So, You're In Seattle - 054: Joe Hammill Summits Mt Rainier

Joe Hammill and a team of pals gathered their collective strengths to attempt one of the most difficult adventures I've ever heard. Rarely have I underestimated someone's journey any more than this, and owe everyone who's ever attempted this another notch of respect. Falling six and half stories down an ice crevice seems like about the worst, the idea of walking across one on a ladder made my stomach sink. This story is epic, emotional, and simply sensational. Please take your time and enjoy.


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And it was about that time they got really really excited Stewart looked at me any finally stopped to let me know there is a bridge coming up with a letter on it. And he has paid jokes that don't this up at six and a half stories calf but he's still rebel these next group. And now from the legendary studio agreed so your NCAA. At all whizzed Gregor. Don't know until Hamel or may really long time when I first moved to Seattle closer like every day is what you can see my dog that was staying at a friend's house and I there may domain. Dover unlike. Who's in Gannon holing out I got from Marco I don't even know yet enjoyable that my original interview for Ellison isn't anywhere in your for a long time now he's off doing. We're still handle things which is all some including us scooter loading it up and now most recently. And I just because it's a little walk up to stop now right there are no big deal. I'm rude passengers know how that went one store looks how to raise money for Fred Hutchinson cancer research collections and tactic so what does that now. Before we get to anything really important to. I have to know you just flew San Francisco to see no effects there too lazy to even leave San Francisco now so you had to go to them. Where they just as good as you want them to be remembered them being as you would expect from fifteen year old guys. Yeah it is illustrators you know every forty year old that was in the crowd was thirteen forget half an hour and is amazing is that about us about what was. Five years ago when they played down on fifth there really am I thinking cap theater you have no longer there thanks tore down to build and a monotone as the towers. Yeah well also I was there. And I remember looking around be like all these people were at the show with me ten years ago when I went out at fifteen years ago and like it's all the same people that still go to the shows and and see like a ton a new kids or anything on that I was like oh this weird the only new thing that I saw this punk rock show vs any other show that lasting effects or. You know any of these advanced. I saw statistic now low and it ruined mine tired. Of our buddy John Manley tolls on the lonely bull met that's my favorite. Description and I'm Aaron actually pass that along to some of my fellow San Franciscans are down there and let him know about the loan apple took on don't. Sell these stick to show me. Some circumstances where I would understand where it like. You could turn into something cool like if you're jumping out of a plane and you attack twenty or helmet in the net like takes pictures of you flying down okay great public. You don't need at a concert is you're at a concert discover the content and if if you don't need that win here. You know what the whatever electrical Las Vegas whoever's gonna personal plenty of them there yet I don't want pictures of myself but the concert though either I wanna be red up there. And you know did you know every blemish on fat might face you know I want that's the that's the federal Iowa is his silly. Mohawk and you know and Eric Melvin L those guys and a policy that remember where I was at that point of view yes I don't TVX look at me. And that guy kind of behind me. On stage you know it's fascinating you've always been against excellent pictures impose them bureau adventures that you have a news right now that's full of adventure can bring a little effect I mean to what were really ultimately talking about here about this for anything. But you have the luxury of going back and seeing eye to post a picture of us at Lollapalooza. Several of the five years ago and we all sold Jong I know is an insane is re happy of it's 02. To have that advantage Regis take pictures thing you can immediately trigger a bunch of memories is pretty cool to build it back on ninth. There's certain things and I've done in my life from a ash and it just so stupidly forget these things that was sort of taken a picture himself a Vietnam. Which is. Odd because the new on this gigantic adventure up Rainier and you don't have time to be taking a look at pictures and your editor hustle and NASA that. All okay so. You will terrain memory needs some of the mountaineers went the distance. And when you set out to do this it wasn't a year and a half ago that you decided you were going to do this thing it was just. Yeah by design. I did set out to do. Marion years in 2016 in my mind. Around October of last year I was coming in shape and this is my life goal I'm gonna do that form forty for a bucket list stuff announcer and getting out. You know realizing you know my agent nine units are chickens and things often and in order to be able to do them successfully. And with the least amount of you know my resistance my own personal human body getting old and yeah presser. So I started the training process and it was really like a slow process of like things like. Just started stretching and started doing little to roll around the floor and as a surrogate in the the body moving in and and thinking about adding things. Every day or every week or month or whatever. So then fast forward to April. So just four months ago. The elect that have a couple months of training in for you know my own personal goals but. Relatively speaking hours. A fat you know like that I was in bad shape by. A heck I was like going up the hills here in Seattle I was having a hard time when breathing and I just was kind of biking here in there and just Tenet. I still had a year in my brain to do marrying her so I wasn't like anywhere in years there was no fire up your ass wasn't jumping up and counting gonna go do it tomorrow so. That's about win mutual friend of arguably his bid on your part as well Kevin Zeljko. It up a group of people via text message or either in person or whatever I can remember how it happened but it was instant I said. Jerk but still quite hot. I'm so jealous looking under the legal process now I'm like I want to call me FF FF FF series again I mean. Most of the train for a year most people train their entire life and do this. Type of climb religiously they do it. You know on the weekends they. That every weekend they're gone with a ten to receiving back in their off somewhere that out to tune in and having a good time and that's its thing and nobody in our team that sign up and said okay. Was act. Nobody I sent him hid we had zero mountaineering experience as far as the guys on our team and some were you at the time yeah yeah I mean. He does daily news documentaries about climbing mountains but there's a lot of them and then a lot of on the door and very well so and you know. Immediately that whole process with Kevin and the end and the back story to it was. Yeah in the distant future. 2016 we seem like a long ways away I was gonna incrementally get myself to the point where I thought I could be in the best possible shape to attempt to summit Mount Rainier. Kept him yep. Eight months in advance of mine my plan and said Halen do it because. A Fred hutch in Iowa give money back to the people save my life. Yes a Kevin as a recent he just beat cancer recently non hodgkin's lymphoma yet but it was a non hodgkin's mild news. Yeah either way it was cancer and it was going to be. A bomber and he was able to come out of that victorious and it was through the wonderful doctors at Fred hutch and the human he received and he already given some money. Donations had been raised for his fortieth birthday where they've actually donated 25000. Dollars from one night event that happened. In February for his birthday. And seeing the results of that donation of 25000 dollars firsthand Kevin was able to go and see what they were doing with the drug they bought since Hewitt they can do treat colon cancer in. It just crushed like he was so happy. He you know he's broke out in tears in Indy is just it's a elated you know nothing to me in happier than seeing that instant gratification of money well spent right and so he wanted to do it again annually to go bigger. Any wanted to do it on Mount Rainier with. Another caveat to that we were gonna take a 27 pound MLS supporters shield. Let us because why not make it as hard as possible. You know what other things that are 27 pounds and try to think of so to them like that they can relate to having Billick picked up and carry around for the day I think. Just about three gallons of milk. Put that your backpack and a go for eight I don't know of to day hike that would happen yeah. A small flat screen television yeah Africa. I mean what for charters. FF FF and that but to put to Jefferson to be she's got a look at. Let's let's not to just decide Blake. But it's people must've been like what are you thinking tips go in four