That time Eddie Vedder worked at Easy Street Records selling Mariners tickets

Wednesday, April 5th

Eddie Vedder sits on his back porch with Easy Street Records owner Matt Vaughan reflecting back on that day and how it is that he ended up working at Easy Street Records, helping to sell Seattle Mariners playoff tickets and getting yelled at by an angry customer.

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Speaking of the Congo and to take its. To take a minimum third round to take a maximum whatever the rules were. To take a maximum a surcharge of this that I used to in this life doing this line. So I see him the whole thing and now and I look at my watch out you know about the game it may be I know a little bit but I don't know the game. So. All I know is that I'm not going to be held above my right that did the guys. Is on crier has the story is is gonna take me awhile. To purge the record so I say can I just put these in the corner I'll come back to give them. These are my choices for the day he says he has no problem in between vocal. So I go down that little bar write down whatever it is and watched in the game both. And I think I'm gonna go home and watched the end of the game though little bar and I don't even know which one as Georgia ever been there. Some bar that you know whatever. Something. Right there next to the Jeter. Yeah. But snuggled in there lies in the game. And then I walk out and then I see this line. That's up the street. And I think that's not good. So I go in inherits. A what does that Clark Clark. Inherited picking up the phone and TJ is that. And and I don't I don't think the game's over yet I don't than the game's over yet. Any gap. And then he's in he's checking out people at the same time. Okay here's here's. Bring him up there and answer and opponents of phone and now he's ring up the person. And the phone rings and I discredit. And say. It's straight it's the whole rigmarole. I know by now it's easy street it's you know you buy two delegates here is that your charts you know an Iron Man he looks at me. Ago I got it. OK so he's signing up duties did and then get out the voice that. I don't do online bulletin out of this of the year where everything all of this it's gonna happen whenever there's so we. Figure it was Matt because is it north by northwest or I thought so let's let's let's let I you're farther. I I. I didn't I didn't they your drive if you want him but I. But okay dad. So then. Cut to. Stores closed. No more record by bridges deal with tickets. We got a lion. Up the block around the bush I mean because they around the block but that's that's where up. A three blocks. Yeah. And and the whole streak like poor people fool. All lined up. So. He was gonna I was gonna man the door. Allowed two people at a time he was gonna man on the ticket the Booth. Just in the back of the store yeah. And sell the people we've let two people and at a time. Whatever Iowa. Suicide doing that this work and smooth everyone's happy. They're running out with their mayors tickets and there there waving above their heads there have. And then everybody doesn't wait in the rink this rain it's a rainy seven day in Seattle imagined that. So. It was a home game that they were playing somewhere else. How men and Edward area. So. So now this goes on throughout all the ones don't. So we get a call. And at some pretty. Is it PI you know who is this an you know what I. I got a friend it's. Him. Name's. My him. He's in a wheelchair and and his buying tickets for us. He's behind it. But we don't have the money for the tickets so we have we just need to tell him that. We need. We only need your tidbit that money is some something about money and tickets and the whole thing and can you get them on the phone in the whole thing and but this is like but but so our soldiers and a we get a loan from songs so it is and Macy will pay we just want to know the bigotry uses credit card will put the money in the. Feet below this double life. You know what you need to talk to him and I'll get them and what's his name and my day OK we'll do okay great. So I look up and shared about halfway up the blood with or you know. Thirty yards away. I read street in the rain and there is there is dead you mind. Might come with treatment. Now that was easy easy easy thing. Because again it's for people. Sideways deep on this street so stopped traffic. In the rain stopped traffic. Bring him. On the street. In his wheelchair. We'll amend this storm. You know his challenge. Was just such an extent that there can really use his arms yeah. You know his hands were a little bit I I think by the time we got men and and with the phone and I think I was told in the phone for him. So. Word. Were in the store. Be blocked the track got him in the star. There and then there was that thing about maybe some. Some clue there may have to go to the bathroom you know so we kind of dealt with a whole thing while it was in the the cozy confines of the star right now. Compared to be an out in the street in line via. And we do all that. While we're still waiting to get a little time. In you know shown the door okay to people attire for repeal it whatever way. And and and and egos he gets off the phone. And they figured out their deal. And I said. I said. Just go to the go to protect. It's ten GUK okay your tickets. Now you