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He's met Jonathan and he's next season and now from the legendary studio agreed so your NCA. At all whizzed grew error. This feels jealous owners of a different approach to how they'll handle their broadcast presence splitting reaction for the first time between radio and television you dedicated person very aged. Brad Johnson to the dude I first met back when the Seahawks and terrorist organizations workbook. Under the same incredible group Genevieve Kabul reported sixteen. That's got a new challenge covering the radio portions of live soccer commentary and it's one that goes into the acts. How the sound is at C broadcast team had you on board at one point already mad and that was for a rematch halftime post match radio host for like five or six years or topple ball YouTube is that you're doing already with the Seahawks so it can't feel like it's that -- of an experience you must already knew some of Fiat yet know some of it knows some of the more some of the people more importantly still now I'm just gonna do just that and to just hang out there instead of the B Mac is great to have you man especially during cookie season and I love the eagle scout cookies everywhere you man I'm gaining so I mean and then the poor little -- acute seed in Safeway. They don't know that a party by ten boxes and you just look at them like OK five more. As is Cuban kinda don't want I think that's also when it's actually raining outside they like to set up outside. Because then you're like oh man that mom to cater being rained I've got to buy another buck yeah it's us mom single pass the F. Past the PR director at the the girl's got on with like. Tupac that the justice were get through the holidays we're finally done ready to work off some of the next to sweets and stuff that we had that you show up with cookies and should have been cold dose not at all now. It's called strategy. It's nice that it's at the same time as these soccer season to expect offers a lot I can associate posted things on the list of they've been so Lois yeah. No I'm I'm a thin mint entitle long guy I I have always had a aversion to OK but divert my theory is would you actually say noted the other thing came up to you hell no doubt that's the thing that of people work early oh no I don't eat certain you don't know come on you don't eat them all now you just have favorites. I do love with a minute of our overall food all OK so Matt I've come we've. Go back and forth a million times before because he used to work at the seahawk easy arm and the sound is the Seahawks were under the same roof and you helped with. Will win this whole thing started were rushed what you and I were doing broadcasting. You were the one external link those things together what was yeah what are your gig at the Seahawks for those eleven years you were cited for. You should know oversaw both the broadcast so both the sounder in the Seahawks so but the senators I was lucky have to be on the year while I can oversaw everything tonight I think I answered to myself I'm not sure how I just explained that. But then the same thing for the Seahawks so I was producing written. Organizing it and you know how that goes scripting it and get the talent to settle down and and things like that so. Yes so from the very beginning their work with Kevin clobber O and Arlo white and obviously Ross Fletcher and and now I'm in that position so it was over one roof and then. In I think the spring of fourteen they separated in the senators are down a pioneer square in CX are still at the B Mac obviously and and so with sixteen hearing him with a Sanders what looks like when that happened in new UN Seahawks obviously at the time yeah well one more year or did both. So for fourteen night I still did pull from the for fifteen it was kind of like well. You're you're CR complete and so you know this is honest honest conversations and and and so there was really a spot for me with the Saunders at the time so I stuck with the NFL which are a lot of people do it's it's an amazing organization not only the Seahawks but working in the NFL is not only class a class act but it's a great opportunity it's it's really cool things you get to do. And than the Sanders came to meet late last year. And offered me some and I just I really couldn't refuse now. Correct me if I'm wrong but I hear that the food and B Mac is incredible it's unbelievable backhand down the shaft and skew and Ernesto and end up Pedro. It's it's amazing now the weird thing is is I've actually lost weight. Physically be there because I mean the food is awesome you eat with the players he so obviously. They're looking up for them. But every calorie diet yeah well no I mean every day there's a hot meal and there's this a fresh salad bar and a sandwich bar that. That rude he's ready to make your sandwich every single day so it's. It's awesome and breakfast don't forget breakfast I'm so we've got a free coffee here. The idea no comment. But how come he you know you gotta take what you get but yet the food over there is great but. But that is one of the things I missed the facilities for. The for those sounder is down pioneer square are fantastic it's a beautiful place that of that upstairs and Sony but ninety's really cool yes you're office now based out of their created yet and I'm right above the ninety I'm right there on what is it first in Jackson and