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We geeked out hard over the new season of Stranger Things! Who was the MVP of the season? Who was the worst? WTH is a shadow monster? All things discussed in this episode of Stranger Things cast. Take a listen! (after you watch the entire season because SPOILERS!)


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All right here we go welcome sue. The recap. Stranger things seizing soon I am John Manley. I am with Melissa hello acetylene. And we're gonna suck everything from. Demo dogs to smoke monsters Q. Billy's hair and her put everything in between that Lou we averaged in the pedaling it and then go over the show because. We totally freaked out on any guys did see you so here is a place or we can talk about it without ever having to you. Spoil anything for anyone so if you haven't watched. It all yet. First well why he's leaving here listening to that yes go on Netflix trying to leave go way. But it takes you nine hours and then come back will be right here at its click it just pause here at the lake turn off the page policy. Hit the pause button open every Netflix will see a couple hours. But I give you three seconds. All right. The listening Jonas from this point forward yes it's a spoiler alerts. You've been warned Alyssa let's get right into him and what let's start with just like I initial reactions did you like you would think. I loved it I thought it was better than the first season first season was great yeah but on why I think the grass picks. They definitely are feeling definitely up there SCI budget in her share per share yet. Overall I loved it like where it ended with a snowballed Encino little bit of a happy ending there but like you know it's not over. Yes. That that's an inning was really gets you a breather like the ending I liked all of it. An effort has been in the first season but I mean like also it was everything and kind of expected it to I got a an unexpected like I can hoped it would be what it was you know likes that don't mess with it. Just do it again yes kind of thing NFL they did really you don't that I thought there was like less. There are less like pop culture references. Which I thought was kind of cool because you didn't needed as much as the first one right the first like every college in the outlets from what I've really that's so cool yeah this when you're kind of like once the story kicked and either really need that anymore yet but even still there were still lake. There's still good references as well he's had a kind of their little bit more around their limit more subtle I think you mean you know. But yes so. They both agree. Season was really cool we like to rely ASEAN. I want to go through every episode because that's just seems like a really annoying and get dragged. So let's just does these like big barking questions. Who is your best. Was the best part of the season for. I have a couple actually walled the coolest part right but was at the end of episode three when the demo gory and shadow monster basically just took over will release just standing there like BACM in the field like he is there alone in the dark and it's just. In beating just taken over yeah. Another is really cool manager and it you. And an at that point epic like midnight or something and I'll click I have to just watch one more episodic yet. I can't end the night on that so over the weekend yet type that was one of the coolest parts. The best. I tell onto an L came back on eleven just like bust down the door and she had. And eyeliner on her hair slicked back if she's a bad that's right Joan Jett Ben asked total and she just like she was I'm here she is that you used to the death. Pitched into the I that was on my spare parts is because like you want her to come back you want Mike to see her check lake. I mean he just basically been waiting for 392 days like I mean it's sat like I felt further do you in my hands is like his first. Love you don't call that person for her fair share on so when she just cannot save them at that point and then the doors open you're like. Us thousand vehicles moments for me and yes for sure. That's that's on the back right bomb for me it was. I really really really light. The how offer an eleven stuff that that was really kind of touching and cool to see him kind of really. You know he's so by the bookings the cop ray says Sykes you know. He's really the only easy only cut that really knows what's going on and Arlington Ian he has to kind of keep everything under wraps and everything cool buddies and he's playing by the rules but he's also cheating at same time. And trying to keep her safe which is a hard thing to do so I thought that was really cool I enjoyed them together. And I thought that was really really good. And I'll serve really lights. Alex the Destin and Lucas and Mac stuff get ahead that was a really good to death and so those price to my favorite parts of of this thing ms. and he didn't like. I didn't like how Dustin. Was acting so dumb hiding dart like combined dude like I I known as again OK if I was holding it. We like to increase something on the greens OK okay so it's like your boy wanna impress a girl you have this new species found great if you like but it seemed time. Don't need any it do you like look at what hat is happening to your friend. You know what happened the past like. This thing just magically appears like I just like his venal done there. And. The part where. It the cat. Would have to ten. Years public has chosen not to elf I thought yeah. Adding that decide a character like such