New York Has So Many Dinosaurs!!

It was my first time in NYC, and I realized we could learn a thing or two...

October 22, 2015

The American Museum of Natural History is SO BADASS!

Look, let's make this simple: New York City is the most interesting place I've ever been. I've never felt better about SO MANY people of all different cultures, races, fashions all running around together with purpose - grinding, struggling, living! Within five minutes of being at JFK, already a New Yorker giving me a hard time - it happened so fast and was GREAT!

There were only a couple things I wanted to do while visiting, go to the Comedy Cellar for stand-up, and see friends. Other things I knew I would enjoy: all the museums, riding the subway, and visiting the pier where my father and family, legal immigrants from Hungary, landed in this country back in 1952.

Times Square is the worst

Times Square is terrible. Throughout the entire trip, I never felt in any danger except during my travel through this hive of scum and tourist villainy. So gross. It's something that's incredible to see if you haven't been to Las Vegas, but I would definitely recommend skipping this sea of selfie garbage and hostile cosplay-for-pay jerks. My girlfriend leaned in as we approached and said "careful for your wallet". Gross.

Comedy Cellar is the best

Now that that's out of the way, we cabbed and subway'd everywhere including a stop for the late show at the Comedy Cellar. This is the place you see Louis CK duck into after throwing away a fresh slice of pizza at the beginning of his FX show. It's become the icon of New York stand up, and the show we saw was incredible - even the part where they put us in the front row. This is a must do when visiting, but get there early and get good seats so you're part of the show. Mark Normand, Wil Sylvince, and Sam Morril stole the show, while Dave Attell rushed through his 10 minutes set and ultimately disappointed. 

The next morning it was off to walk off my hangover! Central Park was calling and made obvious sense, but I had no idea what I would find there: an ancient Egyptian obelisk, Cleopatra's Needle. It was PERFECT timing for a photo:

Cleopatra's Needle

I studied classical art and architecture (barely) in college, and just randomly walking upon this was crazy. To be fair, we were on the way to the Met and walked past the Dinosaur Museum...

Famous stairs leading in to The Met

There are so many things you don't have to pay to see, but a couple that are worth a donation include The Met and the Dinosaur Museum - they have proper names, but I don't care. The Met features art from SO MANY eras. We only had 90 minutes to spare - a mistake - and saw only two-and-a-half exhibits. You may recognize it from the famous stairs out front (Gossip Girl).

Teddy Roosevelt on Horseback Statue

Outside the Dinosaur Museum you'd things there would be a dinosaur, but instead it's Teddy Roosevelt in bronze riding a horse like a badass. Listen, I don't really remember much about this place because I ran around making growling noises and standing in awe of the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, and friends. Lots of em had little differences and names and stuff, but again, I don't care bc dinosaurs.



Scary Tyrannosaurus!!

Finally, having been recently fascinated with the experience of the human in NYC that lived through 9/11, I needed to go to the World Trade Center and understand what happened. What I found were two of the coolest memorials to the towers knocked down by those jerks on those planes more than a decade ago. Where the buildings once stood, developers did a very non-America thing - they left it. That property is worth so much commercial money, but instead they developed a tribute to the thousands that died and the millions affected that day. The new building, recently opened, is beautiful. It loomed on the horizon my whole trip, and getting there in person made a stunning impression on me.

9/11 Memorial Pool

One World Trade Center

New York is awesome. I can't believe it took me 35 years to go. I found a bunch of people, mostly all busy rushing around, getting along in a tiny space. The honking horns are wonderful, the mixture of cultures: heart warming. These are a people who aren't rude, who aren't cold and "from the east coast", New York is refreshing for the straight shooting approach I encountered. Never have people been so aggressive around me without be threatening. People speak their mind to get what they need and to where they are going. It's a lesson we could learn on the west coast. There's a sense about New York that everyone is in it together, watching each others back, and willing to grind it out together. It made me think of how isolating we can be out west, and how that's sorta sad for us. Speak up and get your needs met, but at the same time, help that person next to you - don't wait to talk about something you saw later on the internet, step in and be a part of the moment - you may just have fun!

Here's a rad photo of an arch to leave you with:

Washington Square Arch

Also, I love my fiance very much.

Lori and Gregr