Nerd Talk - September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11th

Good news for Pluto!

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Researchers from the University of Central Florida are ready to help Pluto reclaim the title as ninth planet of ours solar system hysterical spending piece of space rock was stripped of its title because tiny Pluto orbits. Is too affected by the gravitational pull of Neptune. What Angel. UCL suggests that while orbits change over time and the quality is like shape in composition are more important in planetary status. Where do you land on this. I'm obviously team Pluto hash tag team blew them. Back here on earth our efforts to save the planet either have to get more efficient or we got to plan a lot more trees. They wondered what Paul plant requires a forest the size of mayoral lens to offset the garbage it spews into the air but got a jump on fourth down plentiful brutal LaBroque. We cannot win. Well harnessing the power from the sun would require a little less than a tenth of that. It's also how you have to make the panels and batteries and everything they're still not like a clean way to do it but keeping our blood for humans would be. Good for humans and finally in our search to find other life in the galaxy and universe space scientists are turning to robots to find aliens who hates. This search for extraterrestrial life Seve our programming artificial intelligence to home through years worth of the strange radio signal big enough. Coming from a distant galaxy three billion light years away played host gonna go the wrong about the probably team up with the aliens and hand. Did jerks. Are in it goes yeah yeah it's. Yeah yeah. I.