Nerd Talk - October 9, 2017

Tuesday, October 10th

Not only is there a new trailer, those ticktes are up for grabs, too.


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The trailer for Star Wars episode eight the last Jett died debuts tonight during Monday Night Football and I have. War. I'm gonna watch it or not director Ryan Johnson says that if you wanna coming clean to the film we'll avoid the trailer very serious about it. Think the pay attention to boo is. Ticket sales for the initial screening is still on sale immediately. After the trailer errors so do you watch waiting for the start to to topple line. There's no way out of wouldn't. Robots will almost always available when I talk about a month or talk but not stake by stake bought it's they winding series of links that they're using to dig through rubble and disaster situations been deployed to mobile in Mexico City to try and find living humans otherwise trapped. Move on snakes. Couldn't hear your desktop computer to the each amounts from them who. And finally. Not sure why they ever do this but for some reason scientists have created a type of mosque that while growing amidst an odor the smell of incense. Now this is perfect you can get a for your favorite who were driver seeking clues that Prius still do we're driver starts we'll. Supported by our nerdy friends and bird and wells gaming club on the east side.