Wednesday, June 13th

After we work our way through terrorist-metal (the worst music genre), we have a ton of ground to cover including: an embarrassing loss, huge win, and the biggest boi at the 2018 World Cup.

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Rowell grew idea. Slough welcome to the full ninety exercise podcast our weekly look into the Seattle founders FC dirty cycles surf. And outrageous. Residents have to understand the hottest soccer league not funded by foreign royalty ML us. Susan good solid click Sergio Apple's podcasts. Give this a rating definitely so thanks to the comet primarily want to leave us a comment we don't care about the review. This wanna know your favorite ever Seattle founders FC player from the Caldera took Magnus Wolfe like problem we don't care if you're enjoying yourself Wallace in this podcast we just want you to a fantasy. Oh hey hey you've aged in the last couple weeks hold on the first of all how dare you secondly abstinence and America I'm political insecure about mates that we both aids is really what I was trying to idea and it's. Your turban my excitement I just found out just moments ago. That like what my favorite bands of all time ices the band not a terrorist organization. OK they're getting back together for one show in Los Angeles. The playing on one of these to think of one of the due to cave then passed away and so the reunited the banned under a different name because those. And I had to go root it up there not as Hillary did chips and goddess that carries into the river Styx or whatever now they're gonna be told celestial after their first major problems so I thought this had a call themselves slight. Local or armor simply don't think about it and it's. How dare you first of all ice is also on the bans campaign. But I'd like we are al-Qaeda the ban. I've started to think that maybe it's what is nuts. For and you know those look I I'm on the point loss since I bought our money got them back together. The look and has the power to do so many removed MLS just to see I suspect together. The ban a good old blocked not a conflict. You have what you need to do Lear smooth that make you sound a lot easier just this is for our other episodes there are other podcast. That terrorists never. Terrorists in new metal band is depth to dictate the progress of Middlebury Buchenwald and so fruit are not new medal and you medal for continued to know not like that there are modern metal and militants on. This week in the bulb goes on Google founders of C take on the worst of the New York teams but still better than Seattle New York Red Bulls in the battle for who knows once that December's jetlag. What's going to be tough when midweek after a Saturday mets' traveling all the way to the opposite coast to play there already in New York as far as I've seen so far I would imagine since the match is tomorrow night I would hope that they would be there already loaded tackle -- they or their like yesterday morning temperatures -- -- up pictures of his -- view from his hotel. Sept brightly telephoto it's it's that's the New York skyline it's the new World Trade Center building and all that Chris enrolled in risk he said as those seven prize comment was pretty decent view from the hotel room. Literal then responds and says meat to assist the picture of like the roof in the air intake for the hotel whole idea but that didn't. They're definitely prioritize interestingly help a guy you would think this on the team are that works for the team whose job it is to make sure that the stud. Goalkeeper gets the better room you have apple loves those you know he had his nose and Ali area. Yes I think I think it's just they put about two rooms together and then players as he checked in you get your your room's up like that I don't know man I don't simp given Dempsey the craft room don't mean truth. This president Mr. President may when you travel you have a roommate it would be we Meredith oh yeah hackable TV what goalkeepers lot of gold keeping talking a lot of goalkeeping gloves slaps on the gas and I'm ready goes on. Kate yes that's exactly what goes on we know lot about professional sports culture. When guys on one better than us and dive to the other bed till actually the remote from flying by effectively that's a that's exactly what happened there is so precise get Fryer near to talk Mona yeah I think I can tell us specifically when you jumped from one bed to the next to make a safe knowing you get your butt slap by another goalkeeper wearing the goalkeeper -- how bad does it hurt and hurt I don't know do you ever use the glove specifically has some sort of imprint and it's well you can leave an awesome Marcum tomorrow NASA needs laugh at this is another reason now I understand that the do you shower in the locker room wearing those gloves like does that help you wash your hair it's over logs or satellite Mickey Mouse where is just there and and gloves that just like this is my hand and with the a while you did a really good primary if impression Rattner thanks in the worker who. Oh and it's literally the sound is coming off I say in the intro there blow do's and it'll sound reserved seat. Because we finally can be convinced that that's what they know how to do distorted not one but two balls after I downloaded a big match gets over the plate over the weekend that I can't remember Earl DC united oh yeah man. Controversial take here can but I think DC united might have the sweetest. Kit oh all the team it's. Just out all black look with the stripes and it like another all black leather group cool looking like a little black Jersey don't get me wrong but that one specifically was great and then like. On the authentic ones not on the replica of the authentic ones as a button and all that would want to run one patch or read yet like really. I think Europe beats headphones are wearing right now there's the read be against all black headphones with a pops out there like that. So DC united is one of those teams it just has a history of a being super successful ten years ago and not so much since then sure but. Always looking ago. So it's it's a good way similar choice maniac AI I feel like there one of the TME is like this here a lot of teams like