Nerd Talk - October 31, 2017

Tuesday, October 31st

Cheese is an American priority.


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Look at it is an android tumble little slow to notice but so is everyone else we have in the mood G problem with Google. The cheeseburger a motif has the cheese unnerved. The murder. How the crap was that supposed to melt on the grill that's. Under the monsters I'm sure is a joke he Google CEO took to Twitter to address the issue saying quote will drop everything else we are doing and address. If folks can agree on the correct way to do this what's this little value jerk she's still a tough week. Also percent chance of mixes into a last minute Halloween costume. I kick start a campaign is trying to find a new idea for a sheet for your bed and I'd get super weird slash mad about did achieve the impossible to fold. Coming off the bed every night. Specific village hotel bed mattress rooms but the crowd fund is looking to manufacture a fitted sheet that zips to your dad. Very Smart. The first installed little tedious for once again that's a broad. Just zip on and off to wash those who find a way to get hair or worse stupid stupid simple do. Going to adult and finally your iPhone is a big giant creep. Smartphones collected data about us is already beyond our comprehension. But now they're getting braver just kind of showing an off flaunting its user notice that using these search function in these photos out when she typed in brassiere. It automatically collected all the photos of her wearing just a brawl with heat. Why let those scanning my photos at all specifically for one I'm wearing and what else is outstanding fourth. What's it doing with that info that we don't know about you crude that's what it. Oh.