Episode 55 - In a Word: Phunk

Sex music is just the worst this week.

October 3, 2015

Fluff your merkin, we're getting loose this week. Joined in studio by Kool Keith, we need your help entertaining Manley's company in town this weekend. Listener of the pod, and younger of the Manley men, Joe + friends are in town to see Manley, a soccer match where Seattle Sounders FC take on an LA Galaxy squad that brings the Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard to town, and all the other touristy things of Seattle. Gerrard happens to be Manley's favorite (as does LFC). 

Kool Keith is here today for a couple reasons: 1. he's too hung over to go to work making awesome t-shirts 2. He needs our advice, and yours, about where to go in Las Vegas for his big weekend trip. Somehow the topic of merkins becomes relevant. And thanks a ton for submitting your one-word topics - for a bunch of dummies, they are brilliant.

Dummy of the Week is a great opportunity to have a shot at long-time listener from the beginning, KevDoy. And maybe the worst/best Sex Music to date.