Nerd Talk - Pi Day

Wednesday, March 14th

RIP Professor Stephen Hawking, of course you died on Pi Day :)


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Well today's tough on today's nerd talk is dedicated to the life of doctor Stephen Hawking a man with a robot voice who strapped in a wheelchair for most of his life. Who still figured out how the free can universe works. Sir Stephen Hawking. That's the sad thing to have to say Cusick. Commander black hole and super quantum physics man combined into one that today is piped in March 14. 3143. Point 14159. Pie day. They're grocery store and you would then he's so tiny positive symbol for five of the top crossed all of my want. Technical assistance aside I'm sorry it's pretty appropriate today we lose one of our greatest and most expensive minds. Would be a day that here in America we celebrate mathematics. We'll play doctor. The same professor is a dude who worry that without recognizing our own impact on the rapidly changing earth. We could end up the next Venus still flooded hundreds of degrees hotter than our own poor rains sulfuric acid. Regardless of the cause of do you showed me on Twitter than I'm an idiot regardless of the jaws humans if it rains acid that's bad for us surviving. The rain that. Talk arraigned. Good. Despite spending a life trapped in the body riddled by eight LS wheelchair bound for a majority of it professor hawking argued that you have to continue your wife worked until you die or risk becoming mentally impotence. Particularly sorry for yourself just know that a man trapped more than fifty years in his own mind by his own body. Didn't look an unfair hand stop him from figuring out free agent black holes. Each of us has our own form of suffering as a legit to us as we look at you just don't let it stop you from being awesome. Doctor Stephen Hawking was 76 years old. The.