that have been. Awesome right like DC united as these so you can't stand New York Red Bulls went to went back to an all red cape which looks really nice. Their their home white it's still looks terrible press. Big guy. To be fair the DC united. Kit for the the second one which is whites. It has these like strange rectangle and let's like not bicycle Jersey it looks like they put the ads in the wrong spot. Like the pecs or were the belly is that the cubs are up top and Eric. I was signed by alien insects I feel like it looks like that really cool guy and you know it rides cross rocket or even though he drove his Kia here he just put on. His leather jacket with a weird patch isn't that the helmet with that the Mohawk Arnett 61 broke safety first the moloch prevents. Aerodynamics I hate is the second Katula referred New York rebels blew blew those orders grew the yellow sleeps. No you mean you have for the rebels death. I made no he had yet. Or they're like get might be there Allred get this your idea was the blue feel sleazy tactic because pretty doubt at all that I think there all right it is is one of the best. Looks real sharp and it's crude the rebel looms on obviously like. Huge around the world is also on everywhere it was just not about who's kit is what I guess even though the DC you know and one half on a 21 victory a comeback victory for Seattle. Home boy did that stadium goes silent. When that first goal scored in the 53 minute by problematic for a man that was that was a bad news. The two goals going in is awesome I'm still hearing people given Clinton C a ton of flak for his performance I don't get a Casilla had a motor run and fifteen shots on goal. A fifteen total shots from the match seven of them from Clint Dempsey but I was prudent to recent including an almost. Like world class back dual goals aside it was so cool and it's so great effect on every ship up at the top of the box and economic dished it off to a senate doing up like a guy that scores goals goals for goals like that Jacqueline and narration you never know like he he's he's so hot cold with the production right now happens although everything more race yet you looked so -- of the match and an afterschool Harrington who -- to pull from they would get to that here from the US open cup Mejia cattle little extra to get an extra gear most of the crazy thing about leadership as a he's. Displayed in Chicago forever he's from from the area RA like played for Chicago fire. With a homegrown player for them I'm pretty sure. Was very good for them best player on a very bad team and then he went to Montreal. And in Montreal he knew he was kind of uses a bench player wasn't necessarily bad again news like a really good player and a pretty bad team. Now he's with us in it with the senators and it seems like. We see his production we've seen his ability. He's hasn't been in the looks I think there's an injury in there somewhere because obviously there was because it's the Seattle sounder that we're talking about so everybody's an injury at some point this season. But he's he's one of those guys or I almost. I almost think he's becoming. Off the bench or starting over Lamar neagle and in all these situations because. He's gonna track record man he's a good he's a good player in the in the dug the chances that the senators have given them this year he's really an open cup the other goal. Will talk about that later but if open cup the other goal. This game you looks great. It was a lot of good place to make a lot of runs the the final third of the Sanders a tackle to people were moving we had switches from B rod moving from one side to the other was. Two and you derby able to do that you gotta have other guys you can trust to be able to conference play in the right position to really get possession play really get hold up play I and I thought he did a good job of just of keeping this owners in the game enough till like. Dish it out of the guys who can do some little bit more thing we should practice and see what the vibe is down there sometime because I don't know why Lamar doesn't appalled more often and there's got to be something going on that we don't see when it comes to that so. Be worth checking out so of a performance that finally gives the founders three points which is also takes a mild. Bottom two awful three point tunnel last place now a tough. We're in the very highly respectable tenth place yeah feels good deal. Dig in the vast no worse than the absolute crap. It's garbage this IRNA. News. Yamana you'll still haven't heard how garbage the minute yeah it does feel good okay. Last week's gap. We did not -- viewers six point been massively ill yes so we did not broadcast last week and so much so much has happened over the last two weeks the soul without blowing money each staying a bunch because those with good news the way we don't do any good news and a lot of bad stuff happened in the week but so let's just real quick or go through a few things get great job I want you Huskies. So first senator Jesse entered the open cup and scored a goal. Cut yeah. Yes senators and seal loss to Sacramento republic a US a team the next attack garbage putt. Robot Torres this of Spence and neagle Darryl called into their national teams we've talked about that death hot hot. Nickel Darrow was left off of the final roster monopoly and woke up from garbage. So does a seed beat DC united in another come from behind victories until they feel cut. We sacrificed Kelvin Williams rightly which is actually. Cut it and how you are George McCrary the thick of it hot but proved true yeah a logo for the rest of us Gabi yes cavalier a great act. Good player yet declared race laps do we know what happens to I read right leg strain which is probably means this is our industry I this has affected another player. He always jump the gun or more likely he was a game time scratch with acute Pelletreau assist picked up in training with I think that's going around to fix what else was out we about a Heller tells a couple weeks ago your bad breath migs makes you not able to play this game contagious bad breath for the Pacific. Separate FC players make legalities other giving music for their best every little blood toward more snout actually