months and goes summit Rainier with no experience mountaineering yeah Enola the bottom line wasn't really at that point. Early on about. Achieving the summit goal. Obviously it was a fundraisers so. Kevin put out and induces. Asked of 40000 dollars for our team to raise from the us we had seven dat studios. No and just so happened that it wasn't who do you guys are the ones that just jumped in and answer in just like of the drugs is the big guys team or whatever. And yes so everybody was responsible for raising is a little over 5000 dollars a cover. This this experience and make a sizable donation to for a touch and you know. The due date hits when we all accepted this was only six weeks away CF six weeks to effectively raise six and a half grand apiece yet. Their wits. Which luckily. We you know we worked out some things and end in management so that we could. Continue with our training continue with fundraising and not have the financial burden up front so Witten. Thinks of that the fundraising team over Trent Hunter go to. You know basically. Make it work and in continues to draw with does that mean that they had to then put up the money for you now are now it was it was just that knowing that we had an ambitious task. They gave us maybe you know a little bit extra time to bump the cash call yeah that's I mean it wasn't there was any special treatment it was a site. We understand what you're doing is kinda crazy. We gave you every possibility to succeed so that's right that's abated as. Manso. You can see you can spend forty grand you're gonna raise forty grand to do to this month. Mean it would begin to look I don't know what the cost is to go up the mountain to get geared to do that you guys are new to mountaineering in the must've been huge cost you then had to tick on yourself oh yeah honor so there was a cut there's a couple things and not toward plug businesses that are allowed to apply it to come feathered friends offered us a super discount for. In your car rentals that we needed which is cramp bonds and sleeping bags and heavy jackets and you know any of the things that we did. Possibly need that they would have been in stock. We got the super great discount for renting from them. Pull out played a sense the team that was taking us up that's the big guide service they offered us wonderful pricing on all the stuff that we rented. And you know granted I think I had part of the highest bill because I just wanted to have the slightest pack because heads and a couple of heist before. And I mean it was out of pocket still costs eats two climbers you know between seven and a thousand dollars out of pocket to just 2 o'clock which is. On par for if you're gonna do describing yourself and so. It's how people do you needed a group to be able to do do that's what of the what was the name of the to figure out how venison. And out on a sense wants to take a group op that do probably every weekend throughout the summer. I mean I don't think that they have a limit line. The minimum verses the maximum it and there were at it depends on Rico I mean these guys they had. Usually an eight me and I've climbed team in and to guide at bull Ford ads or twelve total humans would co op and that was based on. And you know people might not make. You know they might have the turnaround on the map now you see you have to have the ability to send it back where a guy. OK so mom or you know other arrangements which we didn't have to. Really deal with a lot of those things but. I do you know there's other dads services out there than do larger groups but for you know. The most part you know three to four people on a rope. And you know climbing up at the same time in some kind of just have these little. Yet sub groups within your big groups are really just depends I mean there's people out there that do independent climbs solo. There's fuel loads it up to their body and you know music independent like literally solo yeah you just checked in in the Czech public are yes you get your behavior pass and you stop dithering is stationed in check and in you that you become little bag at. Which is once clear one's blue and basically just like your puppy dog if you got to go number two you got to pick it up and area. And in so do you check in your little thing in and card. Basically easier your past time to go do this this climb these are guys like about a mile and looked like the missing your past. There was suspected deaths. I didn't get hit up by this guy very that but Kevin and it turns out good did it had about this guy and now we have and I think its own dialogue but it's just a little identification cards saying. That I can climb the mountain or whatever and as my signature on it more not minimum. And it's really simple but like an and so on there's a different look is favor whatever they give you at the end of your height you stop by gatherings station in this little box that's. Available 24 hours of the day. And you drop name. Scene there like a punch cards. And and no you don't have to go looking for an amount because you've dropped after these papers saying you've made to complete its are going to back down to about the guy who forgot to do that. And that's the three international court upheld then I'm sure hope you leave a phone number to the bombing of phone service zero there were there is zero I sent a text message to my mom from base camp when we got their Saturday. Because for a split second had three G you ramming something just went went through that there is virtually nothing affairs Forest Service. What's the training like what did you do to turn for the thinks that you were so rushed. Well. I started out like I said just Ted Jensen on her around and and I found a personal trainer that I really liked. Over on Westlake and I was working out two days a week with this gentleman in and Andrea right. Seen great results and have a good time and I also started seeing a chiropractor to just kind of work on some mobility. Which which really helped with just recovery and suffered as well with that heavy lifting and and stuff so I started out really is just gonna simply adding things adding things adding things over time. Biking to work which is about an 88 mile round trip not a big deal that our commitments of the open over Dexter to get a little bit more aggressive on. Saw his bike into work about three to five days a week depending on the weather which luckily it's been fantastic and then you sign up for the summit of Mount Rainier I know about it. I prefer us to trade for a and then you know doing. Gradually. Leading up till about the end of June I was just kind of doing this working out hitting trails on the weekend. I climbed mailbox with 45 pounds of water in my backpack. And question we had a bad back could have been harder than some spots of rain here. And mailboxes are pretty aggressive build trail on pretty aggressive climb. I did outside I do is browse snake I did. You know Irvin hikes around town did stairs until I was tired of a downstairs sure. But every day I tried to do something that was going to benefit mean on the climb so. And a lot of that also was my diet and you know Stanley from happy hour and Hugo. All those things that you know me I likely be back and I saw was the biggest asking that we have are there and end you know kind of could sit a strange coincidence is we're taking the analysts Porsche with us right so you know on the big Sanders and a number on dollar games and drinking beer and am from a failure as Joseph here -- the guerrilla outfit for gorilla see for the first three seasons. And so you know I mean I enjoy my season tickets and I enjoy hang out my friends and I think the biggest sacrifice time in the training was I was not going to games now because I went. Climbing I went to find of placing it's an altitude and and to do some training. And traded my beer drinking days of the centers matches for getting out out on doors and doing something out outside the cities and I was I was pretty difficult. But later on in in July it was when it canopy. In July asserted and doing rowing on the water with a crew over at south lake union crew. Fantastic. For teamwork and for carrion and everything else I never thought about how the team work could be affected. After climbing a mountain gas team Nancy you're a boat and if you not swinging with everybody in rowing at the same time the votes is. Carrie want this is not fun. And when you're on a rope and you're tied to him in front of you and a man behind union not in sync with them. It feels like a Tug O war it's the worse and it's like being. Ripped forward and backward and everybody's you know kind of out of sync and you can rip somebody off the mountain is spots up there that. Are very unforgiving in if you make a bad step. You're going down six and a half story crass so that is it definitely was a great thing that I did. And not just for the work opera just for them being able to be present with. You know how it feels to be working as a team to try and create that complete unison appease. Why I mean I'm I'm freaked out and collect. My stomach just dropped to the hole. Yes it's it's it's it's the most amazing. And at times it was the most terrifying thing admired them. K so when you April whatever it is a movement deeply decide you're gonna do this now. A