What Happened to Our Dumb Podcast?

Friday, July 14th

Nothing. Our radio station moved to a new building and nothing is working yet. We'll be back and as background noise as ever soon!


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Record. What we say. We're not doing podcast this week because there's no studio there's even a microphone. This is an iPhone. Hello. All that for you. It's certainly hasn't been two weeks is are movies stations and they didn't. Think that we room priorities. Where broadcasting literally right now from an idea that's him in the basement. And a degree of if there's any real easy here today the music that it when I first got here no one was down here and there is new music on and it like. It was creepy. Does the benefit is zones around. We don't have to Wear pants what's next we are wearing pants we don't. Have to do that but grace leaving until this that's a good school choice yet all bets are off in the second and you applicable laws to do that and party. Released at the office so this is crucial are obviously there's Tora Tora Bora mountains right now and so. Book off yet bear witness we'll see you didn't. It's you. Or create a Monday weekend they'll have enough. Yes OK not to have them there nevermind. But dummies by Alex.