Nerd Talk - October 24, 2017

Tuesday, October 24th

Beware: wheel chair robots


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Earthquake predictor it's the artificial intelligence that we need to know I don't trust robots but specifically in the northwest. We're due for a huge earthquake and this ai has more than virtual it's an actual reality teams across the earth are working on it just. Just what ever you do when the Trimmer pockets Smart enough don't follow it's soothing robotic voice calling you into a dark cave that he can win over here. Job once they understand earthquakes I fully expect them to use them against us. The freaking construct a consummate cartoon transformer. And side Stephen Hawking these smartest human ever absorbed by a wheelchair robot yesterday released his doctoral thesis composed in the sixties. It's available as a free download via Cambridge University. School but he nerds wanted to read the musings of the expanding universe. That it totally crashed the university's servers throughout the day that was Goodell loaded with the servers were down Syria what it was way over my dad I and I understand that. I'm words and now. I had finally. Well more than 200 cities including Tacoma and Seattle for some reason are begging Amazon to ruin their affordable housing but building a second headquarters there. Nerds and Little Rock, Arkansas tired of tiny plane to pull a giant banner over the south lake union Amazon campus yesterday breeding. Hey Amazon it's not view. It's us. They feel a Little Rock. Gonna go buy some nerdy glasses and start working on better pulled room. You're about to become the newest hipster haven but they'll ironically film like a hundred Olson's there. Cricket supported by our friends at Vernon Wells they do gaming on the east side.