not only the office space but the vibe inside you know a lot of youth and I'm a little older compared to Africa compared all the youngsters so there's a there's a vibe inside that it's were on the go it's. I hate to say startup because a Saunders get 40000 a game trip but it's kind of like a startup I mean everyone's there all the time. Regret in a way and have a good time in the passion the sounder so it's it's a lot of fun it's a disagree because it I mean you six. You know it's a successful startup in one of sort of feels like because you branch out and you lose the the safety net of the Seahawks of the NFL kind of being there I'm sure it's it feels will start appears that. Only guy I think that you know I don't speak for the the hoppers the course management but that time was right I mean it they were ready every with the center for ready. It was deemed the most successful franchise to begin in the US history in 2009 you know when people 3335000. Are going. It was deemed like deem best for expansion franchise to ever start American sports that's so. Five years later six years later they moved on to Jackson down there in and it is it's an awesome vibe so courts are close to the stated he gets in March to the all you probably can't because you're busy already but yeah the staff can come down a march to the match and everybody and well not only got a pioneer square yet again nothing gets to be back to its awesome but it's it's kind of a stand alone over the area in Renton. But downtown you know you got occidental park yup pioneer square there's cool shopping not to sound like a mint on the city commerce into the yet. Council would make it's you won't. But there's so many cool places to check out and perennial lunch -- Terry occupants over the sound of people to me once upon a time yet the spicy chicken guessed right around the corner superdome pact at lunch and you get it in about six minutes that's incredible awesome as of creative thought you know a lot about the area because you're guidance from believes is Seattle area yup which grew up I grew up in what is now shoreline so I grew up in Richmond beach -- who. Went to Einstein middle school in Charlotte high schools so. North then dad is still in the same house fifty years later so. On the North End from the north and a Seattle and and kind of never really the went to western sort of perfect. I don't know if I think listeners can understand what sort of mean to be fair I think everyone sort of girls are left are not going to cancel will be on the troops leave it at that it Szczerbiak had a blasted and born and raised in Seattle and I'm were conferred the hometown team. Is that. I don't know why just now did deduced deducted this. It's sort of a Soccer City. There's plenty of soccer they're you know. I don't so I I'm not I'm not a how to YC soccer defender like if someone doesn't like a mill mill drop I'm not a guy that's gonna say oh yeah but but but yet I get it all right my my buddy of mine's not a soccer guy and and I remember numeral draw a couple of years ago that was amazing right so I love soccer but so come full circle that question has. The whole Puget Sound region is a soccer region jar the whole area Bellingham CO high school only because my uncle putt there for thirty years I know it's human or schools had some awesome soccer teams. All the way down. A cameras cameras lights go doubted takeover doubted southern southern Washington awesome soccer team so. There's soccer all over this region I mean it's the biggest participatory sport. It in this state so. I don't know if you can pinpoint Bellingham but Melbourne and Melbourne and the huge soccer soccer region so up and down I five I guess the wanna go keep playing soccer after high school stuff and at the western some gap question yeah westerns it's humid and my brother went there IC. All right I'm a little slow its early this morning. Yes that westerns always had a pretty decent program yes and yes well. What does it what you think TK I mean you took. You're lucky enough to have grown up here and you have participated indexing the founders and all these different iterations India and soccer throughout the region. NC got sick kind of like bubble up and become a strong thing for the conditions that went into that that makes it's a favorable. For there to be such a strong soccer community here. You know what's funny is in 2009. I asked my dad. Said dad why did we go why did we go to soccer games in the eighties in the seventies and and he was like what I said well why did we go why soccer. These symbol one you guys my brother and I'm my brother was a very good use soccer player I tried and I still try to help we played. And so he said used you kids were playing in and we want to watch soccer at the highest level we were watching back in the day you watch soccer made in Germany. And I'd Toby Charles and you watch that you watch soccer and and so when it came in the seventies my parents had season tickets at memorial stadium a cool and so. We went to game two memorial then at the Kingdome and obviously to century link but. It was just something you did when you were five years old in Seattle you played soccer. Five or six years old everybody played soccer now some didn't stick with that fair bite you played it was one of the sports that you tried. And again like our team played just last night still at the were played over forty were trying input