That One Time... I Almost Took Macklemore Yard

July 30, 2015

Ever find yourself in one of those situations where you just look around and think "how in the hell did I end up here?"  Last night I found myself in the batter's box at Safeco Field, armed with Dustin Ackley's bat, staring down fastballs from Macklemore, while Russell Wilson played shortstop. CRAYZEEEE right? Little did they know I have game.  I smoked the first 3 pitches i saw out to left field for what would have been solid base hits.  Macklemore, clearly rattled, steps back and yells from the mound, "you play high school ball?" I wink. He winds up. Crack!  Another shot, this time down the line! "Hey! You play college ball?" asks Macklemore. I wink again, BOOM! gapper over the top of a leaping Russell Wilson. "We got a ballplayer here!" proclaimed QB3, at which point I figure someone is going to yell from one of the dugouts "hey kid, you busy tomorrow? Our starting catcher is hitting  a buck fifty and his backup is even worse. I would like to offer you a contract." Unfortunately that didn't happen, but regardless, last night was one of the most amazing things I've ever got to be a part of. I even heard some of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' new songs, they're great and you're going to love them! Shout outs to Macklemore and Russell Wilson, and to the Mariners for letting us goof around on the field. I get to do a lot of pretty cool stuff thanks to this job, but I don't know if anything will ever top last night. Next time Im sneaking in my phone and Periscoping the entire thing so you can live it with me!