Nerd Talk - October 17, 2017

Tuesday, October 17th

We're that freakin' close to burrito drones thanks to an unlikely source.


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Oh and finally did it's. Nine and expected to be crazy Australian since their proximity to burrito culture seems very distant. But I think the wizard and the rookie. Earth now has a functional. Burritos or a bush. We don't feel good to see how you'd be Matt again that they Mexican fast food chain team with Google's parent company alphabet to test burritos on demand and in ten minutes. They can get a burrito to your belly via remote control drove. So hot rod. We get NASA took the digits that are displease. No one's immune to greasy cultural training as a guest let gravity the only thing slowing the Spinner is frictions of the spending is pretty intense but the rats part of seemed astronauts sort of mocked the digits then there's. But harnessing their own weightlessness to become a human digits for an hour. There's so much approved bearing on the screen spelled the spin people round tomorrow. And finally facial recognition by FaceBook and apple the company's combined with the ai is already sort of scary one attacked memory in this photo no doubt it well repealed Google is drank enough recruits and they can now now only find your face the it also recognize your pets in photos. Bill little puppy grouped close of refer friends together when sorting through stuff in their out. Yes I'm sure you'll be able to filter out the cats tell emerge ease. It is supported by GE two it's this weekend technology gaming GE two dot lives.