and dumb but that's something you did so it was kind of ingrained in and then. Honest to god I don't know how to explain except for it becomes an addiction. It it does it becomes an addiction there's. Huge matches all this week weather's champions leader Europa league and then there's MO lesser you know your favorite European team on the weekend so. I think it just kind of it kind of yeah you just kind of living with that when you're young and then you just it is kind of I don't know you just can't help but that's why I say addiction. That it's it's so interesting to me because everywhere. Like well I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico today that it has no business being in any sports town. I'm fighting or something. But alas so American youth soccer organization that was a big deal with the reversible jerseys in the yeah that was the thing that we did there and even their everyone all the kids played soccer and that he could to a certain age were. You played soccer for like to tire the kids out of sucked up and everyone loved the Dallas cowboy as I was sharing those or Denver Broncos that was the trade off there and it. I don't know why it never connected and why and is now. Yeah I don't I don't I don't know I think every regions different. I think it's just like when we're trying to explain white Seattle so big in and someone from Chicago was like how come the Chicago fire don't try to massive city. How come news Chicago fire don't draw with the Saunders do well then you come to a sounder scheme you go to Sanders game you see the family is there enough and it's an out putting it's you know it's only two hours long in you coming go. Notes Seattle in this area. You grew up playing soccer and you just stuck with it I mean look at GS SL and and the other the other leagues up north and all around I mean it's packed to the the parks are packed. Tuesday Wednesday there's creek lake drive around green lace shirt and it's and coed in and people are out their planes. Under indoor and absolutely anti virus such a fantastic facility at like eleven fields are so yeah that and down. Is still the kids playing all the tournaments on the weekends and stuff where we got a chance to try our hand it'll hold you for not doing some soccer commentator last year pressed to my upheld a dial an animal we did a few of the games it was kind of a high move by the sound hers to get to people more people interstate out. Super fun but every time we walked in there was a 101000 no a thousand kids running around playing soccer. When we got there and yes like my god this is for real this yet facility where some of the vested in a lot. I think is investing in each city and stuff it's up it's cool to see the connection with doc being connected yeah I think for Seattle it's not. It's nothing new in and that's that's that's not arrogance and nothing you mean. Again the sound leaders when they started in 74 I remember going I mean it was you talk to people in their forties they went to memorial stadium so. That there's 40000. At century link field doesn't. I don't wanna say the again it I don't wanna come across Eric in or do whatever it. It's not super surprised because there was 2530000. At the Kingdome in 1982. What wind when the team was Rolen and so. You just kind of move that up and my Brothers you know my dad was a fan my brother's a fan and he's got five kids that are fans. So three generations out of there that are sound offense now. You're to the Seahawks are just yet to go to several like Super Bowls and some playoffs and how to do on broadcast team your happens thanks hey did you get a ring. Yes Nat yes a symbol very flattered you have got incredible got a ring got a championship ring unfortunate when we lost a New England I'd still say we. I yet there's the Seahawks and memories are humbly boy went to three Super Bowls as a worker I've been to four total. But yet to were obviously disappointing. But ya gotta ring them flattered by it I don't know why the I honestly don't know why the radio producer gets a ring but I got a ring. The same exact ring as the players and oh but that's the owner you know that's so the owner mr. Allen knew takes care of his. Takes care of his employees and so I got a ring and it's awesome so but that's not the all I've just from kicking around in an oval but the took the only championship global stuff you've been to you under the pool hot not like just wants public several knowledge it's bizarre yes. And no I'm not rich so we went into the final we've into the semi final my brother and as a fellow radio I vowed. Up 40 yeah yeah yeah and both are dressed and apparel right now no it 94 my brother and I were lucky enough to go to the semi final and final down at the rose ball. So the final in 94 for those old enough was. Kind of a boring match Brazil and Italy went to penalty kicks sought to support my cousins were there it's a big party have for a week hoping we've never been invited back to the credit with the cousins that I like but on the way home and try to sleep and in my brother's like hey hey hey. Why don't we just do this every four years and it was that easy so there we go off to France in 98 count Korea at Germany's South Africa. And members the last your sub in the last six. And in about 4045. World Cup matches and they're just something and you don't have to like soccer you gotta go to World Cup and it's not. Super Dowd