Tiny Bubbles creators Stu and Paulette

Wednesday, October 18th

Stu and Paulette and a handful of creative friends have made the next big mobile puzzle game!


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So you're an award winning Indy game developer group for the game tiny bubbles which is just has them past aesthetic it feels. But I've gadget to play three full visited two disclosure but I'm watching all the trailers and everything for it feels so low. Nice that it could bubble that sweeping. A game. I know that the game with inspired by her by a very Smart family member told the gist of the game and the influence that this grandfather figure had on the game itself. Yeah it's kind of weird aiming but it it's. Clusters of bubbles that you know what color and you match colors and they play you're trying to leg. Do you get for goals in game. Our own. Hasn't really fun like cooler organic feel to which is totally different. I'm my grandfather was a axis MIT and he he's studied samples and serbians are bringing pressure does that mean studied soap bubbles. It's weird yet yeah he was actually met alertness and elected medals under a microscope and they actually share structure so bottles that he had studied. Like how they work he created all these external rounds and ovals and in nineteen just you. So did you grow up like hearing about soap bubbles a lot of delicate topic of conversation around takes. Into it earlier but yet I Acura out athlete ninth Spaniard claimed that so bowl and you talk about dominion. Arab. Diagrams of them that he would talk about. Citizen action is curiosity for nature and everything's just it rubs off on mania on Sunday it gets that excited about crazy things in nature. As a suspect hanging out. I have. It immediately triggered this fuel thing that I haven't played the game in years but I remember is about ten years ago already there's game pulled spore. And you watched her little through evolution you watch too little single cell developed and other things and the overview and kind of feeling too was similar had to play the game has had any influence on him. Yes worse or is fantastic. Example of play sort of organic. Kind of yearning game needs acreage out of one doling out this year arm that he. You ghetto you know looking or markers or. And how important. It's like when you're sitting down to make a game like this to maturity to the music she. Just right in not too intrusive but not too in the background and such. Yeah landing he really relaxing in the army and our timers and things that aren't so why does and I it and music is interest and as Chris because there aren't worth an Indian steel and any added late news com. These musical moments in the game winning match and pop gold increased musical on. Cut us that day until on top of Indian music backer and as you better in the game it'll later in a drum beats and things that they can look. Cruel lot. Can't let it exciting and build up. Excellent now set up custom master of new and elected gaming names like back and bungee interpreted many people have heard of hundreds of employees. Richard indie gaming though we talk about how many people are a team to pull off a game like tiny bubbles. Yeah really Ares I mean for my team namely me fulltime but I can't do on grass court from the other outsider change and my wife and our. LN and then my sound guy course near rhetorical tiger did you when did you realize the project on but it is not in its legs. Takes a village there's an easy like nonprofit organization here in Seattle called Chinese that arm does the locker. Teens like minor personal. That's an if Paula how are you able. And I am I yeah. I'm and bogeys on user experience and try and down love to watch players. On sale on our team and we can either. And I we go to chosen we put into people and see what works what doesn't work. I I also focus on. I'm designing how it looks how it. It and then I do look production and whatever and you are dealing with our shows. Aunt and making sure everything is happening. And. A pine street total works is the name of the company understands forget that rights pine street who works that might not mean a lot of two people outside of Seattle but let them I think of pine street like Molly moon's like right down the block from the radio station here. Yeah I it's actually tackled that every season that I and street Europe. And I across the mountains instruction on I went on I street. And I work a RNC later here in Seattle does come and our allies and are beginning to have been. That. Now at any given time there's like a couple huge games that have all the blows on the Internet talking about all the different type like the fall outs and switchers and sky rims over the console world. And then maybe like Super Mario remind our candy crush or even like Angry Birds kind of in a puzzling type world. Hard as it were in indeed to breakthrough like you guys are amongst these like can a powerhouse titles. Oh yeah it's really hard and and slider. One of the things that are I've thought about a lot of designing games like I wanted to create this new experience that is sort of like amateurs faint click tetris just knowing this is a unique game you've never seen before it doesn't have a story but it. As a slick quality Nino is totally Nissan had a great game like that and I thought