one is Cisco incremental point every problem I April you're trying to you're gonna do this and how to fill out. I feel like it's not gonna happen that boosting. I thought that it. Seem real player and he has to make a very unrealistic goal financially is in the generous realistic goal as far as my health and you know I talked to people around me in their like you're crazy. You're not get this you should've started seven months ago yeah I mean yeah. I talked to people Rodgers that was the U that was native but. Justified yes oh totally totally and you know I know. Three of five people that have tried to summit in the years I've been Seattle and had to get turnaround because of weather because of whatever and I didn't think necessarily. That a 100% of our trips success lied upon our financial and our personal training part of it. You're also climbing a mountain. In the most wild wild scenarios so like. Who knows what the weather was gonna bring I mean we climbed on. We started their climb on August 15 and August 14 the Hazmat remember. Was in our early monsoon thunder and lightning storm and rain in craziness and turnaround every hiker that was up on the mountain that. So we were. A day shy of you know so southern Gaza failure not no no don't you show up neck and neck and its debt. Thank back Kennison air pollutants that if that happens next year sorry head. Next here refund you know I didn't read the details outlets and the dessert people and I guess I was his Gannett. We developed a chance to you know those so in April of this thing an analyst thing that I get put in all this effort at a perilous time and energy. We can raise them all these funds for a wonderful cause. And you know the personal goal of getting to the top of the mountain. Might not be the final goal that might it might not be the thing happened in myself to accept that oh yeah I mean there's. There's a lot of stuff that you know that I mean think about dosing worried about that happened we got up there. Moving into an event you know yeah I just I. I didn't train be anxious her there have. Fear about and don't possibility of not succeeding I just thought about getting myself to the point where. I knew that if that is if this afternoon is there's going to be a ligament best effort. Affects. The world point this summer did you feel you were flatly cure. Do your best you're ready you're peak by the end of July. Soda now and July 8 23 weeks before Eastwood out and then and then I and then I tapered off everything a little bit to start letting my body start to heal. Letting nick still doing my biking to work still doing. My work outs with a trainer and my work out to homes so you know I still doing about a seven days a week. You know regiment but I in July I was that. Three to four work out today. And weekend trips and then backed off to just like. Back to work worked out of the jam. Crunches push ups and ups all those things on my own time. And die so asserted kind of felt good I have certain of my body. Gets some rest before you can ask for it to do something really tough. At this point. Ended July. Do you feel like we're gonna do this. Or he still are able to keep level on. IA in no way it is hard for me to kind of like keep a level head because it ended July I was thinking and what else to I have to get a copy you know what I have to do like them it's two more weeks until we're doing this thing like you know a couple of the guys you know. We were all kind of in limbo some guys were. We're finding out one of our guys that was gonna climate does he was not able to to take the extra days off so he was gonna have to turn around half with the mountain no matter what. Even if he if he is able to go on or not. He had to catch a flight home to be back at work on Monday morning so that was a real bomber. You know that that was a real setback in a way as far as morale because we wanted to team to be together moving we did this you know. The the the urgency to start putting together all of our year. With certain senate. Making sure had the right socks and underwear and the right you know accessories and realizing I'd rather just rent the right things lingo and buy stuff and maybe never use it again so you know those stresses were what kind of overwhelmed me verses the we're doing this kind of thing and also throwing in a couple of more you know and fundraising things we had on you know. Actually not. Ballet but you know earlier on in the month of July you know we had a we had the US woman's wrote covered through little party and we raised about a thousand dollars over Tuscan Trotter down on topic canyon this wonderful. We did a stair climb before Mariner's game where we raised a few hundred dollars and that was fantastic and we did you know before Sanders match. To raise money word and work members are team would Terry shields up and over a set of stairs. And people at Romanian docket until possibly together it's always at the cycling exactly exactly is right next to him his. And I hope this will not turf we stated we stayed away from Leo amateur for that he's got a he's got a wonderful cause of his own he's out there you know representing an. Yeah we we got some good help with the friends ever Peerman Al house and then and we are down outside of the ninety's actually before the the sound is match. That we can and forget realist but yeah. So you know at this point we're trying to for the faint final touches on. Just getting the money locked in getting ourselves in the final places that we need to be in making sure we have all the gear you know. And because on August 14 we have to show up with at 2 o'clock and everything we plan to bring up the mountain with us and the name it's like boot camp though like that's not Dolan that's not going. What has been on Unita this and that the other thing like it's tomorrow so what's her up. Do you go back to the city to get. I think there at the headquarters are on alert went in so luckily we didn't have to go see soft and that there on yeah this is an area on their life a dummy you're going REI right now. Yeah I had I'd go get you need a couple rules of this tape to. Cover blisters or union you know suns trainer you know it's the silly things you don't think about. Batteries definitely something that I should have thought about who sedan and I was a little bit. When you would you leave from do you leave as a team from here do you two drove to base camp somewhere but typically that's what happens UV from. The officer of whether it be out by a sense international or or or any of the other wonderful climbing agencies that take guided tour is up. Some of them are down near the mountain is camps at the step for us and in our. Case we met at Alpine percent to international and there's a van and a cargo trailer behind it and we threw everything in there and you grab their costs here whatever the heck we're gonna you know try and you know and sip on while we're on our way down there with butterflies in the stomach. And yet they take you down like it in in and in a van you know may take him. Magma McGregor rock Bangalore and a show you know Asia did in the back ever discuss figures in the trailer so. But some of our guys were coming from different things in and one of the guys that and Pakistan had to fly out so he drove himself. I'm and then another gentleman. Which. Sidebar you think it's crazy that in four months this team of seven was gonna primary near will one of our guys. Jonathan. Actually did the wonderland trail. After Mount Rainier in the wonderland trail is 161000. Plus vertical feet of different terrain. Basically it's like climbing one and a half mountaineers. It's 96 miles of trail and he basically. Mean you know after our trip was over was going to start with one day's rest walking around the shoulder of the days of memory. Yeah I would just a backpack through whatever. LC that like less. Life on the line but really a more demanding it sound I mean I mean I guess when your on the wilderness like that in their life on the line factors is always there because. The we're talking to him on the trail about summit they just found the body of that suffered from the me up there a year ago. So. Now says things like that all the time and I mean you're out there mutate RS no matter what so at what point. That day of the year headed out to the do you feel like. All right and what point do you feel like. Whole tournament. I think the holy moment was from the tie my alarm clock went off for him. Look my little. Which it wasn't so nice that it was early because I went to bed early the night before made sure I got my did the best dressed like possibly yet but waking up. Getting in the car and heading to you know could jump in the man and out I sensed was when I was like holy. It's today and what is this. The senate Saturday August 15. Incident you know any in the car a year in your driving down and and it's just like summer camp. Karr fully do its tone stupid stories and trying to distract ourselves basically from the idea that we're gonna answer climbing a mountain. You know I think the only doubt we're gonna kind of mountain so right India I mean the butterflies were there probably from the from the night before after we got our Giricek competitors into bed and ms. You know from from Friday night when it was like well this is this