Germany was expensive chair but it's not crazy expensive it's of carnival it's a festival everyone. It Brazil I was lucky enough to stay with the family for four more days while my brother and everyone left and I was in Rio and news it was unbelievable but I've been a champions league final by Moscow Russia. Mean do what they used to call and a Wafer cup final been to an FA cup final so I'm addicted I am on that among that far and so. I love going to see it. And that just came from we got home from the 98 World Cup. And my brother and I found a fight we went to England and soft five games in eight days and went all around England and distract tickets off the streets and and said while this is where it's at what what clubs in England what do stadiums you have we went to them we went to Chelsea who is hosting taught them which was unbelievable. Wasn't gonna say this but go to Chelsea a whole really promote this amount of course Arnold's in my van I was gonna say her to the worst. The last weekend it was Smart move. I got I went to get on the I was of taking a flight on Saturday until I was watching on my phone as I was leaving. And spurs scored right as my reception went away as I was going down under the bus tunnel. And I came back and the first image assault as I was getting out was them scoring again elect all out. And a red card do you have the oh my god it's the young. No so. So we went to west ham went and that's what how I love west ham is went to a game. Six games it was five games it was only place we could get two tickets next to each other oh wow and so is west ham and what they used to call Worthington cup replay. So the Worthington cup turned into the Capital One cup tackle those little tournament so and that was vs Aston Villa went up to Newcastle and I think. The plates under no arsenal at old Highbury are they ask emirates went so. The them they destroyed I think Sunderland Newcastle with Alan Shearer. And and that was a thrill because he was English international unbelievable and there's another one. And there are cameramen get so you've got to experience going to see these teams all of building that is Reza may hear of all the things to you I'm sure you soccer wise yeah you've been all over the world yeah these soccer played our football played a bomb on all these different levels. And the MLS is just now starting to get to the point where it's keeping up or it's our routes catching up port is becoming. How cool is it to be able to see. These players. In England playing now some of whom are coming to America and signing with the big. Coastal city clubs and starting to even though it might be at the sunset of their career. Some of them shirt and actually so the MLS is doubt it just turned 21 years old. And so did players are coming over with a few more years left them when they did. You know fifteen years ago when they came with one year left or shouldn't here's a guy that's awesome appear low in New York. Lamp hard Gerard. Some of these guys that are coming over and adding and and then what they're doing is they're. You know like the old commercial they're telling two friends and so on because they're coming over in saint know the league is actually pretty good. Because I think the European defied over in Europe is said. It's just kind of it's really rough it's kind of tumble it's it's not technically that good until these players Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane from. LA's been telling his guys. Back packing your know this is actually really good league. You work hard you can get a few dollars you're in the sunshine down in LA what have you so it's cool you know the team the sounds are only eight years old so. It takes a while it takes a while but yet the analysts has come along way in the last five. Where do you stand on the Sanders playing on an artificial surface when these other guys coming from Europe upset about well I mean. You look at are whether I mean there's things that you know there's sing you can't control. And if there was a grass field at century linked it would be. The truth of whether or even if the Seahawks were there let's say it was just the sound of it be horrible. It unheralded player on though that's the that's always my I'm always like what's so different about London and Seattle and a three pulls that's again I totally different while they play once a week chair played ninety minutes once a week. Nobody's on that except for the that the caretaker of the the of the field the crowd really got. I mean it is it is like a golf course I've been on the field in the moment it's like a golf course and so I would think when they slide that the the superintendent of the of the parks and and held up you know but on yeah I think it's it's it's. There isn't much different I mean astute viewer in London in Seattle is is very similar weather wise there but once a week that sit in. So I think that's that's a difference. See a lot of radio background is willing not just a soccer guy that has that experience not just from production B you also your KG RI am from the adults who don't these are lost the hair and had an hour and a joke I don't. And some went to a little broadcast school in Spokane. And it was kind of like a vote tech and I was done in. So I hear that which has authority here that what actually happened since I'm not book Smart and I couldn't sit college class I host my way in search of so in. What