Nerd Talk - September 17, 2018

Monday, September 17th

Paging Dr Robot, Dr Robot...

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They're told they're just talked about Newt talk. The podcasts until. SpaceX has ambitious plans to strap a human to a rocket. And then dynamite them around the moon and back and now. They've recruited their first ever private passenger. Today at 6 PM and allied stream they're gonna give us all the details about the launch of this hue man on top of PS thought. A big. Falcon rockets. Have been using the wrong F word this whole time. In medical news the future of detecting your health or the health of like a tiny unborn baby could be as easy as sticking it. Ultrasound acts about the size of a fingernail do you skid in the observing body function maybe from an out. I assume this data will be automatically sent to doctor robot who make the best decision for your health. Your fears the. They're good. And finally but they only a matter of time before these first illegal. And sex but brothel guidance plug pulled distant and have the right permits and so did correctly in normal Italian brothels. Hi Jean checks are conducted and this one wasn't getting inspected correctly. Gross. You're really taking a gamble counting on these sex Dole's rubber to do their job. Can you talk about terrible gig who'll love to see might grow revive dirty jobs and you've got wanna go.