Nerd Talk - October 13, 2017

Friday, October 13th

Take out your exploding playing cards...


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Channing Tatum is marvel movie for expense favored cajun mutant gambit. Has been read three bullets for the release date penciled them. For February 2019. Valentine's Day to be specific. I don't feel getting too excited. Originally it was supposed to come help last year so let me dive dive dive also. February movies are always terrible mix up for dead we'll be what okay. Sony has launched its own super cool would you project as little as a deterrent most surfaces. Into a keyboard or control for an android device using projection. Who also works as an actual projector to show movies and just do. Attracted digits as you monkey around in the lip surface. Pretty cool but at 17100 bucks you can do way better stuff like rented a crappy studio apartment in Seattle for moans from what them. And finally. Back to back stories today that I read suggests that facial recognition software is a scary future that we're rushing towards researchers have robots watching dirty movies on the Internet to build a database of adult actors. Seems harmless enough assuming everyone in the paid willing participants. But the same time officials in the biggest country on earth China. Are well on the way to having the AI powerful enough to idea majority of all one point three billion of their citizens within seconds so some technology to overcome but the new iPhone maximum out of the scanning your face. So could that be bad dude I can do by the deposed applaud anymore Luke. Week has been supported by Byrd and wells the gaming pulled on the east side.