Nerd Talk - September 12, 2018

Wednesday, September 12th

Amazon is upping their xmas game (nevermind it's still summer).

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It's that or talk podcast thanks for downloading. Honest taking Christmas news. And so America. To a new heights this year forget the tradition of going to pick out the perfect Christmas tree and just what Amazon chopped one down Angela bridge do you. He won't even have to stop binging Netflix are put down the fort night. Cool cool. An Israeli moon Lander is headed to deal lunar surface as the first big cargo delivered. But aspiration no rocket company SpaceX. SpaceX is sending its falcon nine to geo synchronous orbit around the earth but when he gets there it will. The Lander along on its way to the moon. If successful flew the first time a non superpower with a multibillion dollar space program we'll get to our lunar neighbor and finally more than a dozen years ago the it Albuquerque pulled a fast one on the old people living there by renaming their Minor League Baseball team. The isotopes build folks thought it was for the national laboratory is the young people knew it was based on the Simpson's fictional squad of baseball players from the ninety's will play now the dirty now a town in Alabama has. Has made in the next pop culture move approving a team game based on a raccoon slurred used in guardians of the galaxy. Introducing the the rocket city trash can does this look at it from the south weird.