having the knee problems with the case sealed until whatever it's been acute alta assists and that's and that's that lowers the moon related lupus that possibly a Mallon do. I don't know okay cool that that's. That's it's incredible stuff via. Public and to prove it to the actual match against DC united here that we touched off on a little bit but look what he got with a hot from OK there I feel like there's a low so much when you win. Especially right now Cutler so much right so like a win. Hi look Darrell scores an absolute Boehner of from a eighteen the eighteen on the volley. Cut and as you said earlier we're talking offline. Kim Ki my tweet came key here in BP that I was out there hustling and when you see some goal keepers and they're not of the top squall that computer site on central defenders not the top quality in the chase and a guy into the boxer like but there were so there comes a foul here or Carter and clumsy challenge PK something you'll like looking for the worst and every single time we saw him step up to make that play. Contact on the ball it's big huge it. Last line of defense before Stephon fry he stepped up and a huge way at all for a guy that doesn't speak any English via and is trying to keep in now rhythm with a team that's on got a lot of doesn't put together for quite a while to this year reverend been hurt and everything but. I can't political real Chad Marshall over the weekend so cut. And not does that we're talking about. Team key he who despite. If you hadn't had a couple injuries this season with a sounder is death. You be playing in the World Cup race car this week so which search on Thursday acute dose of strikes again yeah he would be playing in the World Cup with South Korea. If it weren't for you know this is the injuries he's picked appears so we're not talking about some light. You know. The slouch who who has who we should be worried about or animal like that international football. Quality World Cup. That hurt not mention his bundled up but international he's got our caps with this team he's a good player to pay half a million bucks to be here yet. So I think it begs the question and I think we talk about us alive either this potter next to buy it. It begs the question. These remarks towards outmanned or is he your starter who's you're there you're. Who's your back to your central defenders and you're gonna have how many more seasons do we have with Chad Marshall and his definitely not a head injuries were before he's just got to retire right and then what are you left with so far this season Alfaro hasn't really shown that he's up for the call yet so he's had a rough time and that's what I'm talking about that a younger guy that doesn't have the same. Caliber of experience. Doing the same challenges in the box. I mean there's your heart stops every time yet he portal encourage an hour to try to case and it ends not to be that disparaging on the guy because he's he's learning and he's coming up but good quality difference and pay gap between the two is significant. And it feels good to see the San owners are making plays to keep that central offense strong so it's. Who you really have to like peer into the crystals that she's also understands what's. Season is gonna look like and what you're gonna do but both Kim key he enrollment torrents on just about the same paycheck you know it's a couple articles is up on 2000 and so automobile the next 310 whatever yet either way that he's getting paid significantly enrollment towards getting paid that much more NC got to like if you're looking at the books what are you gonna do about that. Well not just that but you use EU gave you your pay you cannot pay that much for. A backup you know I mean so either one of those guys. As a back up your years that's a lot of money on the bench in a position that you do not. Need on the bench necessarily got most the time you're not you're hoping to not have to sell about your central defender. You know. Unless here in a dire situation you need to sub on a striker and you're gonna moved three to back from the crazy like that and that's why you have an Alfaro that's. That's back there in Alfaro Sam Rogers an S two who they signed to a short term contract to play that Sacramento game. Just but you'd you do not want to half a million dollar sitting on the bench they pay off borrows. Just over sixty Qaeda yet to play and so compared to the wouldn't kinky he used Mickey 500 grand. And then robot tore is. All of this information is publicly available you can just Google to find yourself from a tours on 575 so yeah. With some guarantees and stuff there and so yeah we're talking about two guys and getting paid a time and Chad Marshall getting paid a ton. There's like a lot of there's a lot of money invest in the central defense also keeping goals out is kind of the way too big that's how you tighten defense value can have a sloppy defense otherwise you end up from blue look at Liverpool scored all the goals this year are more able to win the brand because there were two leaky. Join you talk about an offense that has been this. Item I don't wanna say. Toothless but like an offense hasn't been able put the ball on the goal. If your goal of pearl one nil win which is what you're gonna have to have to do with an offense like this right now. Port 21 win you've got to not give up more than a goal in each game which is owners have been good at this year we haven't. The senators haven't given up like mass amounts of goals in these losses they've been one nil losses they've been 21 losses things like that you know we're it's not. You know looking for a male five male five to Uri definitely. Somewhat closed just with new offensive production guest just injuries and not enough. I support a time capsule. OK moving on garbage. Obvious obvious one is is killed only dams right leg. Being sacrifice in order for the sounder to. To champion over DC united and that's the name of of food volcano god bread Palin is known as anti Hillary is a soccer he was a Brazilian soccer player if there's the Brazilian volcano do you name it pay away. He obviously now yes how Pella Pella know dad whatever it is so I think you lawmen and figure out Mexicans Paul yeah. Kill whales bullets go right