Nerd Talk - October 18, 2017

Wednesday, October 18th

Giant robot duel WAS A GIANT LIE!!!!


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Giant robot tool was last night. I was so freaking lame as the more than an hour watching inserted ads for. We'll put new rule on national plus the day no less that we just end up watching scripted robot battle with a over the top pointless acting goes to the apologists who are like oh it's quite the feat. Now what they did is make a production that was super week and then try to be like all different emblematic sort of build robots stop. This is a great chance for you to show us a documentary about how robots work in the have a do kind of a battle where cool its little. All hype and like delivered nothing to better acting on the soccer pitch from the Portland Timbers players. Yeah. Growth to be fair what you'd expect from robots yeah. And so we should celebrate people using their brains to accomplish the unimaginable feat Lago on November 1 is releasing a rad looking new sets women of NASA. Microsoft published stats and the only one in twenty women who graduate college get a degree in stem that science technology and jeeps pick mileage he. Science technology engineering and math about a third as many as men in the same fields. Educating men and women from a younger age about science and everything it's how we're gonna get this country moving in the the right direction. So Mars. And finally. Scientists at the U dub are making it easier for flying drones to recharge using the same technology that lets you charge phone without plugging NN. Imagine a fleet of Amazon prime economists drones they never need human interaction Villanova charging pad for a do jus waiting for the next delivery call up soon. Bad time and lasers and well. The.