Nerd Talk - October 16, 2017

Monday, October 16th

You gonna let a robot touch your booty?


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It's gonna go to the spot would you be down for a robot massage. It would be Willis awkward TV camera knows. Probably a visible problem more for mad men for women but. There's a robot suits so under developed and it can rub you down when your feel intense bulls still doing your your your even. Grossman both Deborah the moves that. Last week researchers have discovered a huge vulnerability that affects the watch spyware addicted do. And it means that hackers can exploit it to steal all the info your transmitting the credit cards and private communication. Passwords do most vulnerable according to this report as ours technical dot com. Android devices and Linux users I don't understand India the nerd talk to their writing in this report dead but I do believe that it's not Smart so many private sensitive info over public Wi-Fi. Protected or otherwise but then again nothing digital seems safe anymore so we're done that and finally. And super volcano news finally the super volcano under Yellowstone is due for an eruption. Well and does so like every half a million years also. Super volcano was one word according must soldier before researchers thought that the build of magma in the pre eruption reserves would slowly fill over the course of a long long time before. Pimple popping in spewing life crushing fashioned smoke everywhere but now scientist at Arizona State University. He thought it. It never mind. Science and Arizona State did close the conducted on the beer pong table but look at this I got a Soledad and this. ET technology gaming GE two dot lives.