Nerd Talk - October 19, 2017

Thursday, October 19th

You can be a dancing wiener for Halloween without going on the naughty list...


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Is just a bit earlier this year when snapped chat took all our minds up they otherwise politics destroyed world of social media. With the simplest of joy. I'm dumb dancing hot dog boot Jew now that they will be the most Mimi Internet Halloween costume of the season but for eighty bucks. You can attend your Halloween party as they giants game Dreamweaver. Moving on flexible fixture in full of sensors can give robots a new sense of touch below braves not. Unless this means we can get suite Luke Skywalker Ranch for kids and adults missing limbs. Let's not make our own robotic replacement. Lesson I learned anything from Star Wars takes stand still can't deflect blaster fire so what the free. And finally. Half message just found a sweet Lou can cave type thing on the surface of the moon. Perfect for a moon base. Moon base bounce house perfect. First base birthdays. NASA says it's a lot of tube and I meant if we used it to bill the moon base could mean he wouldn't have to actually set up walls just put like a cave lived on there and save moved people from excess radiation. And though dialogue but do fusion secretly our homes for giant lava tube monsters. Well worse. Liable. We haven't supported NGE two technology gaming GE two dot live for tickets the show Saturday and Sunday. There won't be available monsters I promise. I can make that promise. There might be little monsters.