is that point and never termer doing this were Golan back everybody's here holy cow we're doing that's. Then and that that was a real freak out moment I mean that was. You know wealth to the new one of two eyes can you are really really really great or it's going to be. Humbling and and maybe even pretty sad day if we don't. Accomplish Cisco knew what I talked about. Hiking group who point which is now in eighty minute hike and that's nice on your home can find and yeah I asked again you're climbing a mountain. Yeah I mean that it yet here it. Best case scenario you're still prior three hour drive from any kind of rescue. Or medical attention if you have an issue. What does it when you drive up in the van. He's a point where you have some serenity and you're like aren't. I don't think I had any serenity until after we got to base camp honestly on you know. There was a there was a time when so first it was just a bunch of us knuckle heads should retire when. And tones to the stories and I think it was that moment when the guides got him with us because we picked him up a little bit closer to the mountain. And in the guide top in the van. All of a shut. Everyone of us or you're quiet as a mouse like. And I think that was probably the moment we're allied. Well mr. price stoppers stupid stories disease geyser. The real deal right these guys are these guys and you know awesome mountain climbing aside this is bass party when it got pretty real. A fun little story about one of the they're guides. And now they're all fantastic any Patrick. Brian. Disarm Stewart and Troy were all amazing gadgets. The song was a woman from Nepal. Who is on Everest when the quake happened. And that was. Oh whoa nice. Whatever I'm doing to our own today nothing. This woman just sat you know at base camps on Everest to win. You know the world is crumbling her and her feet basically you know. Henry. Part of the hardest thing it has to talk about. This woman was false is so amazing in that. She's part of a three woman team that was the first all female team to ever summit K two witches. And and reasonably. And forgiving in May using. You know there's movies about that you know there's movies about those those adventures going bad so. That was. I was pretty crazy her and you know the rest of the team and they sat in there you could dot presence was felt. That are you know. While these these people it is the mountains for fun. The still adventurers the still hounds a spirit of and the ticket seriously I'm sure of yet basics and I mean you're still there there's no need to climb this mountain now. Except for your own. And so and then they're helping other people find that certain. So. I just find it I don't know if you're walking a fine line to try and like loosen up and like B. Light about a little bit but without not taking it seriously. Did you have to like walk that line with the a little bit. And they were pretty fun and lighthearted group and jokes jokes started coming around and him we started screwing off and haven't I am and he conversations but it. You know Stewart was RR the leader of the our group. An older gentleman who is not Scottish. And he is former. British special forces so it. He hit view is that his his jokes are of a different nature. Professor at that. And we actually joked about a drinking game we're gonna play with him after every time we talked about it really horrible accident or somebody dying mountain. Think at that Atkins people seemed death via Maria I mean think all the I don't think all of them analysts I don't I don't I don't think that we sat around in and had that conversation in depth but I. I'm shares that are a few of them had seen some pretty horrible. Hole yeah. So you drive you pick up the guides where's the words the first stop that you make it. Where you have arrived and prisoners seized up at paradise that's the first three of us. And when we arrived at paradise is not unlike when I did my first practice hike to camp here. From a month prior. You know I was over castor clout basically is that though the air was cold and wet like you're like a marine layer or like quicken up at the ocean there. You know it's sad it's at the needs of burn off so that he can enjoy the day right. And so that's what it was like he couldn't see anything above you know a few me Butterfield the trail and you know kind of cold that you didn't wanna put too much stuff fun and just getting out of the vehicle them. Scattered or trying to put our brains together make sure not leaving his mean that's the point me like you know when you leave your apartment in Seattle and united. Where's my keys where's my sunglasses where's my wallet where is my cellphone. Well when you're getting rating go climb up a mountain you're like your your checklist it's a little hole hunkering you get a little bit nervous about forgetting something so. We were doing a lot of that. Can every checking ourselves. And loading up on food fair and you know before we are going up and all those kind of little things that yet. You just kind of have to do beaches. We in north how we're doing when you go to that. Trial on the base camp and is that by yourself. On the you know that's not even something like you it's something and people recommended dim because it's 101000 feet you wanna see if you get headaches and things. But I went with my body Johnson and he. He narrowed or were on the team together and we just society go to begin acclimated so reading go buy ourselves some guys have done by themselves. On the we wanted to go up into an overnight religious tan. Yeah and raised it overnight Aaliyah Aaliyah was fun and the women up there and did that it was it is. It was a really and informative. And B I just so happened and no a team of guys are going up the same day and we just lucked out so I got to learn from their experience. And I'm watch them go up and try to some. Ally now they do it and make it. And I doubt was the most daunting thing because. The that this was a group of guys that worked out in my gym personal trainers. You know chiropractor massage therapist five guys that just. They wake up and have a bowl of pushups for breakfast you know like these guys. Our. Does that run fifty mile cross country. Things for fun. They do you know traffic on state these to his. Ride hundred miles on the buy you know on Tuesday and and a they failed. And it wasn't their fault of this and whether. Whether and some sickness. Some people were doing with some altitude sickness and that was. Seeing them come back and seeing that the defeated. Look at their Ryan and in the fact that the buyers are so fatigued. On their forget ormat bodies Jason is assess how was that he has it was a once in A lifetime opportunity. And never offended and Ariane. Peppers like wow and this guy you know five days that it did at the trap for. Suspect at the did you feel that. First trip up to the base camp hell I thought I felt great I felt great the first trip up I felt really really strong. But I also slapped and also got a chill out there and relax and and yet even those windy like 35 for him our gas and it was like. Tween degrees outside and you know it was morally and hard to concentrate on and and focus on sleeping because my. My friends are up on the mountain Mon China's sleep in this nasty weather in in my. Holy cow this is insane you know and and and bill as far as my body. Those sore after it came down on them or is it. It's about 5000 feet. I don't know mileage but it took about fourth quarter hour expressed ago. So it's about. The same amount of time off hiking is like doing outside and kind of thing. Round trip and a roundtrip side. Maybe on that it's and you knew you start out as secretary on the union you're dodging. Families and their own carrying big bags of potato chips and Coca colas and whatever else and they just beyond a little Sunday night. I'm and then immediately you get to. A snow field and then it's and then it's people trying to make it to the base camp and it's a little bit more. Intense wolf the different situation has now I can through snow. Do you think personally if I went out today to trying to to base camp that I can do it. I think you could yeah. And so it's not. This is not the biggest tests now it's ironic that it's I didn't really have a great sample of how hard you're gonna have to work. It it's not a great sample unless she do with weight so if you went up there. So here's the thing you've got guys that are going it like a snail's pace but they've got 55 pounds of weight on their back because they got there their shelter their food. And everything that they need as far as. I gear. You know ropes. Anchors Terry readers all those things on them that they can make some minutes. And then you've got guys that like us we just get off the couch and goes let's assume it looks like upper Marion Europe paradise or can't mere. And there in tennis shoes and you know athletic shorts and name might have brought ready for the way down and a couple of pars so. You have. A variety of different kind of climbers and sometimes you see people going up there was he's having a couple of turns and on the way down. Or sleds I saw people who are on the way down on the lens. Yeah so. So it really is. It really is. It really is a challenge at weight you know if you have a packed full