was it June of 96 I got an internship KJR and just work my way out to do old overnights kayak when it was an all computerized pass they're a human being had to be in the building so. I did that for a couple years since our working in and produce and chose to get on the morning show and I kind of was a big guy on the morning show where. Have my own show after John Clayton in and worked there about ten years before I went to the had a great opportunity from the Seahawks. OK so how do you. How do you get approach to that or how do you convince them to let you who do what you did for the first five years of the senators to be a pre. Halftime and post match guide to run the sound of weekly show and be able to do that words that come from how you arrange that. Well I think it was because of my background. At KJ are so I was I had on their experience they knew I love soccer caf and so when I went to the Seahawks I was done with being on heiress I was solo just. Just an off air behind the scenes guy. And so I think it was a mutual hate that you wanna do this and Mike are you serious dip back on the air and into a pregame show for. For the Sanders absolutely so it was kind of a win win for every other must have had a hunch that it was going to be successful based on the tickets at this'll beforehand but you don't know how the city's gonna react to that don't know how I handle it not to speak for the executives but I was flattered enough to be in a bunch of the meetings early on in. In the summer and fall of 2008 and it was open get 8000 season ticket holders will be awesome. And then when he goes and I mean people work paper like okay now what is the number where we're tapping what is it ten and I don't recall sir what it was it ten or whatever and then. That week when they went on sale and it went eight. Ten 121518. And it got to a point where a member toddler Ricky a member here in the story after the after the fact and John razor Dini and Gary Wright and Joseph Roth do some majority owners to Sanders or talked about what we have to happen at some point. And that's but that's crazy. You know twenty to 26 and and I wanna say that the original attendance was. 28 or thirty tee right in there. And it had to be cap because you you want the public to be able to buy tickets sure either game day your first certain games and things like that but then. You know then I wanna say now it's 32000 season ticket holders but now that there was no idea that this would. Blow up like it did that's kind of the fun of it that was kind of like yours it's organically growing right in front of you like just through phone calls like. What is going on. That might my son is experiences that I was living in Vegas at the time and I'll I energy for job regulations are getting out by the way thank you it is a cesspool that grabs onto collects cars. But I was able to escape on but I can appear for a job interview and it was right at the peak this calendars marketing before the inaugural season it was like and into what's called -- January December January for sure that never ruled the city it looks like it was ready for the -- still happen. And it was very exciting because obviously the city was hurt by the it's sonics leaving and this is like the perfect thing and a great marketing job and ever what Scott came together for the state. I remember not getting the job in time to be here for the first match. And just shooting a text message to the guy here and being like wow that New York Red Bulls founders game looks incredible on TV it looks like Europe. And then two weeks later finally getting the job lockdown being able to move out here for one of the first games and being able to juxtapose sitting in Vegas that knows nothing. About soccer and I and being there in the person in the flesh to see everyone kids in and a crazy people on one end and all. Or what was the feeling like when you saw a sounder squandered you'd been representing the seventh full well. Not to sound super cheesy but honestly. Honestly when you just said and you just describe the opening gate dame game right there yeah I got tingle EPO I remember what it was I remember so I'm going on the year. Would really like legends who I thought legends Pete viewing clip McGrath and Allen hit and I'm doing a pregame show with three guys. That that I knew all about their careers. And it's time to talk and I couldn't talk. I was like hyperventilating because I'm a I'm a soccer and T Canada loved it here it is. It's a packed house it's New York is a good team they end up winning three nothing. And so it was just it was art I was so flattered to be apart of it has surely you don't mean a mean. Not only is so you take everything Regis been talked about from the area playing soccer very involved. And then involved with the team. You know 68 months before then here's opening night I'm here and you know I don't wanna say teary eyed does that give bit of an exaggeration but. It it was just it was a mile and it was amazing. Still to this day when I hear the call respond to Seattle and on sounder after the first time it hits were everywhere like just the other night the opening match. How loud. Well at end its hills man a soap. Not skip a fantastic environment to be in what was the response like did the crowd immediately know that you were a guy that was back in 2009 that you were a guy. That was. Integrated within the Seattle soccer community