it'd be kind of a dumb lake. Why would you like it yet why would you ever even there there is no reason defeated do you thank you know what that it is yes but there's no like what I wanna with a sizzling food. Come on but Q redhead over the course there you know but even so there are even still though like what a debt like yeah what he'd. Why would you do do do that thank right that's not gonna impress anybody know what that's a monster relatively just fought them then chipped it just happened. Our I guess a year ago but whatever end that that was a little bit as a bit of stress I thought yeah. On latest. Think the worst part of the season for me. Sadly was I didn't like any of the L side plot when she went to. See her mom and all that kind of stuff like. That part felt kind of rushed and we look at the end of the table is really the point of it. It was rushed comments when he say that because I liked those scenes because I feel like L got a little bit of closure there later she I mean. She no more mom was I mean they just ticker. So I like to that they included BS I agree with you it's also little rushed around and what was the plane I think the point was for us to. Kind of getting. Like well of the plan was to get her off the screen for a bunch of episodes that she because she is dead. If she's at this is she's episodes for it that is the seriousness of the season's four episode want to you can stop everything with her with the powers and had a my theories they had to get find something for her to do to stay away trip. Because once everything went sour. How broad is what got him like OK we're good. Save everybody do you saying yes and we're good you know go down to that'd go down to the lab in closed the thinking goes they get an easy so. That's my theory is like and that was the that's what bothered me about a late Beckett generally cool side button but it just like. It. The little cruise and I called the warriors because that's what they Wear you know like the old seventies and real warriors they look like that and take. Why would she didn't like I was she has stepped that they can gotten involved with any of that lake. Because she's just. Long dean T you feel connected like hopper is her purse and write a Caylee she has her friends Mike who she hasn't seen Jersey many many years like koppers bend her. Person and I feel like she just long's third connection BK is she's just been locked up in a room and allow the chair wearing you know. Lab close and every year go to the doctor's office like she's just been there alone you know want to talk to that are pop up so I just feel like. Hey she met a girl her age bait because I went through the same thing in so she's discount like all right go on with the flow and he and the fixer upper hair they did make a part of the crew and she feels welcome and she does which is part of something in there is when my number eight is at the other would mean. They explain how she knew bushy where she was not aware she was from an all these people. No I'm she figured out. Now but I feel like that I could get storyline is not finished obviously. I mean it can't be even like that's I guess that's it just bothers me the most is like that was just like. I don't think anything got accomplished their leg is just like go find something for her to do you offspring. And this seat and started with them. Robbing. Alright we remember just destruction like who is this person and you see you see your boom you know she wipes the blood opera knows it's users are paying you're like oh okay. But other that we're like OK this is just another girl who analogy. And it's got to admit I mean certainly it's going to be a path for season three either that has to be a part of season three I assume otherwise we'll talk lately I will get to that a little bit here and predict what we things can happen in future but they. Yet at that par threes tennis fell flat especially as the rest of it was humming along so well at that point like I think that the episode seven. Yeah hydrazine and yet and it just like richest. Plot three who has click on this entire episode is like pain of pointless. But no offense like you great character and and night you know she is that the Bobby Millie brown if I was is that Millie Bobby Brown can't close the schools and she's amazing she's the best. So I was glad to see your gets meantime obviously but it just like the need this is as important in itself we will be in the future. But yet OK so. Let's give out some awards. Let's go win if bests. Mute character. I'll have to go with Bob because he kind of saved the day there. He's here above zero above the brain. One. I mean I thought it was cool to have enjoys being a relationship and to find a little bit of happiness there's there's like so nimble. Last year she's been kind of crazy she still taken wills the doctors and she doesn't really know if her son is a 100% a cable like within all the chaos is able to. Find them dork you boyfriend and yet really nice and he's we and he he wants to be part of you know will and Jonathan's life stealing. I decide. I liked Bob I know you super dork but I liked him and he did an. He's he's it is he did hurt as. Ion did you hear the original plan for him you know oh the original plan for his character was when he has the speech with will know about standing up your fears and on that. Willis post Killen at that point accused going to be like. RD possessed and no do it himself tea. But only they know Alec the chemistry and I think what they got China Aston Villa strikes and they're like you we can't do that which