if if your. If she's going up there it's kind of like a really really long climb by its. It's doable a super doable I think that. I don't think that anybody. Most people would that they can do hi Karen and yourself especially when have a problem with getting. People opens van signature. Trailer behind you whatever. You get out what's the feeling when you step foot on that and look around two fronts. A look at. Mostly I was just anxious that was anxiety was my biggest feeling I think of most of the time as I wanted to get. I wanted to get to base camp in dispute with a unpack and relax. In Paris. I knew I can get to cam here a done irony here and I just wanted to get there again and be dumbed down leg because. It's just a long hike its you know four. And I knew that I his way to get past that one spot I knew that I wanted to. I wonder whether Europe that was one of those is anxiety about getting to the spot. Knowing what it looked like above the clouds and just kind of I'm wanting to be. There was was my my immediate thoughts my immediate feelings weren't sites tickets to the spark or work I've done this. At the same time. Then I had this motto that I kind of adopted earlier ominous thinking about how is going to approach the mountain and it was also hey you know be in the moment here and step by step inch by inch just. Just pace yourself. May make your way up there and it's not a race I mean it's it's it's gonna take. The whole time you know it. It's not about ran up to stop Madonna coming back down no bonus points for ending early right exactly so that was for me is. Trying to harness the anxiety and just keep. On keep on point with what the overall goal is that mr. keep as much reserve manages possible for the two industry. Yup they're on Saturday at what time do you get out of the van. We got out of the then a little after 945. Finish dating. Precedent in U mile and a two base camp yet takes is a little while we're kind of I think everybody was a little bit like. Excited. To shoveled there's a whole bunch of different emotions you're waiting on some people that are driving separately up. And so you know we got a little bit of a late start so 45 minutes I think we are tinker around and regular staff together and you know it was the film is like. It was like a budget fifth grade boys you know as I guy gaga about the real quick goal line you know I'd. Does not really focus at all it was really funny and then now we found a certain headed up the trail. I'd really close to 1045 I think or 1 o'clock and and I and that took. Every minute of five hours for us to take it from. Paris based. At this point of the guides being like tech. Distressing dear little bit they're little strict and you know we. A lot of guys didn't have this at the bank yes or shall we pop out of the clouds to salute. So we we did get wonderful weather like I since we got above 8000 feet ish somewhere in there. It was just this giant mountain look at it in Iraq I'd never in the top of it from the snow fields thought I mean everyone of us was just. In on a warning to take photos and warning to. Just look are browned and you know getting warm so when you drop layers and the thing was as we had these breaks scheduled so it was like. Climb for our ticket ten minute break have some food have some water. Rescue legs and then at exactly ten minutes are what they want our backpacks on anyway that's going back up the mountain so. It was very very. Planned like it was to the minute like we got to keep because we wanna get there and then maximize the amount of time you have after dinner to rest for the next couple minutes. And we were just Nino eyes. Just why it is can be like wow look at this and that you know you have all these glaciers and you have just. And yeah. Can we look at the don't let up. Now I don't made eye is isn't it I mean. It's hard displayed I mean you get the perfect view of this mountain that you're going to try to make it to the top. And you can't help or just drop your job stare at the top of me tonight. And I'm gonna cause and that thinking but it's an antenna robot pulling that he's moving well luckily we got roped in yet now the one thing is we're not hold anybody else up and ourselves at at some. Respect but. You know. We're workers were doing a 360 view is like holy cow look at that and you know at this time you can barely see the top of mount saint helens you can see mount Adams. You can see. I think it's called go rocks. And you can kind of see Mount Hood and so you know how hard is it to keep focused when you liked. You're seeing big been tired you know cascade mountain range behind you is like but you have to go forward yeah just what terra take a picture five seconds you know like. Yeah I'm not but that's driving my car around Rainier national park just driving in being a call to the public swerving chemicals. And there it is again dad does is put Kelly and MM yeah so it was an end in it was beautiful because it was honesty there this year clouds because we just. Out of so resist and you know just clouds across the top of just everything in the Indies these peaks jumping I don't know where. So yet analysts that was that was a pretty fantastic you know I think in yet we weren't organized and they were starting to you know we got to certain point where they're like OK here's how has that happened guys. We we climb in and stop in the climb if verification or stop equipped. The union to rest and you get food in like they knew what our bodies needed and if we win listened to them we weren't gonna make it means so. That's basically how I had to be and we tried to keep keep on. But it judging you at this point to seek kind of do you think that you obviously aren't fancied another hit they're watching you to see like okay disperse and as the one on the block by the mixer are on the put myself in line in the spot because that person's gonna need some ask can slot I'm sure that they know that advance in Indian under there obviously we don't sleep together like we don't hang out together once you're ticked. Certain areas a camp. And sure that they have those conversations. About us now and who watching student who may or may not be the one I might joke. With the team was I think before we got out of the van or before. And it might have been just in passing in and not by to a whole team but I as I wonder if the Dominican bats on whose can make. You know prove they're gonna have to pull out of a crevasse think we know trying to be funny about morbid stuff like that. I'm a big fan of trying to pass things with of making light of the yet that yet. So because sue giving you the key statistic every minute of five hours to get to the camp so what happens that. Well on says. You know we most of estimated. It the exact same time. And then you know as we mentioned everybody Kevin you know and just getting over. Beating cancer himself. It was a it was a hard climb form uses. You know is is an ambitious task for anybody in in good health and and and some is it. Literally I think. Wrapped up baldness treatment he trying to about his mission in February and within two months. He unify arises treatment and decides income amounts are. His body was pretty pretty tired because it's used another year and on in the twenties he's team had so. On being you know he he needed a little more time to get to the top so. As we dumped all over stuff in the bunk house that we are staying in. The the team just kind of we have the grab some water grab some snacks and we just kind of waited for our body to come up the mountain. You know here's our here's our captain his or they're and it got to solve. To this point in we wanted to welcome him to camp Mears and his repair itself. I'm not kind of happened for that point while the rest of the dads that are preparing dinner. At that point you know already that Kevin's bombing it. I didn't never crossed my mind that that he might not be able to to do a spoiler alert. Kevin and making up half the size of the debt so it didn't cross my mind you losing dinner and to go very far from. I I didn't think I was gonna make it so I didn't really judge anybody else's ability I mean there were guys. That were. You know of all different shapes and sizes and different abilities and in you know. Everybody I talked to on the on the way to this everybody on the lonely journey that I took training myself to get to this point. Every single person told me it is a matter who you are and how tough few our house stronger. Athletic or beat all these things don't matter as much as mental capacity to be able to pull off. Yeah grand you know like some people like her book and down Maryland back and I'm making it but you know whit bit. You know at some point you know it's you've got to religious. Talk yourself through it. So I'd I never I just I couldn't judge anybody else on on our team team anymore than I can judge myself. Ticket base camp and this is where you have a few hours or many hours to get the ninth sleeper something in death so we. Yeah we are done with with with things in in in and kind of speed things along. Basically. We had an a dinner we had a chat Stewart like to give you the pox they were really pep talks they're more alive. It if it. Is it tells another horrible story about how if we don't do this right we're dead Tina alleged. One