Nerd Talk - September 13, 2018

Thursday, September 13th

We are getting rounder, faster!

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I think you finding the nerd talk podcast you're cool. We are getting fast and it is happening fast. To get dominant space baby down below and full of fact seven of our fifty states report that more than a a third of their residents are now obese well over a decade ago that number was zero states Washington isn't quite there yet. We're only a few percent a way though. Obvious follow up question. What Eagles rat ships from wall leave with a floating Smart chairs smoothest for forever unlimited maps law. Hurricane Florence is about to hit the US and people are preparing for the worst rain and wind things are going to be tremendously wet but it's also a chance for some super science to take place motion on the first along the East Coast have. Underwater glider drones cool this with our coastline to understand whether. And now they're getting directed at the hurricane. To collect the mega day. About the super storm Paul I hope they're planning to engineer a super bees it's gonna hide her. But and yet it's in the Seattle storm. And finally Elon Musk and his boring company are tunneling to make high speed magnate dreams a reality. It's like an underground roller coaster only for commuting then now just today that these will they dig out is being turned it into it don't bricks. Producing normal concrete bricks is like super rough on the environment these. Not so much you wanna buy some they'll cost ten cents per brick or they'll be free if they're being used for low income housing. They Seattle let's get a train network. And some affordable housing. I am.