Memorable Moments At Summer Camp 2015

August 17, 2015

Another exceptional Summer Camp! This year was a little different for me. I had a completely different perspective than past concerts we’ve done. Usually, I’m running around hosting, interviewing bands, making sure that our guests are enjoying themselves. Not this year. This year I was holding down stage right, playing out tracks between bands. I kept the sound system warm, and laid down grooves to compliment the atmosphere the bands poured so much sweat in to creating. From my perch on the stage I witnessed just about every moment every band had with the crowd. They all worked the crowd in to a frenzy, got them jumping, and left them screaming for more. But something Joywave did really stood out.


I’ve seen a lot of attempts by bands and DJ’s to inspire a crowd to move a certain direction, dance a particular dance, or respond as one voice to a call. And I’ve seen many failed attempts to get a crowd low to the ground. We tried to get everybody to sit down at Summer Camp last year, and failed with the best of them. I’ve only seen Ozomatli pull this kind of crowd manipulation off (I recall being in the crowd when they had everybody down doing the chicken dance), and now Joywave.


They were the first band of the day to really get the crowd jumping, and they proved they’re all about dynamics when they asked everybody to drop down low, and they did. This kind of command over a crowd is truly magical. And you can see what explosive energy comes out of it. I’ve watched the video a few times and still get goose bumps. If you were in the crowd for this, it’s not something you’ll forget. You’ll think about that moment every time you see a band working a crowd. You really had to be there, but here’s the video just for the hell of it. - Zach