where they were they excited for you ordered into an even know what to make a bit. No idea even for me personally yeah I'll meet you know well one social media wasn't nearly as big huge turnouts in nine and and people were like OK now would host some things and things like that but still even to this day I'm not a big. Hey what are people saying about me kind of guy show it's is cut out which it your Twitter you I think you realize I have like six years ago. I can 2009. The other trailed in the account via. But but it was just kind of I think everybody was just happy to be a part of it so every it was kind of like a mini family there was is kind of like Calgary doha. Now. And the crowd fell out yeah medium that anyone was stoked to have this thing and there's a lot of detractors I felt like there was a lot of fans of the Seahawks that were like screw soccer that's for wimps or whatever in the there's a lot of people proud to be there and have liked and down tick scarves would and be a part of bank point. I think they're separation now now I mean it's now. What we say eight years in so eight years and it's 40000 a game so it's not a fluke. And that kind of goes back to our conversation fifteen minutes it's not a fluke it's not going away and I don't mean that again I don't mean that arrogantly it's just that. It's here to stay now and Adrian and Bart in these guys wanna win a championship Ziggy they want to win a championship and that's. That's what they wanna do that continued I mean they've been in the playoffs every year you know only LA's had this kind of streak of being in the playoff harassment years in a row. So it's this kind of liked. You into soccer great if you're not okay cool again I'm not a soccer defender isn't up let's get an argument down at the teriyaki stand on here that whatever you don't like it you'll like it but I'm gonna go. And I'm gonna enjoy it I mean I love it for what it is for me and then I'm gonna go about goal all along my way but I don't know Bakken O nine I just remember it kind of been. But like a fraternity but disliked togetherness for everybody saying man it's back let's see what we can deal. It was everywhere it was all over everywhere idiot everywhere so proud of it in the you would watch matches where those centers for travel and there would be 4000 people or 6000 and now. Believe we get every vote put their chest out about right I mean setter pins and be like that no not here to bridge Illinois there's 8000 people can so far out of Chicago gaffe or aura she calculus they were the more saddled her supporters that traveled with the easiest travel monkeys which we have not talked about that I mean. Regardless of what groups are part of the senators fans how they travel pat me down to Honduras down to Mexico City a couple weeks ago I mean that is a whole other subject that. That sounder fans loved to go watch her squad play and it's a great excuse like you've done it sounds like to travel and go see a different place you know. There's fun doing it that's it you just it's an excuse to either like my brother and I always say it's an excuse to travel the world and and we go see the World Cup wall goes seat. Huge history in Germany and go visit here in east Germany these guys were telling us how how good it was with the wall up. We were like well. I would you talked about as well everything was equal. We did after we didn't have to work is her we didn't have to whatever and was like why why we have an exact opposite of what can I. What are your target now we I mean what's different and you've been to South Korea and Japan and yeah thing then my gets out of Korea was awesome that might have been my favorite. So there was a ticket scandal going on in Japan and so we decided just go to South Korea for 1112 days well at the time. They're dollar was getting beat by our dollar like five to one so we're rich it was in a good a political climate so if you saw a six foot six foot two. American they'll they treated us to sleep king style cool and we go into places and people were so nice and it was cheap. And we got to eleven matches in eleven days wow and I mean big time I mean Spain and Italy and I mean. It was it was awesome and end the travel was simple the trains in the subways and I mean yet Korea was. What someone from an apartment in Tucson Arizona with no cable because I was working to such a crap radio job no cable in Spanish at. Local. SON nine again we would stay up I was ordering a night shift at that time who stay up to dale watching all three matches you know throughout the four weeks of the World Cup for one efforts like yep that I have. That is the Spanish language Korea to be speaks Spanish is good. And contribute a lot IMAP. No yeah our whole goal at all these World Cup's is. Go to one game live and then you watch other two at a pub and you just meet people from all around the world are still in the same thing yep exactly it's everybody's friendly they're all on vacation. You know you'll meet someone whose team just got to street Slovenia just gets destroyed in your just hanging out cabinet Budweiser with some credit just hysterical an hysterical so. All right so what's come around the turn now and talk about how you win from a guy that has been producing these shows. You've been hosting various different sounder programs over the years and stuff but now. This totally different game that your yeah. And yeah UN this