Nerd Talk - October 12, 2017

Thursday, October 12th

When giant mecha robots collide...


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Next week after years of Internet trash talking a battle of giant Mecca robots is finally happening in. The USA and Japan have challenge one another to do battle Cuban piloted machine vs machine. It's billed as the world's first giant robots fight. Mega bucks we'll muddle through window mushy on Tuesday night 7 PM we're talking to story told metal back shooting rockets at each other until one ruled on this grab the brass. Took a little too excited about this the battle we streamed on twitch and excellent. It's about a decade since the iPhone popped into people's hands and we played with a Zippo lighter up in the light Saber remember being very impressed. But it's crazy to note that two thirds of American homes own at least one that apple product in five years that's gone up from about half. Couple of data it's collecting about us don't really know what it heads over to the robots I'm sure they'll be gentle. And by the way and that's your professional race car driver you're probably not that rated driving a car lots of us are probably better at driving race cars and video games with a controllers that we are turning the wheel and checking blind spots the same time one do recognize this loves the challenge so he made his super fancy sports talk a Nissan GTR. Controllable using a PlayStation four remote all those years playing grand juries will. Lilly bring out. Africa supported by the gaming nerds over and turned and welts the identical on the east side.