he's the best then and there's your knee and there's your. Does the best rock pop reference of all of them was they it was Mikey from good means yes you know I mean in a show that is very do means. Ish yes. Any and they can carry it. Treasure record regularly funny like that was good within their perch perjury surely is only willing clap Maine yeah. They did it that was really good so. I guess a year and favorite character is Bob I think from mean. That he would Erica because the sister who's the bad and so far I think. I have a coat of fur you shot T know about this and that she did not have time for any event no. And got no time for that she and I am not even he's tale of the bunch of nerds she's just in the background this cop kind of caught in how it is but it. Like her staff levels off the chart yet like holy smokes I'm just kidding she was great genomic and by half. Bonds everyone's favorite character right Great Lakes c'mon Bob he's likeable he helped them figure out what the hell's going nine and found hopper. Yeah and and then he helped them Alpine. Take one for the team there most improved character award goes to you. Will all I'm not well I'm sorry might annoy me at first and I get why he was a role. You know kind of like pissed off you know were eleven was like he was kind of hearing her over the Joaquin night just upset there. In general so he kind of annoyed mean the beginning. The bend towards the end like all right yes we can let. Mad Max in part of the crew whatever IQ just being counted and the youngest I use your word had acting differently. I would say for me it was Lucas because. In the I felt like in the first season who's like token black kid a crap you know and then this yet abuse of major part of this that was it was good to see him. And and Dustin who are kind of teacher Sherry characters of last season Biden. Get more of a run this through but also like I think you have to say they truly the most improved is will because. He liked the first season and he was gone yeah you never knowingly. He was even around for the entire season and I make in this when he is the focal point and holding of things so like his acting was really good as a you know as a kid actor like totally and just loses mind and can I have that like weird you can use good at like flipping from Mike. Scared. And lake. I and then all of our own man the attic now I'm bad like. That that episode for their answer was that when he when she's drawing him about. And he stain and he's like no you likes it cold yeah yeah. Like you just know there's something not right there and so yes for sure will. OK I'll go at that aren't as good so you let's go CU who's MVP season to end VP MVP season Q. Man. Man Steve he'd like course they've seized key. As just leg wins he's like RAM gonna go apologize for Nancy and I know I am apologizing. And RA dozens. Pull my arm to united go and take care of his business he holed it Downey take some punches from Billy. And it still is like aren't let's do this. For real Steve Harrington MVP no doubt about it season you MVP Steve I love how we still have a bad to look like he just eating get rid of it. Like where's your bat. Hey not only did he dish out some severe beat downs T some demagogues. He also. Essentially saved the city and on top of ball that. He doesn't some pretty solid fashion tips. Fashion tips like it's like well tell dance right it's like big brother and yes he went from the worst to the best and knowing that you know knowing when he gave the guys are talking in the locker room and there are like oh yeah Nancy and Donna then left for the day never came back like instead of like trying to fight Jonathan he's just like kind of accepting well. I kinda knew they can't CNN yeah he is like the perfect. Eighties and Jilin teenage movie villain in the first season. And then this season you really have like a really solid like redemption ark now he's like he's the man yeah Steve rules he's like a really part of the Karuna yanks have now is gonna college so it. He won't be in season he had help come back he'll make an imperial veto no doubt helped us distillers has had the same my therapy for now. Can we talk about that for a second because I absolutely loved it unlike. If that pierce seller to come back right now stop it I'm not joking I did it high school. In that now owns eighty kids and I liked it a little gusting to pull off man thought saying. Uncle I mean again. I don't know man grabbed disagree and now agree to disagree I feel like you have to major confidence to lock in the snowball just. Spring an ounce of sheriff also hairspray he. Valid. And also I think that really was a thing for it like this that's a real a real real liking it and today yeah I'm just to verify that as oppose it. Unless somebody new characters or second so. We have a couple new characters you have Max. Billy speaking of hair yet Billy Africa which we knew he had think he. Ratty ist. Ugly is. Fake is Molly I think I've ever at that's ever been on the TV showed some asparagus blew the smoke is so bad leaders like that's an even read lots of athletes. Dirty my project I'd and then yet also we gonna talk about doctor Owens too as he is only part of the season what are they like generally get lake and it really understand lake. Was he. Wasn't he split with east lake. How did he not know anything about anything it was weird it's like they brought naming an. To take over for Brenner Annie is like it started off of collective bad guy because it like you know graphic Italian thing and now it's fun is just peachy as Steve light of