that that would help me cash. It featured by companies like Google or apple stores and that's really don't waging. Get disability these cases solved and Albert don't have the marketing dollars to put behind Wagner getting out there. I'm leading miserable. How important is like is I see that you could edit your steam wishlists how important is it as an indie developer to have a another. I guess Bellevue based company offer. A mechanism for delivering games to people like steam. Yeah I mean steam. Is total. Reasons why it distribution. Indies or ironies almost didn't exist or digital distribution are being a sack early march teen. Binders. Huge. Talked about all this recognition on the booking picture online press can hear and you've got at least a dozen. Difference. Instances where you've either been the winner of the Google play indie games festival I mean that's no small feat or here at home. I bet on the Seattle indie game competition the power play conference in Bellevue back in April. That's just a couple of these big of these. Honors that you've received. I guess when you start out you don't think about those but how have those been able to help you get your game out. Oh it's been huge gathering it's hard. Interests and these competitions have or 50600. Games I. So you selectors huge aren't really definitely counts you know awareness. Aren't a lot of people seeing her around in and a think about appliance racial means small developers really early and only ways you can. Get known commercial small. Yeah look at some of the events Seattle we can easily and acts. I'm right here in town. And he's. We showed that Iranian role with on the power play that was the earth and we showed that public and it was a huge moment for us today. Is this even going to work is this team we're in the last year and a half we spent working on it and I'm not really give us a ton of confidence that that's a product. Holy cow I had no idea that you first debuted back in April to everybody I thought of this is a long rumba now that I look all the dates when he 1720172017. Feet. This is a brand new thing that you're right in the Mets stuff that's so cool. And yes that. I guess they just had no Anderson no scope myself for the timeline on how these things were a lot specifically when you're independent like that and you probably don't have a marketing budget you have to go out and actually win the recognition. That's fantastic. Earlier it rose to let me. Regardless I'm dancing. There's so many great. Organizations that Ryan you know competitions and showcases and things or any gains now days. Now do you enjoy playing the game yourself re sick of it. I still enjoy averages managed. Especially when I. My puzzle designer jeans and it makes levels and I have to claim burst I'm not knowing a solution. It's that planes don't. I'm officially a much I wondered who made that actual puzzles for you if there was some of the eSATA around and tinkered with or if it's just one individual personal crossword writer. Well let's agree to as the way that we own it. By plane or read a note or enemy. Soldiers pull the editors are playing doubles together and weird shapes and colors on your patter rough idea what we want to play around but it entered across. The level. Try something different played again and it has not on her out on. And how's having two greens and making puzzle as you know apple column today different ideas. Now Paul you were saying about the experience of watching people play the game right now we're not on IOS devices I want to go would chicken out now a storm iPhone today. Is that something were you watching people play and then collecting. How their how it's worked to try and put it towards other medium. And we had some great shows and not worry and the general public be on our friends and annaly. On the week and they didn't have any you know reasons to make this event accomplished are things we added it it is a tendency or center. On one called. I think that's an as yet Saturn may. And so we would go to and just can't put our hands and I've been trying not to crowd and but this just watch shortages as well. Well levels every Thomas sat on I'm married to make mental notes. One day you're on such an analogy when you're in Edwards has not really. Any needy and then didn't have to stop playing. Alan is that. Times a lot about amen. Accessibility on we added actually line mode that kids who can't distinguish irregular ring though. A chance to their theme in. In a way it was intended. Called that's so cool and there are plans in the future if I read this correctly. To have the game available crossovers different platforms. Yes it'd be it's coming soon are asking right now there's a data android and IOS are as well and it'll be it'll be launching in January. So fantastic eventually let. Switching other console well that's going to be later when he team. As somebody who watches my wife sort of like secretly sneak in an extra game of dots before she goes to its is that this is another one of those games were looks like to progress. Via puzzling to try and find your way to the next talented teams like it's a the nature of its economic theory you'll sat owns and it's just very soothing to be clear that we find ourselves sucked into oh. The game is called tiny bubbles thank you Stu and Paula for joining me. Ice is our.