gig this for the first time ever they split up responsibility between television and radio it's two different jobs go to school because. Talking to Ross about that he was calling it for TV would you go easy and yeah listening on the radio dec. What happened because he was doing his responsibility to the picker on vehicles to the senators a decided this book on open door to two different directions. And you got to halt to go to that. A guy that to my knowledge has not done a lot of zeros soccer commentator and zero play by play OK so walk me through how this all came together and and why forgive me of why they would choose to do with no X. Current amen brother. Now when I get the call so I since it's in time under contract I can tell the story there so I get the call and I'm literally thinking that the gentleman's calling me about something else. Eight I can get two tickets to Tuesday's damn I thought I'd pick Ed did he said hey executive thinking you know. Would you consider doing our radio play by play. And I this and I think my answer was of what you don't cite it I'd just kind of just kind of sunk in and and I just had to think about that you know because immediately I'd say yes but hold that I really can lead the CI I have zero. I have zero experience to play by play I know what it sounds like a work I've been lucky enough to work with Crable the last eleven years share sort of support so. Well here's let's just talk about it and think about it and so we just went step by step by step and I kept thinking OK I know what it would sound like and what it should sound like. Can I do I have the gift to gab to I have can I put those words together. And I kept thinking the it's going to be difficult and it's there's going to be mistakes. Rate and and the like were all behind it we want to Seattle voice they flattered me it was very flattering to be elated to be honest with you get off the phone I was like. You know literally to that is that phone call just happened and I called the confidant immediately and I just said. You won't believe the folk like I said they're like what crucible the sound is called their their wondering if I'm interest in doing play by play. This person said are you kidding and immediately. They said you're gonna do literature I said. I think so yeah I mean I'd I have to consider rate so there's there's you know plenty of hate to say that you get the yellow piece of paper out with pros and cons but. It's just an awesome opportunity no experience so the joke I've had is everywhere and the funny question as ever when Ashley are you nervous. I don't know if you got that at the beginning near radio career fair you know at the beginning you're just BS scene on the Mike can. And then you get used to it right now and that's your surrounding so everyone would ask me are you nervous and might joke could be. I'm not nervous at all I'm and that's not a joke part. I'd like no but my boss might have to happen you know because he hired a guy would no experience that's that's all I kept coming back to was. No I mean it's a soccer game. It's a soccer game and I'm gonna paint a picture if I I think I can do it so let's try it in. I've got four games under my belt now headed for me I keep on getting more more relaxing you know what that's like and so more more relaxed in hand. Made mistakes but I know they're very collectible and well just go from there. That's. Credible now yeah if you had your way to me as a guy who talks on the radio every day and kind of to me if I had to choose between the two and not for vanity reasons or audience reasons I would go to television because you can look the game in its own picture yeah how are you happy that you got the radio. Obviously you're grateful chemical that was a great question I've never thought of that. I'm a radio guy yeah but I guess my answer is I've done this is twenty years in radio now. And I just assumed radial rate so I never thought of that. I I'm I'm eggs. When I did some interviews with the Seattle times and things and they asked me about it and are you nervous. I'd like to one think it's exhilarating now you know it's still when you get on the year and you pull off some really cool stuff now you get up here lake. That's what explosive sound like rate twenty years later yes it was outside and there's just broke out you know of course your hours are funky. I mean there's there's challenges but. But I'm Marty feeling that that that tingle of before the game against Kansas City man I was. My boss was like you were tough to talk to our civil how about we do this pulpit. Don't talk to me fifteen minutes before it on the air I'm so excited you know I've loved soccer and don't play by play and so. I I didn't think of it that way I just thought okay paint the picture for sounder fans. If you're listening to me on the radio you wanna know what your team scoring is is there anyone injured what's my team score again now what time is left. Again what's the score had I don't know how much time do we have left to score and that's what they wanna know when they wanna know the chances and what's Dempsey doing in Valdez and Morrison's. And so. I'm just excited that that's the that's apart I'm playing. The last few weeks you've obviously been attending a lot of practices in getting familiarized with the team how much did your knowledge base increased just by being there every day. Well that was. That's what I loved