New Music Discovery: Vance Joy - Fire and the Flood

July 22, 2015
As I'm sure you are aware, we're big fans of Vance Joy here at The End. Despite putting out an insanely successful debut record, James(Vance Joy) is one of the nicest and funniest dudes to ever work in this crazy music industry. He let us hang out at Bear Creek Studios up in Woodinville while he was recording his record over a year ago, he surprised a local high school with us, he's been on Gregr's podcast, he's played Deck The Hall Ball, and he's let me take as many creepy selfies with him as I want. The dude is a saint. And so handsome! Sigh.... Anyway, Vance Joy has been working on new music while on tour and we're just now getting to hear the final product! "Fire and the Flood" is brand new; you can't even buy it on iTunes until tomorrow, but you can watch the music video right now. Ugh, this video.. It's got me feeling some type of way! Is it August 8th yet? I'm so ready for Vance Joy's return to Seattle, even if it is just as Taylor Swift's opener. Let me know what you think of the new track! It's a total smash, right?!