figure out all the stuff. And Iran behind. Home cool. Okay when it. Goes out. And I can't remember if he had this is this like a friend assistant with a maybe maybe guy helping in the rather than a lot to me bill things happening right. And then the next woman comes we opened the door for the next two people. And six has this is this is good. There's depart. She says. She works at Jimmy's shoes she goes. She says. I saw what you just did. And and inside. Already I was beaming. I was like yes. I know. I did that. I mean not only in my. Civics superhero right now are demanding that cash register in the door. But yes you so hard I just did and I took care of that. That man. Who obviously loves baseball and the end here is and what all. His intense complications that none of us can even imagine. Yes. They did that. I'm figured in my head I'm like hello yeah unit. You wanna I'm here if you wanna give me they opened fire arms that because. That's. He just pulled him out and then you let him through. You let them through. I was so speechless. As a man and let them let competitors. You know. I was speaks. She would and genuinely. Pissed off. That he went. To the front of the line. And she leaned into me and she does have. You. He's no different there well might well let's think about this for a second. In my head of fearless and she is ahead of me but she just kept Hugh is just who. Big fan apparently. Of a fifth of the G Baird. She uses. I'd choose who's. She has. What's your name how many did you fire. Well that is just. Think you can bet that the a. Plug in your mind then you can give your you. I'm I'm very proud to do. Did you give your. OK well you give your tires okay good. That's one thing that's funny. Denominated. Mixes and gallery left right now he had the tickets. He had even pulled out you know now I'm just he's never waver from each other and I know I'm trying to keep. Fight goes on between because she's so. Forget riled up and elevated. And and she's this idea on him. So I kind of Tucker back in the corner and they get him out letter rail on me but don't letters and you know back. Yeah does he was awesome. And it was my fault there really was don't realize that guy from me. I I think even setting. You know really years. Don't know he was written thirty yards out in the rain mind you remember the story. I'm not gonna blow a lot of stuff traffic again. To get him upstream. Into low lying. Afterward I just with them. Difficulties of eating and all the other. But she's yeah see what I mean by another okay. You do that it could but it. But it was stunning it was stunning because. I am I get love in baseball I guess it was just stunning how people didn't understand. You know what other people go through or what really it was just. Houston's and complete health and maybe she has the story about it too that I don't. But those who did the little. Shannon Lucid very at a rest a sore right. Over the next several hours Terry Clark successfully go other cancers take us. By the end of the afternoon games sold out. In no more tickets were available the store remained busy throughout the day. And it decided he could stay on for a little while longer or the next few hours and he handled the account or register while Clarke handled it. Floor in the Ticketmaster. Aftermath. He put it. Eddie played the historically copies are accused brand new record which come out that we washing machine. Over and over and no Eagles it became. Justice. Is it became needs street's number one record of the month. And Eddie was to honor one Avaya and other records. Smart Car you'd you'd written note note from the day which for don't have anymore but other records committees in store playlist increases. Who got his red medicine which come out that your Cat Power dear sir. Which come as well cart. Its leader communities debut record. Instability show. So a lot of approach in American courts and so the bunch is now my country's new project mad season. From this moment on easy street don't know Wednesday morning in Horry had we of course love programs but to help out like that in a pinch. Easy street canoe gone through the day and he clocked in and taken the shift. They continue to help veterans storming got to congress the staffers and well off and inviting them over to play to his players play basketball playing music. It's always gracious dropping off road tickets Grotrian shows. Tuesday it's still seem around given yesterday's news beginning of a beautiful friendship there remains this day. On say ten years later April 25 from 2000. Quote him surprise show streets streets deference store. And a budget indie records were guys that have to be in town is considered one of the most legendary pro shows that are. Blistering 750. People in attendance at Lucia was. Later be released their agenda. That. It was later be released isn't as an EP. Pearl Jam live these street in Tuesday's street's biggest don't see you both time. Truth you know twenty years still and that's out of print bears would go on to beat the New York Yankees in the ALCS. Crown. And grabbed their first ever play pastors and Randy Johnson on to win the Cy Young award today here Edgar Martinez who's and a and a street named after me came here if you go on to you guys vote getter in the history. Refuse to lose. Themselves. That's also your mixed that really have.