the hike. Whatever it could be something worse than any never like. All we knew it was there's a hole down there who were there. Yeah I heating literally no when he saying and then. Police said he was sort of the bad guy in the beginning watching hopper leave just kind of be scraper like waving to whatever and then. Helping them get the hell out of there so it's kind of like and then he was the only one in that room with all the doctors to have sympathy. For will and stuff so it's talent pool you know what is he doing. And then at the end he was like here's volley of machine about things that enemy right or certificates and energy she's officially your kids like ranks fake documents and like so he was a big guy that likes. Why I guess like the reason Michael wiley is. Why was he there at it like for like all of the doctors to be in that room and they're trying to figure it out like. If this is our continuation of this laboratory. How come none of them have any idea what to do about any of it like uniting really you're right it would know and those who do it's like enjoys solid throughout Alec who won't nobody knows liked his in this part of your this the you've been studying this right yeah. Now what are you testing my son for exactly Merrill to stand in Arlington. Yes I could never just really couldn't get a gauge on his character like with the good is he bad is he somewhere in the middle like he and he really wasn't any of those things these kind of players there in a tea. And then of course you have Billy and Max. The fan the new family and the fan. Which IE IE never got the sense of sympathy for Billy by the end that you did for Stephen the first season like that is just a street. Did it he's a DH and I get a you know his dad is. Hard on him and so you know he's a date back to everyone else like I kinda get that level but at the same time. Now I guess those though if you're locking up haircut like that you'd probably be it a bad person to you. Can I mean you just haven't you mean you'd just be picked on all times driving like a maniac he's pissed because he won a move there like I get it I get it you know we ought to do things in life minorities in times like almost running them over on their body aches in just be in at like you senatorial Dick but I can his wish like it's is that those kind of rhythm because like you. The beginning it was like you know you can't hang out those people who unity can thank you is very like overly protective it seemed like of Max. And I thought that was except for some weird like oh why are they even in this town right. And then that never really big in Everett tied as a I know he's had a crappy dad's like yeah. And it really give two craps about Macs like he pretends he does it really doesn't yet Giffords doing always the over two productive brother and I liked by the second. Episode of like oh no he's just a jerk I think he's like to have some kind of power yeah which format which didn't quite make sense like an Emmy lakes. I don't know man they could have tried them more of that but were also nitpicking a season right now so I totally he was. In the great character I liked him and Rafael DOS and that was great next super cool. Yes use it on some friends down link also one dead and LA it's I like to think kind of it was kind of a gated like flu like a foil for her you know some friction between Lucas and dusting thing. Brought friction in the groove and it even when it you know eleven came back and she's like I Macs and she's operate pastor like a home we know. The only enemy I saw you flirt with my boy all the queen be on the green pretty. Like a man. Kids so caddie 9/11 so caddie. Odd but. I do like went up Macs only gays were up on the trailer having that little talk in you get to know Max a bit more and that like to make conversation at Lucas is like I talk to you Mike that's super cute. Like that I hope that sort of works. Yeah I mean who knows they're gonna do an accident that the kids are we get older cell Anemia what happens next with any characters they can stand. And a besides Billy. Yeah he's pissed me off on no I ire really do enjoy the characters I under the actors like it you're really good job. An old just you know been so intense. I think the they hire some really great kid actor yes yeah. No as far as I mean I guess Brenner says he's just. The worst in that's a but other Matt. Now I think. Yes a date all the characters I don't like the again like that then little crew that. In that room and got with. In the in the tally against a girl's sister's name is Kelly yeah arrow like it's just that little punk rock to build the warriors Eumig ideas like. In a show that's like really get at being just corny it in the eighties and retro enough to be like. That's great I thought that was just like to lead to farmers like I mean. Cut line. Place in Chicago to it was just suppose there it is just it is Corning that did that whole thing was is corny Sunni and I hated it blighted hated that like just like whatever against. Bomb but whatever that that was the only those inane things that really bothered me. Bond witnessed second I want it brings up can we talk about and so Nancy in goal Mike's mom Caron. Answering the door and her Billy was looking for magnolia and GS is a door Cilic I guess he matters the I was like why. Is happening here I assure you I had an air speed yet. So okay character I don't like their dad. Nancy end Mike's dad is really what is he do you. He just stands are acting pissed off all the time like final get the door you know my kids aren't here there live look he's just a run BD to. I like it yet that's that's dad's in the eighties we're like that I assume that's a deadly eighties were like while I was born 86 see you don't get. 