Episode 54: Eat Fresh

Seriously, is that job still unfilled?

September 26, 2015

Pretty Lori is stunned that we can talk about Taco Bell for this long. Frankly, I'm stunned, too. Even just typing about it, I could totally go for good morning nachos bell grande. Why do you think they added "bell" to that title? I mean, I like it, but... LOOK, it's happening again. The power of Taco Bell.

There was a weird incident at a soccer match this week, and we love a guy drunk on power! 

Also, what's that band that if you could arrange it for them to play again for you, you'd pounce on the chance? Manley sorta lived this scenario and wants you to go back and listen to their rad mid-90s album. I did a terrible job thinking of bands, bc Fugazi, duh.

Plus, find out the Dummy of the Week while listening to some sweet, sweet sex music!

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