Nerd Talk - October 23, 2017

Monday, October 23rd

In Washington, we use all of the beer not just the part that becomes pee.


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Researchers at the University of Washington who also happens to be beer lovers. Have taken the brewing process to the next level they're using these bench graying of the byproduct of brewing and turning it into paper. We don't just break we use all puts them near. And we might pretzel then I need to scribbled down my delicious fox. Receipts to draw mustard incredible and everything home who have been good Greg. Now while it used to be meeting someone was likely from like a French if your friend group. Introduce one friend to another in the hotel pool or co workers now are meeting complete strangers via online connections. And that could be why it feels so weird or foray into online date. 101000 generations of a group of humanoid big about a 150 people large has now completely changed for the Smartphones it opens you to literally. Tens of billions of new people. To get swipe left side. And destroy your own mind confidence at all that you could feel truly alone in the world thanks to digital David. And finally a message in my iPhone popped up at 3 something this morning saying it had new memories to share with me from the photo op OK if there was. A photo collection all pictures and videos of my baby called the first two years when he seventeen plus with. Scanning photos of determining that avenue baby that I need to know that it's doing that. Folks are pretty good lesson in how these companies have been invited into our lives and now or taking over for the guy that lived on our couch when you started using my roommates tell. Gross. Supported by Bernie and wells the engineers doing gaming on the east side of the best.