of those situations and you know he'd be he'd be he threats and things like if you take any medication you know about it if it's above. Mike aspirin and Tylenol or some thing that further affect attic from the altitude let us now. Especially to dig out his sick hospitals and well guess (%expletive) up that Joseph hill was taken out of his sickness pills and they weren't mine. Kevin couldn't take the altitude sickness pills he had been prescribed. So little PSA don't take prescription drugs that are not yours kids. So I took them because like I don't wanna fail right. So I I went up to Stewart after dinner and I says here's the tolls have been taken I just took one that's that's set to take any news or don't take these are. AMOCO. We mean is more than I can do any frees me to appeal ought to just don't take impostor sulphur either so don't take them because it is down. And as I there what drug in my face froze in my friend's. On nineteen saw me like having kind of an anxiety attack. I'm allergic to self and I don't kill me. A 101000 feet you find yeah. Thought the so. Long a short luckily we found out that I am no longer is allergic they used to being. And so you know after feeling a complete idiot around everybody especially dad's. You know. I go to bat and kind of put that all behind you like but hopefully I wake up tomorrow to it is to drugs that might tell me. But I you know we kind of have this I guess that is found like a summer camp feel like you're just hanging out with your buddies and we tried to stay up from watched the meteor showers up there 101000 feet which cool oh my gosh it's so that didn't happen because it was so bright for so long but what did happen and was International Space Station flew up progress. And it was so bright that Furman Greg I thought that. It was one of those paper lanterns that you'd see like the gorge and somebody is sliding on fire and is like. While that's pretty cool idea of these on the top of Mount Rainier and that one of those paper candle reasons flying overhead. And then realize it was going like a really high rated speech he can as liked. That's kind of irresponsible because of the wildfires and then some guy yells and egos at NASA's space there is Goran everybody at the kitten so that I. Really felt Smart. Yeah I was being up that high watch in the sense that watching. And tonight begin. Fifth there's there's very few things on his plans that are that magical that's for sure. But then you know. After being. A bunch of dudes you know sitting in a bunk house firing in being obnoxious we all kind of fell asleep for about nine hours. Kind of the next morning and you know it was. It was time to go to to breakfast and then after breakfast you're gonna do some basics and their training and then we are going to go up. Another thousand feet. Altitude and up the mound. And to a spot called Ingram flats. And basically at the foot of a place called the disappointment creature. And if he wasn't gonna be hard climb is going to be an hour and forty minutes. By whose union nice slow day to prepare us for the big. And so you know there's a lot of boring. Details and that Damien was a lot of fun it was a lot of this and that. And wanting you'd mentioned Kevin and in in that way if I ties him make it law. It was at dinner the night before that he had decided to tell everybody that he was gonna go on. Industry hard to like think about because IQ is this guy like really cared about where we're doing now on news his vision to do this and I think everybody was pretty pretty choked up about it and I. Yeah we're his son came and you know you should just try and give this wonderful speech about how blessed he felt to have all of us how results money. A bomb and then you know. After reserves are commuters like such a great speech he changed your mind if I think they don't come this so then the next morning we did our things with a breakfast and mr. We started our training and is around 1 o'clock we started suiting up during a cramp ons on. Ping or ropes on in this is when we it's it's that serious climb. World broke together we're all gonna cross court passes where there's. Pending doom below and I'll kinda things and also how. I'm just step over some holes it's the fifth. Literally there is there's a trailer it's pretty safe. And bit you know here amounts of safeties. Relative term you know. And we're gonna crews across this and pallets glacier to a rocky. Sent out this really. Not fun looking at all you know face. And read for that you know we had Sig by Kevin and Ted Jacob to that because they were down there there there. Who wasn't their day in and their trip was ending and that is. Freddie has. As you can imagine who's who's pretty hard to see. See that happen in so you know we go up. We go out this this trail and in back my mind is a story that ministers telling us at dinner about some guy has taken around complete you know weeks before and in the same sort of feel that we are gonna crossed tied to all these dudes to you know. The guy is standing there doing his thing trying to make his summit attempt and a rock came out from. One of the giant cliffs above and rolled down the snow fielding processor glacier in that the guy and a leg. And basically blues like. And so as a are crossing this you know a nice big vast glacier I'm thinking. You know one eye on the rocks one eye on the trail kind of thing and luckily we made it through there just fine and it was a pretty. Pretty simple recently climbing it it was not like well man that was easy but it was like. I'm glad that was only an hour and forty minutes an hour and rest again. And this summer at Ingram flat which is high I camp. And Martina seven is an off. I would people went back into the tube. Only the only the one guide Patrick went back with those two. And they basically while back down to Paris and then. I'm not sure exactly from there if Iraq if people. Carpool or whatever than they suit me well on this. And then. You know this as as I mentioned Stuart and his story this is we got your flat and we dropped a staff and ranking already has. Welcoming him flats there's eleven bodies underneath the snow. Because apparently an NER he tell these stories today follows it up with. You know we have a lot of avalanche dangers today so it's not a big deal but I. It you know there's you know you're surrounded by Iraq Qualls called like I cadaver. GAAP and disappointment clean fair at the and things like that it's kind of really. You know. Strong reminder of just the you're on something that if it doesn't want to learn it's gonna let you know on posed a prick but at same time it's like Warrenton it seems like you know became like something really. Kind of awesome to hear after awhile I wasn't so sad and scary and whenever I suspect. Reminded you just then. Be patient and know your limit. You know and also you know one of the things that those who regard her safety training in our snow school. As I room making you do this stuff so seeking music and hopefully save your life but also we need to know you can do some of the stuff so you don't tell us. You know because you're tied to a guy that weighs you know arguably none of the people that are climbing with us even wait close to my. And I'm not like a gigantic person you know more like five and a plan pounds you know averaged ties. But these guys are 180 in like you know. Lean muscle dudes and in ladies and you know date if you if I slipped and fell. I've taken them you know like so they need to know that by I can either stop or I can help them save everybody out you know. There's a log on there's a lot of the Lotto my gosh that's. He's Acton. So to head I mean you can't there for the ninth and so we get a we go we have dinner we have pep talk from Stewart which is always welcome. Can you tell us what to pack want to offer alien yeah senator as I want. Yeah exactly he tells us some stories about. The how does that does department there was named in his really sad story about how to. A woman I think had to climb up from Gary nasty sunburn and I did as a list of I don't know of mr. Brady Iraq. It does all these moves and it and it's grating comforting in and terrifying in the same time and and then we basically. We basically the pack our bags. At that point. In their late and it asleep. And then around their neck so this is 6 o'clock Arum and opium and insist right I've got to bandanna over my ass and trying to sleep. And the only thing I can think about it as Michael account many I mean induced or not a parent. They relieving Amare erode even if you are that I need to sleep and like ending about his like. Fascinating and I cadavers and death of the bodies that an avalanche say exactly Stewart have thinks this and then. But the bottom line is the you know got a couple of got a couple of drops as sleep in there somewhere between. Panic attacks and meditating over and over again it's like just step by step inch by insists it's. Cisco and don't go and go into a tango and in all these things than. And then before you know you know somebody's tapping our content it's time to go on its. Oh. Here read. So it's it's midnight and stir is very strict about the fact that he wanted to be. On our on our feet moving up the mountain at 115. And of course you know. We're all half asleep for freezing in the world