New Music Discovery: Nate Mendel's Lieutenant "Believe The Squalor"

January 20, 2015

He's quietly been a badass behind some of the best rock music of the last twenty + years. He's Nate Mendel and he plays the bass. Holding it down behind Dave Grohl in Foo Fighters, or further back with Sunny Day Real Estate. Now Nate steps to the front of the stage with a side project of his own that he's been working on between tour dates with the Foo's, Lieutenant. According to Stereogum, Mendel is joined by some serious talent on the upcoming album, 'If I Kill This Thing We're All Going To Eat For A Week' (3/10/15):  Page Hamilton (Helmet), Joe Plumber (Modest Mouse), Josiah Johnson (The Head And The Heart), Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters), and Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate). 

The first single "Believe the Squalor" is exactly the wintertime song I've been needing. It's just sad enough for a Seattle winter without being crushing!

What do you think?  

Here's the full track list for the album:

01 “Belle Epoque”
02 “The Place You Wanna Go”
03 “Believe The Squalor”
04 “Rattled”
05 “Prepared Remarks”
06 “Some Remove”
07 “Sink Sand”
08 “Artificial Limbs”
09 “Lift The Sheet”