'cause I saw something nine there's like dead echo little like complaints about. How I guess like it was a millennial are complaining that. The seasons and was down because. Nobody knew where their kids were the whole time and I like did you group like Susie grew up in like the eighties like yep you're Paris is what you run the neighborhood thank you can just leave. Well no let's not immediate area I guess I don't like it all silly like we're having to sleep over him in Billy's backyard showed stability. And in LA is he the best decade 2000 cool be like even renewed like see Maria's house and your mama that cool. Would hammer no iPhone no no eye opener bottle of gin she's like I'm single for the weekend now Iraq. I tricky downs they believe accusing you donate it to I guess so like totally like I just that like to do that was a funny complaint because. I don't think he had or was lowered back then you can roam free yes it was a pretty funny likable. Now that I just thought it was I thought that scene was a little. Weird I guess the vibe is doing is like trying to act all sexy and it's like really do you how old are you like this is their mom and dad's in the next room sleeping in. Anyway I'm just curious to see if anything comes of next season. You know well no way little drama over there. The moon and how to be funny if it dead Iowa I'll see you talk about. Joseph the touch and Joyce a whole. Yeah well and there's Jonathan Ann and Nancy side putts do you go about justice for Bartlett got yet so let's just at or above are so. Finally. Nancy Johnson got together I mean it was only a matter of time ya I was like on the deeds done and then yeah sure Blake. Account of epic I just forced them to make it happen that that hall seen them go to C Murray the end. And because piercing you yell like that I I enjoyed that tells the current cool and then drink and vodka and being adults and and trying to make this so. To cover they're asked to get this out to the public but still protected themselves because the bean. And yet so I thought that was really great hash tag justice or by herb. Justice has been served death a Lois and KFC all what it's like any good you know a good Steve you almost can't see how the who's there he. That in this what are you sign but you know Jessica Nancy. Yes I mean there's there's as I think he did it Twitter account but follows. What is there recipe. With a five. Five spot fibers and spices or fibers a six spices and I bet that you follow the earth fives but whatever it is it's. The official Kentucky fried chicken Twitter account follows. Five Spice Girls. And six guys named herb. Evans bunny. I actually clicked on that would make it goes like this for real it is true. Which is fantastic. Which is fantastic so I thought that was a good that's good side thing to deceive those guys finely. Get together and whenever like felt bad for the I felt bad for Steve which I'd it's lazy on but he also likes. Porsche Steve had a rough season man he really had he had Peter frank kids that's embarrassing dad Peter frank kids he got whipped the best to a court twice. Noon and got his girl ticked by a weird though net stolen. He's so those who was like aren't whatever let's just scale that we need to do you like let's get this done it for the demagogues and. But help these kids are key yet he was really the MVP. Of the season ago he really sick of being met with him back panic man he really had a rough one and I had for Steve first. Laughter I don't read it. One. Do you have any fears of what the smoke monsters. That. The shadow do you like the big thing the big bell looks like referees players that I want not gonna do it yeah. Gnome and like it's just. It's like. Because you have the demagogues. And then you have the shadow monsters sort of just running the whole thing and like whatever Phil would do they'll cash. Will ansari whatever will would you flashback CU will one flashbacks I think Iranian. It was it was like the tunnels. Yeah shadow monsters arms if you wanna call now like it isn't Elena was used. Like Whitman you were just you to seal like the tunnels and they are trying to find hopper to supplement not a tunnels where the the underground. Eight but it looked like part of the shadow monster like you know and mean it looks like the shadow monsters part of the underground that's what I was getting ahead. Well who knows this is no one knows ray thank. You can be right it's like okay this is a map but it also reminds me of the shadow monster and like art is he just the underground. And upside down in itself you know I mean make I don't really doesn't listen. He has and says and those things it's like. How kid while he just if this thing really wanted to do anything while it is semi is dumb little dogs and why would it not. Just come out the RA come out like can't Mikey why can the demagogues come through the why can't it. Oral replicas little troop Ozal army air cannon doing his work form but why would he kill will the first place. Also in the upside down right and also will he couldn't kill willing had its people like as well as the host Brett. But the lake and yes why were there any charity full grown demo guardians. Think there's only one the one from the first season or so may I mean I guess it's feasible but like it's always the problem think a big. It's. It is and like you see like all the marvel movies you like when it's the big bad guy