Nerd Talk - October 26, 2017

Thursday, October 26th

It's not the part where you let Amazon drivers in your house, it's what Amazon leaves behind...


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The Internet has some feelings about Amazon key it's the program but they're offering that will allow delivery drivers to open your house and drop your stuff off the the pretty good confronting pork pirates Arab and install security camera by your front door on the inside the Smart block and the driver would check in the door open that drop box office. They close enough there are some of the Smart told to get half. Listen blocks are just there to keep honest people honest and Cecil Watson they're getting in but are you willing to let Amazon have a camera in your home watching you all the time. Specifically would you do rear naked stuff. Right up my nerd knows the Red Bull announced their twentieth eighteen to root excuse for old championship. Don't be fooled at their attempt to give Blix Red Bull and you'll have. Fancy camera angles and it'll be very exciting. There's already a roots cube world championship but I've competed in it and finished 478. Out of like 500 wouldn't care global. What was the biggest for nothing in the midst. And finally our IP to the Xbox Kinect. Redmond is pulling the plug on the we're watching you dance in your living room. Add on to your Xbox it's. It's too bad do because I thought it would be these things that made the are a little bit more realistic. The seat instead they intend to use to make AR augmented reality better watercraft as they are. Like I Pokemon go before you turned off the camera. Overlay is images like pocket monsters onto your real world on this case we used Poland's. They're using it already for what astronauts do to fix the space station but overlaid with instructions are while they're actually working pretty kickass. I dropped MySpace wedged it. This week is supported by our friends at Vernon Wells are gaming club on the east side of Merrill some.