now but those shots of that one real ones that are going right now although it's close of the Fuego is the one in. What was Guatemala is I don't know whether it's it's South America that is explosive. It's big is do let's it's bad news Lawrence. Yeah idea tell them we're down going down as tough look look we've had some pretty good support in the on the Winger positions there from a cup because as you've stepped up big McCrary and Bruce Francis have both been pretty good I think McCrary is your guy to step in that role in the future. Just well it's so so bright metric comes on the radio on are on a radio show with with the. And says we're looking at weeks not days for this recovery for governor and am so that's okay so we're talking about. World Cup break. Basically without covering their damn when Rory going to be missing assessments in. And need it known and include aero. That and Ramon Torres. So in a defense that's already in May be. A little suspects. Missing 22 good players including one guy who is is a great Philadelphia. You'd you'd drop a guy like Elton there ramp. Hope that George McCrary can do the job remember Jordan McCrery before him and his owners is writing the bench or wherever he was playing here at the accused playing Toronto FC two last year in the US sell so. And he's a veteran leagues are you hoping he'd come in and in and his experiences what are they can connect bridge that gap that is still might not be the level that you would hope. But at least he's got a good at our chores Assisi may not slap a guy on the side my Mike Helton later and so we in the settlement to be DV entertainment a little bit I think the. Kevin key MVP I said on the old Twitter a few days ago I haven't says Kevin he he MVP Kim Ki DM VPS and on the sort of really couple days ago to switchers. I did at John Durbin says hash tag pulled garbage I call. My new show under urban because told garbage is not good nor Obama can keys if he said cold cabbage. But then perhaps us OK but old garbage is still darn certain non and it wouldn't call Kim key garbage still denied playing volley player. Rowe walks out the Sean has a long time listener of the spotted we're really grateful for the output of the same time I get to make a cold cabbage so thank you. Also. I don't give. Action after on behalf of many people on the in the universe that of the senators that seat I gotta give myself the old half refuge. Hundred real tough on a couple people on the sounder squad this year one of whom is new coo. All aboard that new to two right ever want you know excited about that cannot then. At a tough on him because he makes a lot of kind of bone headed decisions he's not necessarily. Hum imposition alive because clearly wants to be an offensive player does he crosses aren't always gray leg. Did an AEU wanna see him do what should do better you wanna see some and get through his head especially for all that money that we're paying him. And then I looked at the money that we're paying him and for everyone that's right not a guy that hard. He's our starting left back and he's been making any guaranteed. There's no big bonuses for this guy. 54500. Dollars. After refuge. He had Manning is. They're expecting a ton out of filled with out much return I will gladly put my hand up and say that a guy like all of the Gallic cushion ruled unlike these people are the ones are gonna have to step up and fill that gap while that kid is making his mistakes. I'm wholly confident now that if he's hungry enough if he wants to change that situation and be making more than just the league minimum for a young guy like that. That he is fully capable has the skill necessary got to do is head on straight. Not let's do disparities between players and bother him and start learning from some of these guys that are that I actually making it to get that next big contract. It's totally didn't really pissed off that the sixteen year old at your local fast food joint for making your burger wrong or something like that right because they are not a paid enough to care. About what's going on your burger beat they have him in working long enough says it's to do a great job. Knew who is doing a very good job for the amount of money that he is being given if fare like how young he is he is like. OK you know he's like is he we are getting what is what we are paying for. Unfortunately you listen I was talking to nobody ride castle. And unfortunately he's getting paid to live in the city that is impossible to afford and so as a professional athlete classes and also be pretty chill the rest of the time. That's like a pretty big drop off and to your burger. Analogy. It's not like the other burger chef and there is the you know he's making the minimum thirteen dollars an hour of the burger chef is making 99 dollar grant Howard click the drop off is pretty significant between the top and the bottom burger chef but right you've got somebody make it a couple million dollars on the same team and you guys are supposed to hang out together and might have built in camaraderie when you're just in completely different economic and I yelled at the same way I could do it didn't see it do better or not. Believe this team is losing in new look of what that's all well what are your peace he should take up because his professional athlete and we were paying him to play thought well hold on OK I can't like sorry is sorry guy Amazon you are making three times as much is this viewed. It's really a true. Tough it would be hard to imagine being a native of foreign and person that has to come here live in the city. I'm sure that he has a sponsor family or friends on the that the he's put up with the help dissipate that different but. To be able to make that little money and have the same expectations blindly and I put my hand up again. On my part because I've been real negative about that guy without understanding the big picture your your hash tag fan outrage was a little unwarranted isn't what you're trying to set well yes it's simply us making fun of me for the senate read more attentive we haven't been outrage. Probably a little harsh so I apologized. I know he's big listener as are a lot of the sound of players not that does. Mute who wants America leave a comment