Nerd Talk - September 25, 2017

Monday, September 25th

Store-to-fridge grocery delivery... wait, like they come in your house?!


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A major US retailer wants to deliver your groceries directly to your fridge. You mean really human in my house probably didn't mean to my bathroom. Now know. Store to fridge could be our future I mean I was that Smart cameras and remote control the last one laser cannons. Soon your impulse shopping can get even worse so good what they belong in a brain implant it's like an impulse shop without looking at the scream. Gonna hope not physical play Amazon will soon let you make your impulse purchase returns. To select newly acquired whole foods markets. And excellent holes is perfect for what might catch shaggy immediately start shredding every cardboard box allows but I can't really think back shaggy. And finally by 2050 ai will be able to learn this fastest humans luckily we will be able to learn slower because we're getting dumber. That's bare just a few minutes Iberia that runs that prison country is betting that he can get the AI to do evil faster than everyone else and then rule won't. It's. Let's hope that the nerds are right in the the machines will be used for good. And not squashing the humans I do however feel like liquefied Cubans as the more likely future. At this week is supported by our friends over at Vernon Wells are gaming club on the east side to map.