10 Reasons Why Jurassic Park is the Greatest Movie Ever

June 10, 2015
I'm so excited about going to see Jurassic World tonight at the Cinerama! IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING! And to make it even more special, today is the anniversary of the first movie's release; Jurassic Park hit theaters on June 11, 1993. Which was 22 years ago! Crazy, right? Even if Jurassic World doesn't hold up to the first 3 movies, I'm just excited to see some dinosaurs on the big screen again which brings me to my list...

10 Reasons Why Jurassic Park is the Greatest Movie Ever

#1 - DINOSAURS, duh! 
#2 - Jeff Goldblum. The man is a gem.

#3 - So many good one liners: "Clever Girl" "Life uh... finds a way" "Hold onto your butts" "We spared no expense" ... etc etc
#4 - Laura Dern's canadian tuxedo.
#5 - Jeff Goldblum's laugh. 

#6 - It was directed by Steven friggen Speilberg, come on.
#7 - It's one of those movies you can watch a million times and yet it will still make you super anxious, like "ARE THEY GONNA GET AWAY!?"
#8 - Jurassic Park was so good it had not one, but two sequels! And now technically a third, even though Jurassic World is really it's own thing and probably the 1st of a new trilogy. But still... THE PEOPLE WANTED MORE!
#9 - It's responsible for one of the funniest memes ever. Poor Phil
#10 - It was totally educational. Now you know what to do if you're ever stranded on an island with dinosaurs!

And bonus, the movie still inspires people to do cool stuff! Like Mitch in Arlington who runs Jurassic Jeep Rental. He invited me to come take a ride in his JP jeep and you know I'm going to. It's so cool!


Main photo via flickr

UPDATE: I went. I saw. I was enterained. Jurassic World is great! Go see it.