on for your favorably to be to tell yourself. Apple apple podcasts. People getting met on the Internet after anything happens that the merits it's this week in San outrage there. This match this match there's not too much to talk about also kind of defeats the point then we regularly talk about how will it good or bad people confined to be able to be mad about right and so. I may be I'm sure people are mad we're just like terrible fight we're happy soar like not doing our best job like I mean Marie people do would you five so come. Who is. You guys and the kids that don't can do that element you know. It Duncan duke it says Seattle wins games not that's not right if I thought it was like fair a gap there had with the leeway at what one previous win and in the season or two were slowed them perhaps OK no big here's a bit lower tyrant the so this is this on comes a little sad boy. He says. It's bills boy are no ill thought that the fact that OK good because I want to take a little sad boy is my rap named him. Episode northwest again now suddenly a rule Mike Sanders again shaking my head fake fans like. Take an outrage just taking this match as estimates smacked and a shake my head a shake my head I don't know despite my hands on my I don't know I'm your real. Your real wrong about that I serious shake my head like like one of the one foot under the one thing grow like a wrong on it linguistically I just know it differently than you look at some people say soda or pop or whatever this is different it's not wrong okay. EU just pulled an alternative backs on me with that like I just believe it differently so why it's okay in my head. And they have two different interpretations of something I did do everyone told so I know them and told pop no that's good read the big. That's different though because this is like. SA MH means the shaking my head is like L Mayo doesn't mean laughing marks ass off it means laughing my ass off with relevant necks stuck a but both convey the same message saying my and Marcus to different people both of them convey some sort of gesture with your head. Right lost some sort of exoneration. What ones I think one is frustration in the other's disappointment so they are different. They are different disagreement and I think this is Ruth that you're like blue that your that your. Taking your viewpoint and making it the only one available I must say it's my you boy I'm just saying it's what the we have different viewpoints and yours is the one that's right according to U. OK okay right okay yes I'm right thank you. You know what I'm saying. Is it's not Britney knows best float it doesn't seem like an opinion thing to me this isn't like hey my viewpoint aces I say it would be saying. Because I believe shaking my head area SN mates means smacking my head. Because I believe it to be that this is not the same as the L the well being laugh a lot it's laugh out loud right it is regular and lots of love which some people. Grandparents Muslim blow my mind yet that's like that anyway I'm OK until Brennan's right everybody would never forget that moving on. It made me feel like an ass you. Act up. A downside. Odds are at fault and no YouTube how to interview I don't on the move on okay. Well I wanted to talk about the whole fake band saying because it's okay to be upset with your team it's okay it like not be excited about a team that loses I've been a fan of the Mariners my whole life yeah it does something really challenging about understanding that. What what the scope of fans amends. Whether it's like you have to be there with two outs Freeman the whole time I sit in the sun. I'm yet to be it's I'm really dawn off flew a thrill sign it I'm sorry have it doesn't mean you have to be there. An easy yes screaming at people like it. You can BA casual fan you can be hard core Fannie can be. A fan of the year you can boot or worst end of the year my buddy Keith is worst failure because every match GAAP and and like look you and I have a cell owners podcast now right. Workfare and slate we follow seemed more excited about the scene. I couldn't be on excited they own like I'm enthused about sounder stuff in still be a real fan and friend of the authority so he gets to say that and that's the age sack you hear you heard here now hurting here they haven't yet yeah at some I do agree that it. This is a little bit different too because the terms of seeing such a new. American top flight team yeah relatively relatively to the rest of the world. There's a lot of people who. When the Seahawks blew up that became like a big deal. Hot Summers won the doubles cup and still Seattle didn't really care soccer fans did but it wasn't like all of Seattle was like an apple. I even get annoyed when people like in late in Seahawks vans because like no we've. Always been fans we just never had anything to get excited about the so finally we're just like. Sparked over like it's terrible over the line and what a fat and really into this lake awful team. I will admit that the on the Formula One race in Canada over the weekend there were like Lewis Hamilton is a he's. This like. Yellow lines on a young any more reason he's four time world champion it's really exciting he is really into fashion and celebrity and stuff and so he like has. People around yeah. They go to interviewed this one model and I think she is the satellite OK she's if they think she's a black lady that Imus and Howard it's it's when you have the white that also very them. When your skin pigment coloration via its very strong like it yeah the great looking woman but at the very like you don't just walk by without notice right that. On and so key in the commentator who's on the grid down and interviewing people he was walking by and he already has confirmed with her publicist that he can talk to her. And he taught since she's talking to disarm hipster accountant to interview him that hipster that she's talking to his Lewis Hamilton's front Hector build men caught you right back for arsenal yeah. At this race yes with the thought comes back to is that it was also rumored that he had Russell Wilson that policy hawks and I. And got a huge football famine North Carolina let her Russell Wilson was sounds like to Russell Wilson