for the pregame show that's what I would do anyways OK I would go down and listened to coach talked after every single practice. Because obviously Garret star fire in the B Mac is just down 405 so I would go I think that's a fun part of it can you see the players you see the rhythm. You see. You don't see whose cranky one day or see who's kind of playing grab ass as I'd like to say plane around and have seen their personalities. I was lucky enough to go to LA for four days and be with the team. There last week a pre season and got to see him off the field and see that aired cold our young to Erik Cole bar would hang out Chad Marshall and and I'd. Darwin Jones would hang out with Dempsey and I find that interesting you know these young guys pay out these older veterans learning so. I think it's just being around the team is important I think to be soak it all in in your open and you see what's going on you kind of then. Take that into that in not necessarily for the air but just four for information to put back in the pack your head I think it was used it to. The synergies that really got me stoked about its on the new picked up on it was Chad bear it was with the team. And he is a guy who's sweaty hair than any other person you know I thought. Yeah and I remember listening to pregame show. CB clear whatever and him talking about drinking pickle juice that's right your memories. Awesome it's such a random thing let him out terrible actually but the slick random story and when I would see him and he would be soaked to the bone. And I'd be like club hoping out of pickle juice this morning like that's a reformed the social to the bone he becoming in the 83 minute and take your shirt off in the 92 MB to soak and wet now. Chuck Berry it was a good he was a good veteran at the the sound islamists someone like Ted Barrett he's a good guy good in the locker room but. Don't sugar Condit little things so that Saturday show we do it every Saturday stadium that was fun you know that that was just kind of fun and learning the other side. Guys in off Howard interview you about your morning show you'd be like her plan. You know you two now but what are you interest today in an old Sydney tech talk to these pro athletes and what their interest and off the field. Generally that's where the interview kind of blossoms on knows that if I talked to Clinton himself and ask him about fishing that's with Danica loves to visit the corporate there was like yesterday that Purdue was yes yes yes Clint. It's a cool dude. He he's a cool dude he's not a big fan doing too many interviews then he likes to play soccer death rate and most soccer players are used to think this about Nate Jake if you remember that name course Nate. Are like surfer dudes who are really good at soccer share asleep back there laid back guys that are really good at soccer that's what I've come across. No shack up together and like a couple houses and stuff for men hang out after it got him practices and games to yeah now you're com sadly it's. Your position has been created by and there's a shadow looming over what you were doing this year and that's we've said about a Ross Fletcher added force that was synonymous with castle middle founders. Wasn't been to step into that to that that. Guess it's a whole mouth with them bullets that Alex rate is down to talent. It's daunting. Before that was Arlo white when I was. Again when I was just been. Moved around and introducing myself to Seattle someone asked me about hey you know who's done his job is is amused tuck in my Bob Robertson and Wayne Cody and and I think Bob Rondo had a year these are legends right and a member Kevin clap broad people kind of picked on him but he did his homework and and he worked as he worked his butt off trying to do written. But but yeah I'm my answers I'm gonna be myself the Al Ross is outstanding our lows doing national things. Kevin clap broke will go in some basketball hall of fame of a play by play in and Bob Roberts and all these and I'm just going to be myself I can't do anything. I mean Ross I mean I've already had goals. That that happened in later in the evening the goals that were called I was sickened. How would arledge that Alec Ross to that later try to retrospectively in our ticket no get out your head because you can't do. That's not good Korean. I just got to do it how I'm gonna do it in and we'll just go and I'll be myself and could be a little sarcastic and hopefully it's a little funny and and you just kind of go about it so. Yeah that's tough man it's tough Philly issues epic shoes to fill but they say yeah kinda it's an amazing amount of trust and put into you by somebody is competent and her ability zero and which again comes back to being flattered. By the opportunity and then not letting them down not letting the fans down here so paint the picture for the fans next. Among driving down I five towards Portland pursuant that when there's a match on and I can't do camped there well now you have my phone number so I'm worried about the text. But I'm gonna get you know I'm not in bloom that I don't know where the ball is Matt I'm Gregor ruthless to us. Yeah you look at Mexico that it has a. They're listening shoes so eerie in Seattle with Gregor. Follow him on Twitter and Gregor 1077. And find more episodes online at 1077. The end. So you're in Seattle isn't a real budget production yeah yeah yeah yeah condones counter.