has bumble and around has really bring that we're that inexperienced. Guys that just raise money to do this thing for months ago. Where temperature like right now. Called they said it was about ten degrees ish on the summit so I didn't have like. A barometer of any kind and you another another 5000 theaters on them from this camp that parents it's 500 isn't as thinks. No this this camp was 111200. I'm sorry and we were gonna go up. You know what is it 3200. More I'm. Not doing math through spirit 25 degrees is on that yet it's not warm and it's dark you know and there's no Merriam. You know there's two stars and we yet everybody lined up and we see this group of another. Forty people coming up from another climbed team from another dad's service and and you know immediately it's like we gotta get from those. And we thought it was just kind of just wanna get going we're running behind thing that it within the day you realize. That if you're below bunch of people climbing. There's a lot more risk and stuff fallen. So wouldn't it be better to be above everybody else and stuff on the thing that slips and so we start going. And immediately there's issues with cramp bonds and head lamps and thank you gifts things are going Tenet. Really I mean to be honest and it's like we're frustrating our guides were all trying to get her in sync. You know off of the whole situation and there you have both scared. And who we search crews and and my head lamps really Dem really mean that. I concede probably the size of like a large plate of light in front of my feet like. 1214 inches maybe a of of light hitting the ground again this is 1 o'clock in the morning and you are at. Eleven and a half thousand feet there walking through snow and listen to this yeah this is pretty crunchy pretty nice and solid snow which is great because I cramp ons are announced on dissects stepped in it yet this is great like at. Mean the best scenario you know. But I can't see very well and we crossed the first latter and so this is the part ray where I think you might have liked to big butterflies that night. Imagine us latter you would see a guy like doing citing house solar roofing or whatever and it's laying flat across a gap. In the gap is a split in the snow. Across vast. And can be a few feet or a few hundred feet. To Obama. And you're gonna cross this with metal cramp ons on with some weight near pack. Tied to another couple dudes or FEMA are remembered. And supporters. That's supported sealed by the way it was on my rope Troy was hired our supporter shield Sherpa and so I had Stewart in front mean. Troy behind me and I'm big guy that's being you know you read between the two guys in the hole in my dissent please don't. Don't hesitate to scream at me F five you feel like I'm water skin behind your back here which is term for them pulling your amount. Anyway so we get across this first bridge and it's built terrifying it's a nice warm walking across a latter nap like just on the wrong staff. Well there's a there's a piece of work across a slot would across the middle so you're basically. Imagine a balanced game Tuesday delta this. A good citizen looking across the balance beam above. A potential bad idea and following. And. And your bring nine golf shoes but the balance beams made of like. Not on ice and crap and just nothing that's amazing but the would peace in the middle. Willie how all of attractions he's got to look into the horizon. Trained in your trying to keep that in broke tension perfect or a little slacks and you're not. You know too much slack in your again if you slip and fall you're gonna have more momentum when you pull on the guy at premium behind you in yank them off their feet. And if you're too tight between the two. Then they're dragging you up the mountain and it's making them really really attack. So there's this happy medium you're trying to keep an agenda in Stewart's really get it now let you have too much time to make a bad decision so. When she got to latter news across the New York walking with and he was dragging across. And you know and not a bad way just like where it's gone we have a pace to keep right not like this isn't the first time he's done that. Yet he isn't turnaround and go hey ladies c'mon you know that kind of thing and you know it's like bitten another may get the trophy. Not there is no summit the raw gonna make a Ramallah. Right that's is go. So we get across is staying and I take three steps across the the other side of the deal on the island that I see kind of bulging. Slow down into darkness and Stewart's on his case and I'm trying to keep up. And I roll my foot glass slide about four feet down a mass. And Stewart stops jumps in my face and goes on Simon that you're done yoga home. And it was because of my batteries in my head. And he's like I'm sorry he would use it's I can't take tip that he can't see you Steve fell because can't see. And cash fact I I gave might have a minus or decry as I was definitely angry. And they showed my acts a pickax into the into the ground. And I screamed no. I that is unacceptable. You know I'd tried so hard to get to this point there's no way am given up. And mind you this story takes longer but at the whole altercation was about point five seconds. Weigh in against franking flying up to the front of the line and goes I got next or one you news made my spare head lamp the Cisco. Throws them ahead but so in my jacket we circled. Twice against twenty seconds of me thinking. Everything I've worked for for the last four months. Airing for nothing over what horse's triple a batters costs for rocks. And there's this there really. Thing is actually had a back our batteries and I tried to make it work but those loans were dead. And they were read out the package. With the fact that at that that city since retested you're have let's see if it's just that. No I mean looked added I'm so angry at it so I actually thought about just smashing it with a hammer. Valuing the business it was that we keep going and we are through disappointment cleaver. Which is a thousand feet of just probably rock and crap like it's not fun in the two points where it's. It's a big boulders the cutesy amounts higher rattlesnake or whatever the man nice that nice. Aggressive rock face stuff and then on the nervous like rock climbing thankful during the he'd done it in gyms. I'm its you primers staying at the whole time I'm walking into its tent trying not to knock rock style difference. In this spot for its like. That hiking up a sand in where you take a step up and have to step slides back in us is just do not getting. Not getting any satisfaction out of each step right so this is a grueling hour. Of just beating the heck out of yourself and in like you know at that point you're like you know you're only a third of the way the summit. Or maybe a quarter of the way summit from from that. First leg. And you know 45 minutes until it issues. Around now and enough and out of this is my dad and but luckily. Stewart steps off the trail and says all right running jackets. Stay warm cramps and we've got some water that ten minutes. So that timer yeah and and and I swear to you that's the only reason that progress happened for me was that I knew that I just had to make it to the next one of and that's what became my mind. My goals became not summoning the just making an expert. And and the sad thing about. As related desire was an excited as I was to be at the top of disappointment cleaver. That was when Eric. And Paul both had turner they're done they just one was certain feel the effects of altitude. And one was just feeling the effects of a pretty rough week. Eric's birthday is on Saturday mr. Klein in his speech and 33. As refinement and a mylar balloons that over the hill on his backpack. And had a little time and for saying I. I think a lot of testing with the region he grew up in. Florida and in Southern California and so outs too for him was fairly Nia. And he'll have been in Seattle now I think for a year so I think that maybe that might be why he was more. Affected by the the the thinner air in the altitude. But I did very tall. He in in a lot of us in this in this climbed in had our own story whether it be Kevin with cancer amenity. Corey his mother passed with breast cancer eleven years ago. Or. Pol who lost his mom for Thursday or Tuesday before you took off. So. Sorry ago now Dilma issue about Davida. You know he losses moment Tuesday from she is kind of sick for awhile on and is that a sudden. On Tuesday he flew out to his mom's funeral. When he arrived just in time to meet this. That gear checked. And I he had decided his anger and trended in your. Era. So and then you know decision Matt turner iris. Are you know. Hence it's hardly any any out there Unionists accuses them of the self preservation that same time you want everybody to win. And I'm sure there's moments where you're completely focused on next step next that next step this water but don't stop and survey what's going on but from the catches up with you yeah. And and you know. And tell on this story a couple of times over the last two weeks and it doesn't get any easier to realize that like that happened. You know he had probably. That I would be ours because life. And turnaround was probably equally as hard. I'm sure you know. And