goes Seahawks yet. The other guy who like is a fair weather fan officer on different like you put something exciting on the pitch. And I get excited in soccer you put an exciting team together it's more fun to watch for a bad team. Correct eight and we get and we are excited at our eyes to save the and you win win fans any fans not just me bill and any fans he called faith because they. Don't wanna sit in life crappy weather and watch a team who can't put together five passes. Play game we'll ask your question there yes and a Mariner's game this happens all the time baseball slow boring answer a lot of stoppage is your I love it is the conversational sport sample what I'm Matt. A Mariner's game and you police are looking to watching on TV in the chilled the pan. And about a third to half of the people just on the glance are facing the wrong way they're facing a wave from the gay yeah. And just like drunk and we battling trying to hook up or whatever motives are. That judgment that's fake offender but see that's it that's that's like its whole different yet I agree with you that is I totally agree with you I. My wife and I three times before we got married we knew we went baseball games. The Mariners games and every single time we're like oh let's get tickets on this night this random night that we talents it was every single time it was posed night in your on your way there and people are like throwing up in the parking lot at 5:30 PM. And then you get inside and it's packed in nobody's wearing any clothes because they're all trying to screw each other deaf and then there in the pandering he beat Mike. Okay I can for mariners came in a game that you know and it is funny so they're watching baseball in the baseball games still happen not everybody was their drinking beer maybe maybe some players are what goes on dug out the fifth but. The steroids mostly. Com Carolina behalf. But yeah I agree with now like I'm Aaron Michael Haiti's people are here for baseball game as a social that they're your for a social credit cheap tickets to a thing in Merrill. Drinking beer too they they wanted to come here to pay nineteen dollars for a beard thing. It and that same type of vibe does not exist in a really I don't see it had to see it and it happens but it's not the same degree at like the Seahawks game or edit or. And his game here Arianna basketball game. RT. Could come back path yes so hum. That hillside boy OK I appreciate how did you who tough it out and now you were fans through the bad times and the diligent. But at the same time come on man all hail the only true fair and ill said boy yet it's not like dom. I'm a Simpsons fan but they've had a twenty consecutive bad seasons but I still consider myself yet. The Simpsons fan systolic the premise of the characters in the loop and the startled minutes they'll get stops the Mariners are the Simpsons of them albeit slowly would consider them to have five good years and I don't know if you can since I think 1995. 2000 line. App that I got paid 2018 super fun idea. Moving on okay. Alex today Alistair says hold up live look on hell man and yet it's frozen. I took the Mariners one hell froze over is founders why in the hell froze over and that's the one gap I get a confuse other podcasts is we do about how good American replied if I can without connote or right. You'll talk about an investment that you can do it live we would have money on the bench yeah no kidding. Okay I guess they didn't have to pay for the second half of far for the eighty games as you spend that could that money back to twelve million dollars sell. So they happen another hour rated this is this is like a theory of down outraged and I think we should discuss it yeah. Absolutely and our buddy mark via who has been fan of the year before yes guys Blake sounder is dubbed him fan of the year like he's a dedicated. Diehard fans get absolutely and he's traveled the time knows his stuff days and he's a fun dude needs a nice guy and a for the Kabul say yeah we've integrated on him I don't know if he listens or not meant that it's. He got into a bit of heated moment something similar to what we can as a Cisco so go all the way back to the US open government sounder stick on Sacramento two weeks ago or whatever was with plea deal player out of the surge are searcher. And the starters played. Very poorly the defense played poorly everybody put it poorly. Except they're shipped get a jungle yet. One of the players had. Somewhat of a worst game in the rest of the players and and our body tweet it out like basically goodbye if he added the guy out of the guy. You need anything you. Tagged the guy in his post and said like basically later your office team but okay self. The question he got a lot of it was a mark our buddy got a lot of flak for this for for having tagged the player so basically I guess be the unwritten code is that if you if you're angry. It's okay to be angry it's okay to talk about his fans but hey these players are doing their best so dog tag them they don't need to see the vitriol and hatred. From their own fan base who they're trying to play foreign who they're trying to like earned their career Mike earn a check in their career. So. The idea is don't tagged the player because. That's just like a big thing to do now. IA did not know that I had a time humid like describes insults me because but I think. You know people. For the most part I worked in a public field where I'm talking two strangers all the time and I'm performing a fiddle like at the let me now. It's not very often I don't like to people come and I mean on the Internet turn off but it happens from time to think outlook messages DM like there's any more chances are people. And now and it's gorgeous to some black does and it like to point that really hurts my feelings 'cause I'm constantly on their engaging people trying to do that I have like very thin skin. And just because like I do a job that is in the publicly does not mean I can handle people being mean and and they have the right to be mean whenever I get where it's coming from early two. Unnecessary. But you gotta have more self control and that to do that but also I didn't know that that's like a specific thing. Is it appropriate that the