Nerd Talk - September 28, 2017

Thursday, September 28th

So many Alexa's...


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Amazon has really upping their spying on you gave up by introducing half a dozen US go to places and TBH. I cut a lot most of hope amid the original act goes Mohler put that made a bigger one that's even more powerful of the original size and who can truly Smart home. They made one that's gonna replace your alarm clock for touch screen display that looks super cool and another that's just some sort of game show buzzer I guess. Most importantly they've improved. Did soliciting so that it can hear you say elects not even in super noisy environments to better serve you definitely not a spy. Then we'll have to go weak free because there are allergic to gluten. They're called C reacts and it sucks scientists think they've found a way to added the genes of our favorite greens. Too broad new strains that don't have that they know Mr. Bush pull off this is cool yeah that's going to be a long time before we just popped removal. Bad quietly. NASA and Russia have agreed to work together. On the moon space station and cool but I SS hole orbiting the moon the two agencies hope to make a staging points to better gather. Ladies and marijuana on the need. No so we can have a starting point to get to Mars you idiot. Syria from the moon we do what we won't I'll just shut up and since Julie Larson you must be an errant crybaby you do everything yo mama knows you. Supported by our friends at Byrd and wells there are gaming club on the east side.