you. Enter that conclusion a lot of emotional. So we do our ten minute break. And we pack up our stuffing you know two more of our guys are gone back down announced three of us. And three debts. And I am tied to tool but that's a little trust fugitive who I have I have tides. The so there are the ones who just love march at this thing and get it done men in and then it was pretty fun. And immediately we certain taken off and paying in Macon some distance between ourselves and the second root team which is. Now on Brian needing them from up on a sense and then it's Jonathan and for Jonathan and quarry. We're coming up behind me and teacher in the radio go off I keep sharing all these conversations and hear words like spinning him around and I hear relies. Cramp ons are failing and we're having other issues and I'm. Not seen has glance behind me but I'm trying to just blew look at my footwork because I'm just stepping in front of myself restaurant but he set. One foot in front the other step by step I'm not like I just wanna get to the next watering spot I just wanna stop then and I just not think about it. But at some point in that second leg after we lost two guys are ready. I was certain that when I heard on the radio was that I was the only one going. And now was terrifying. Because now I felt like well. I have to go all the way beat his. The shields with me and nobody else is up peers and I felt alone. And scared and we made a couple switch backs and I looked and I saw that there was three more lights come in behind us and I realized. That I just. Probably gotten into crazy land a little bit with my thoughts and you know each step by tranda. To secure and wasn't really thinking through like when I was really hearing that. But I was rest assured there are behind me and we're going going gone. It was about that time they got really really excited Stewart looked at me any finally stopped to let me know there is a bridge coming up with a ladder on it. And he has paid jokes that don't this up at six and a half stories tap the fifth at. And so. Also though is. I did it I mean I wish I did do like my best like a Scottish accent and I's gonna say it because it does you don't get mad the guy just think like grounds keeper Willie is done in out and and anyways so we just we crosses thing and it's terrifying and make it may remember the guys that I had talked to in July that didn't make it that was one of the things weren't. You know these these guys were talking about how to cross that on their handguns. Because it was so scary. And I think it should have done that but I don't think that Stewart was gonna let me take the time to get down on my hands in his and do that so I just went. And then we made it's right next water break and I I if this is the part where gets a little foggy to me because I was really start to push my body. But I think it was this this third break Europe whatever as we begin our third leg of or whatever was the similar rate after. We send two guys back we delay and then we stopped and then. We got the all right guys well. Now expect we take is going to be at thirteen 1700. Feet and basically all the breaks that we take now. Are going to be booming it to the safe spots right where there's an overhang isn't this principle and not to worry about the mountain trying to kill us. And then after that we're gonna do a little bit of a hike that's not gonna take very long and then will be in the summit crater. And has been on top of the mountain them across the crater rim will go look at the very very top and there it is in his at that moment. Then my scenario look at Korea look at Jonathan. And you we're gonna do it I knew we can do it like there was anything that was gonna stop us unless something crazy happened. Like we're gonna make it atop this mountain and it's gonna be the most amazing thing. And then. You know as soon Israel like kind of celebrating its site Stewart yelling dragging your cuts on let's go. And since and as we start heading up this kind of weird. Traverse you know we're facing east now and the sun's coming up. And the wildfires are certain kind of the smoke from wildfires are certain show. It's it's. There is nothing more. Exhilarating more inspiring. Then marching that bad bill first bit there and and then immediately got out of the more miserable. Hypocrite is that it's like still hard to climb this mountain and and and it limits are now. Sprague and you know got some kind words from Stuart about. How far we've come and and how he thought again about some other stuff and you know and sappy things that he and central lasted as sister share and it is really kind of like out guys we're gonna do this for real. And then s.'s were certain of just like the first time we realize we're gonna make it hit in many thousands were really close to making it and then. Follows that with and this is where the wheels come off for a lot of guys. It's a this those so anyway in news is say the next part of it was a blur because I just does the so overjoyed. From coming up this mean and it's. I mean it's like. What are the steps on the north end of Capitol Hill there have been this thing come three quarters of a mile long to stare stare stare stare ran this endless. Any into a point where you disliked. Well there's there's nothing above there's so I don't know what's gonna happen we get out there and as soon got up there was crossing a little as a nice drainage which is as the gap over the crevasse. That didn't melt. That you can step over sound safe that's super safe super there's no union as there is by -- red x.s places you shouldn't step there's no like. You know yeah you got to worry about the caution signs yet to worry about down sit here and it's just like Angola its own Magnus Eleanor. Buick crossover this thing and then that's who realize we're in the crater. Ankara on top of Mount Rainier and we're crossing. A gigantic craters like snow field. And for the first time were feeling fresh powder snow like blue beautiful snow on top of crusty stuff. Where. It's flat. Holy flat for once I keep up occurred as strolling. Now at this point we're just doing a casual crews of forty minutes a crosses. Nearly a mile wide. Thing in and we're gonna go to the other side where we can go to the actual true summit. And I might well that steers ever gonna take your breaks and Aaron and drop some stuffing things in. So are you tired you know it's fun and like we did we and stop league says it's do what's gone on. And that's resets twirling his. Pickax like like Willy Wonka twirled his cane sites in and around his finger. His cash box in front of them a few feet. And it sticks into the snow and I will stop here and that's only drop their backpacks. And the guides trade Brian Stewart. Mean Cory. Johnson. We are we're all the same we're the same at that point for a second overall elated. And happy and relieved and makes so excited to be at the top. And but we all have distinct feeling of success. Filipinos were repair on the on the on the same team and that was in the guide in their climbers everybody is happy for everybody. And it was really that was definitely a cool feeling. And and we dropped our stuff and mind their load to just how bottled water and some cameras and we went up and you know the money shot basically went up and took care of business and prove that you're there. Out of the supporter shield at 141004. And and feet 1411. Or 141411. Yes there. He apparently he made via the marker for the Geological Survey. And we send a despot can look at this thing and I you know sign the registrars limited and next Stewart's nameless here it's a 148. And so I asked them madness and this 140 witness but I tell me summit to have. And just blew my mind immediately and years. But have only drink a Coca-Cola the top runner and for you in fifth so that's his thing and yes the in my pictures might not heed. He has the bottler Coca-Cola and that's the last 140 summit he's stricken by Tenneco up top of Marion. The fact that. Yet we brought a caring near bureau with us and we couldn't get it down because there soon retired in the last thing we wanted to do discretion beer. At the top to marry a near even though that's what our. Goalless. But you know and then then it was then it was kind of like a real like we did it we're sitting there and stirred priest is back and listening to expand goes. Welcome to the top mariner. And just. Pollen like a baby. Happy as can be. You know dancing around just arm in arm admired climbing team and just bounce and up and down and cycle you know there are a lot of holy we did it we're here you know. And and it was windy as I. Pretty windy but it is I can I tell everybody. One more. Discomfort one more. Adversity if it was cloudy if it was snowing. If I had diarrhea if I had a stomach today if I had a bad blister. All those things one more thing probably would have been too much. And I I teller Resnick as much as I mean there are nears a really awesome feet. There's people that do it in worse conditions than we basically had in Osaka. Somebody put on a silver platter for us. They're listening to so eerie in Seattle with Gregor. Follow him on Twitter and Gregor 1077. And find more episodes online at 1077. The end. So you're in Seattle isn't a real budget production yeah. Yeah yeah don't counter.