rest of the fans get mad at him and like go after him for next clue that it upset him as well. Yet yet and that's what and that's I don't know man because I think like. I don't think that just because. Players are public figures. They deserve I I don't think anybody should be there a date on the Internet to each other Riley I don't think we should be like. I if somebody tagged me in there like a branding you suck at writing like hey your podcast sucks. I would be like our stars and comment possibly even if you have no cares give us less terrorism and make me feel better. But they they Sammy says that like I feel that it hurts right right it's what you're talking about just because you're gonna in this position does that mean the you deserve. That I did deserve nobody deserves that right fret so I don't know I'd but at the same time like. The internet's it's free of protected speech he can say whatever you want and he if you wanna say that stuff toward a player than Mike fine I'm sure that they're getting the eighth. Just because you're standing you're surrounded by a bunch of super fans. Like there are people with three followers in following nobody be creative account just to tag that player in sale license division crappy thing now. Well let's be real here I think that you. Young guys not necessarily this guy but like generally speaking young guys are that Britain is a counselor with a can slide into the DMI that's right 'cause that this is really about. I just blew it because I'm looking ahead to take away from mrs. it's perhaps. Lobbying insults at people old directly. And then not to their face. Is and maybe not the right approach no matter how upset you all right and for their job performance or elect constructive either and perhaps that there's a space for. If I I've done this myself I've definitely have been upset with people gone after the emirates reply to people mean when they are jerks to me. Perhaps that there's a space for affirmed apologizing in the end as well. And to it to marks credit he did apologized but he he tagged the player and apologize specifically the players have apologized to people who yet set on the Internet everyone remember that we're human in the were reacting and that if we can taken mixer ten seconds a briefing before we do anything whether. Calling someone out a recent reacting to someone calling someone out or whatever that may be will be a little bit better off. So that's a PSA for this week OK no bull take a break and we'll come back with opponents. That. Not just hydrating and filling up under the immediate need to be better to have this contest goes after repeated every single week all right in the headlines local wit this. Obviously sound is a C needs some support when we look at it so the eight figured DP their Garth fire way has eluded to in previous interviews might finally have a name. So owners SE have been connected to the Peruvian striker role Rudy us who as accident turn it up and we Amex oil in Mexico for last couple years. He's playing in the World Cup with Peru and an announcement seems pretty imminent and so he's departed his league MX team because their season is over yet and and he's on his way to the World Cup. And the transfer window isn't quite open so nothing from the sounder side maybe. Official anytime soon but. It sounds like that buttons are are being buttoned up there and and he will he will be the next big signing on the senators which ten out of ten that determine our room which. With ten out of ten certainty he will get hurt with. These are related not. And they answer it would give the okay of moving up. A promise of the World Cup. Starts on Thursday this is like the least prepared that I feel like it's as they announced for two days out from here to help is on Thursday June 14 and rust. Is this is the first match it's Russia vs some team or just the president it's America's ruled that a tough tough. Yes your first of two centers in the World Cup while they obviously we got to be assessments and we got Ramon Torres sent in with Seton tours of Panama. So your first chance to see is founders player in action is Sweden vs South Korea which is on Monday and eighteenth at 5 AM all be up yeah you will be an. Or Panama vs Belgium which is three hours later on the eighteenth at 8 AM you'll also be psyched I got a finally I will be up I have to apologize to Seattle for the next month it's going to be a lot of lazy. Radio and tons of soccer tuck. The oval live stream going on one of the of the computers that you need to be able to do this stuff down hated him for sure if I'll be like I needed to hit. Broken with a case of streaming the World Cup and it's. And speaking of Panama this is my fear rail lines speaking of World Cup title and as the half and Roman Torres. Is officially the heaviest boy at the World Cup in Russia. Like literally like the late Mike Blair to name they released the stats of every single player in the world cup of like. Height. Wait what club they play floor in the heaviest person at the World Cup is a Ramon Torres Seattle sounder that's the sent her back I hear he's planning to work his way into fitness in the World Cup let's oh good finally for the second half of the season now to be clear the good list boy at the World Cup with it's got to be you. And a little messy marriage is Africa for the world states or minimum salon look great Piaf I imagine that if Myanmar is did he get his fitness together as he'll play Ali I mean he's been he's been back with he he would be played couple friendlies or a couple goals so he's gonna have to mention that the -- to look at looking to the immediate future Wednesday night at 5 PM Pacific time so it'll be 5 PM local time you'll be able to watch from Red Bull arena in Harrison. Here here Jersey is Harrison I am I roadmap on Jerry York red verses sounder airs at siege. That's a 5 PM kickoff and truly a few minutes after that because always is what do we have to look at from the past their brand as a serie a C last season faced them once as the home opener in Seattle in 2017 is a three a long and with goals from Harry ship Jordan Morris and penalties from Clint Dempsey not order because I don't write things properly apparently. And they also one of those