with a big. Like that you have this guy as the villain but there's the big bad behind a the there'd you can keep thinking. Can they can't obviously isn't like wow who knew what would be the story would be too beautiful but like. I'm still trying to figure out what that thing is and why it's why it's there what's I mean that's that'll be season three I assume like these the they figure out how to beat either fears that it beat them. And obviously I knew. I know Willis has the like I'm adamantly in season one like when we didn't know yet like that was a thing it's like where you can just killed and yes OK we learned that he is. Basically taking over wells' body right and the super spy that was pretty interest in I was Nicole Lee. Don't like bend putting him in the below garage little shed outside and you know strapping in in and they're just trying to you get knowledge letting him without him knowing where he is because Andrea. Those those scenes are pretty cool to you he mean he mean. The actual damage or out of them idea wasn't I was tense in those really intense. But yes I don't know I don't know it is to be expected and I really don't. So let's let's let's let's wrap it up with this then. You said you like season Toobin Susan when he did okay. I just felt like on Ceylon was great don't get me wrong with the first few episodes of season one. They were a little slow okay yes still. Can damage will get taken away were ever but I just felt like this at this this season moves faster chair getting more engaged as I like him more. And I Alex is doing a little better but. The real question is what do you think will happen in season three. What happens. Who will eleven limbo it. But she still have a proper and guessing 80 yeah she's his or her birth certificate. So. But how will that go down. Yeah because now she's kind of out in the open right she went to the snowball dance. And how people had seen her. Where the hell's pop is you're really dead I don't think so Matthew Modine I don't get knots. There is that they they came out with a director said he was dead okay. Because every went yet that was kind of a weird thing where I think the first season he had attacked by the monster yes and that was it in them like second season early and made it feel like he's still around. But the whole tire Tommy pop up a quick note he's dead and even. Eleven when she was talking to you number later ever. It was like that's the domain. Doctor and she's like now he's gone. Yeah so then I was like oh I guess he did it get. Killed in the first sees a bit. The directors said no that's not true. Yet begun it yet he I mean I feel like he has to be the big villain for the next one somehow some certainly. That story has to continue in NC. Just hope it is a trance like. My fear is that it turns into lake AF. They go to an episode of X-Men almost towards flakes. I think eleven is gonna try to chase down all of her. The others. If there any other others survived a cat is she commuted mind thing to try to find them. She can she's turning to professor acts you know she's like yeah I want that. And then like infant and also who knows like if the team and the doctor anatomy dean still out there is he still doing experiments as he got a whole new plan bike trip all of these things I. I feel like it's gonna come down to. L taking on pop like it's going to be a wild one saying and it it better be seen it. Castor beans but wouldn't why wouldn't. What would he still be doing I guess is the question was he like out to get it how does that tie with the under the upside down elicits again to. It's with soft again and doesn't like to separate. Stories but I can't see that it can't seem like that group what she closed the gate right side is that so. You know the upset council exists then. And you know smoke monster still there yes. Which smoke monster instigated things are smoke monster and lost do you take. Who's the better smoke monster strange things can answer. But so how does that how does the underground come back our relates. How does that work. Make is is is good I mean obviously there has to be gate somewhere right order is you know. It's pot I learned he had is he opening in. I'm very open it took an I want to thank but why would he do that. Maybe just to try to find eleven and because he you know that like she'll have something to do with it you know. He just growing in her closing enters iron out. Well we have what a year away now I guess the car with the binge and you binge something in like four days. And then it's like. I don't know her burns over they'd do you have a Netflix have beyond stranger things it's like the. Listen you wondered if you wanna do an after show talking about what you just wash just listen to this again yes trio. I get time that I started watching yesterday it was like Harare. As thick and but I did like hearing from the creators. And then one of the main directors yet they're funny about it. And it really give a whole lot of insight to what is to come so. Keeping a mystery guest. Well we'll sit and we'll sit in the studio is way I guess there's nothing else to do. We Lucas make as young as maintenance staff and we'll go do that he'd say yes you're listening CUR season Tuesday things wrapped. Podcast. This is a bureau we've played the theme music stranger things but we don't have a licenses so committed to make your own a synthesizer staff and our. Yeah. Firm. Indeed they self uh huh I think through the thing I'm John Manley. A list of things are joining Ed thanks and go see you back for season three whenever that is certain but.