Nerd Talk - October 20, 2017

Friday, October 20th

Twitter making itself less gross.


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The nerds over at Twitter. Are trying to stop being the main stream plays them online harassment and terrible this was some changes to their rules for not banning politicians who use the service to move white supremacy yes. The changes start next week by dressing non consensual nudity brief shots from the French foreign posting online. We'll get the poster an immediate ban good faith based or violent and citing username to also be banned angrily tweeting while watching the Seahawks. Still going to be OK go hawks big news industry has been granted its first air space a waiver by the FAA to operate drones over crowds were gathering footage. This is rad because so much money is wasted flights to helicopters over protest in Seattle people marching around. And now a small super lightweight drones can do the job more importantly. The FAA is coming around to flying vehicles delivering new breakfast burritos right to the studio yeah. And meanwhile in Japan. Meyer left and against the dollar plane tickets don't be fooled by ad claiming you could become a certified you do this weekend. Those tickets are refundable that's a lot of domino which leg room a Japanese ninja to school is bringing back then just send. Like a new Mexican driving test all you need is a 60% or better to pass what a joke we execute. Bonus points for throwing star accuracy got ticket worth that. It's been supported by GE two technology gaming binge does. Known just GQ dot live for tickets to see this weekend.