goals the Jordan Morse goal which was set up by his double assists from our Jovan Jones in and and nickel Darrow it had to be one of the dirty snow makes my sounder I've ever seen that I Jovan Jones just like turnaround fully pay. Put the ball between a slaves in double assists from fully phased bulls fans thought Jordan tomorrow if they are doing the Joba Jones over Jozy. So. 31 as those aren't very have a history of 31 wins over and over new York and home openers even Selassie was the it was the home opener for Seattle. And then you added the document I'll never forget because I had moved to Seattle yet I was like in negotiations to get this job and all wanted to do was guess now understand. And I watched the very first match ever in 2009 between senators that seek the New York Red Bulls here at home it's a truly field. Was sentenced to cup one as well he had it was a 321 result do so. I don't think we're gonna have to dig very deep for the for the Crystal Pepsi ball this week after a if it. Can call so. When we are looking to. For tomorrow's match retirement travel were talking about to meet a week naturally coming off of a ton of momentum for having a couple good calls if you had to guess who do you think the hero is going to be for Seattle senators FC. Odd man I think neagle Darrow so so. Anecdote. Right so would all the funny when all the Femi Martin's I used to play if it's honors he was left off with a Nigerian. World Cup squad. Back in in 2014 right. It to the media he said that's okay I'll play my own World Cup here in CO. Which then he went on to have like amazing formed during that during that time. So I'm hoping that would Darrow channels that same like chip on your shoulder attitude right in comes back to Seattle and just like. Burns believed viewed by I I think you'll come back in just in just go Norway it's as though they go full Gilbert and locked themselves in the damp basement and write sad bastard music for the next half past six years. Haley says did right at him as did fifth and then the kiss of the series because need to look there I think is going to be. I think that can be a two or maybe sneak to the it could be Victor Rodriguez if you play is getting sixty it is in the announced Saturday I don't know what his fitness did not look merely. He developed nearly up to speed here to complete with the team at all this season like I was shocked when he was announced in the in the starting eleventh so. I wanna see Clint Dempsey have a really good match can I thought he was excellent. On Saturday he and he took a lot of attempts include that awesome back till I'd actually like to I'd like to see it be Clint Dempsey as the man. I would also take that'll can keep heaving great again that Clint Dempsey strikes me as like he's been quietly good lately like he's been quietly good but Clint Dempsey is not like a quiet good player you know like without him being. Obnoxious league did. He's not gonna make people happy right so I think you're right I think Clint Dempsey if he has a big game this week it'll do a lot for him and will do a lot for the fan base who do a lot for people so and the same same chip on the shoulder the US and rational team doesn't qualify for the World Cup another display and all the kids trying to figure what the next iteration is going to be looked good against France and watch but. Of the unit was on fire with how did the US kids looked. Com so for Dempsey to be the old guy that didn't make the World Cup with his squad that may be could be a little bit of like. Little homeowner going on right are it's not fear I guess at that point because a guy who it's a guy who has performed in three World Cup's in the performed excellently and author of that the little Mo yeah obviously out the right maybe he'll. He'll be able to step up as well so the bill and we're we're looking at New York Red Bulls. A one name I know for certain who it just who murdered the league two years ago is probably right Phillips yes still good still good gag he's he's he's guys like is always dead. But. Always is overlooked as one of the best players in the league because he's not the biggest name right. But he's a guy who has always been so. He's always dangerous he's he's good in the air. His goal the one goal against the senators in the the rebels' game last season was a brother or Phillips hatter like stunning off the crossbar. Really good really good goal successful family to manage because a lot of disarm Wright Phillips and today. So it and it comes naturally he was. After a couple seasons ago he scored the goals and boast being paid nothing yet has landed himself a decent country rebels picked up the spores Joba season has also were talking about a team who who is successful as of late. Is doing well in. In the Eastern Conference this season. So the other fourth in the east right now you have got two matches in hand and their seven points back to first so really they're not. And more importantly they're two games in hand over New York City FC. And just like with behind some really with two win could be second to discipline so it's a darn about against Seattle as well it's before her who knows what's gonna happen defense at least has been good for Seattle so hopefully that'll. A continue to hold true yes I think the villain has Bradley Wright Phillips in the top back monocle. It's so until deal too long didn't listen to much battling if you skipped all the way to this point of the podcast just woke up in your careless. Mine this is still go here's. Here's what you missed. Robot toys is a big boy he is the biggest boy for all roll Rudy is can be the eight figure DP hope. And who knows how much money were giving him and of we're saying his camera. Hopefully get the right DP also via and the Mariners are looking like they're having their hottest. He's been in years out related to soccer. So. Special Pepsi ball what do you see for this week here are for the Wednesday match up Arnold three Warren to come and go 31. Might as well I am because I'm lazy mostly in don't want to a lot of product I'm still so mad at this Seattle centers for sending stuff on Friday up to try and equalize the couple matches ago. I think he's gonna show us I think he's gonna score not one. But to.