whole foods and now looks like your regular club card you views of saving another stores in this case will be your prime membership. They won't say what it'll do exactly but the pumped about it at that two day shipping and streaming and everything else for 9 AM but here I guess that's cool. But when you gonna pay off the FAA Amazon and get us those drone flew remiss not joke. Correction organic not tuned. And finally glad this can read a bird's brain to predict the next song it will Cink paid you are next. Obviously Portugal man. But still this is crazy robots could soon know what you're about to see it as you were figuring it out. Freestyle rap it's gonna get weird but also means that distracted driving or speaking in general could become a thing of the past as you can read your mind and send the messages for you this could be tricky because I think about getting taco time on the way home lots. Want my brain just orders that the drone shows off its all over. We supported by Byrd and will the game he pulled on each side.